(Event & Sponsored Review) Unveiling Shiseido’s latest hair care technology – The Tsubaki 2013 range!

Couple of weeks ago, i was invited to Tsubaki’s Blogger event held at Shiseido Hair Studio. I’m an avid user of Tsubaki Head Spa Range and has recommended it to few of my friends.. This is the only hair care range that cares for both my sensitive scalp and my tresses (Other dandruff shampoo / scalp-care shampoo are too drying but the Head Spa Range won’t!).

My current hair condition: Shoulder length colored hair. I have recently chopped 3 inches off to get rid of the damaged bleached ends. As i’m trying to prolong the lifespan of my colored hair, i’m currently rotating the use of hair products for colored hair and Tsubaki Head Spa Range…


TSUBAKI (a brand under Shiseido Singapore Co) is a leading hair care in Japan and ever since its launch in 2006,  a total number of shipments of over 270 million units has been recorded. TSUBAKI means Camellia in Japanese which symbolizes strength and sign of Japanese beauty. Its mission and value is to help women to achieve beautiful shinier hair from roots to tip and enhancing attractiveness.

Hair care needs have evolved over the years and recently, there’s a shift from heavy hair style with rich, glossy moisture to a preference for natural lightness with radiant shine. Hence in 2013, Tsubaki has unveiled a new technology and improvise on existing formula.


New TSUBAKI focuses on the combination of 3 key factors (Contains Arginine, a Melanin hole repair ingredient, Selected Camellia Oil, UV protective ingredient to cut daily UV radiation and remedy for shine and elasticity of the hair) to create ideal shiny hair

Research has shown that Asian’s black hair contains more melanin than other shades and it contribute to the level of hair shininess. However, daily exposure to UV or heat causes a loss of melanin within the hair fiber, creating melanin holes that lead to a loss of shine and luster.

With Melanin Repair Ingredient (Arginine, a type of conditionally essential natural amino acid and it helps to promote healing), it will repair the melanin holes while restoring the inner structure of the hair fiber that allows light to be reflected evenly to create beautiful shine and luster.


The new formula coats hair with melanin hole repair ingredient so lights can be reflected evenly from the inner fiber of hair

Next, the new TSUBAKI focuses on External Repair by integrating carefully selected camellia oil, which repairs cuticle, smoothes and softens the hair fiber for that extra shine.

Lastly, it contains a UV protective ingredient* to cut daily UV radiation damage (the root of all evil), which causes hair melanin and protein loss, and protect hair from UV damage. With this, hair will maintain its “Elasticity” to catch the light with every hair movement


Besides the new formula, the packaging of Tsubaki has a ‘face-lit’ as well. The new TSUBAKI maintains its original shape but it now features a softer design. The camellia flowers express the soft and supple image of the three lines. The outer package of shampoo and conditioner is also more environmental friendly as it uses approximately 43% polyethylene derived from sugar cane as part of efforts to reduce environmental damage. As for the 550ml bottle, it features a shrink-wrap outer package (able to be torn-off easily) which is more user-friendly.


The 3 new TSUBAKI ranges with improved formulation and packaging

For the Red range – known as the Shiny Hair Range, this series focus on providing users with silky smooth manageable hair and a lustrous shine all day long. Moreover, it provides deep moisture replenishment for a shiny and well-moisturized texture.

Key ingredients:

1) Hair Melanin hole reparative ingredient (Arginine) to treat Melanin holes in hair are to create lustrous hair that shines from within.

2) Blended with selected Camellia oil (from carefully selected compressed camellia oil seeds from Gotou islands), which gives hair shine. Products are further blended with Camellia leaf essence (Camellia leaf extract, DPG, Hydoxyethyl Urea) to supply moisture.

3) UV-layer with UV protective ingredient (All except Shampoo) to protect hair against melanin hole and sun damage!

This range is best for those who seek shine with airy and easy to manage hair style.


Products under the Shiny Hair Range:

Shiny Shampoo & Shiny Conditioner (Suitable for Daily Use)

Use it for silky manageable hair with a satiny smooth texture! The shampoo helps to achieve better hair volume and fineness while staying gentle to scalp. Its smooth texture and creamy lather whilst shampooing emits a luxurious scent with a blended of flowers and fruits. After shampooing, followed up by the Shiny Conditioner for silky smooth and manageable hair. Texture is non-sticky and hair feels healthy from within

Shiny Treatment & Shiny Hair Mask (Special Care)

The Shiny Treatment will provide deep moisture replenishment to the hair core and salvage dry and brittle hair. This highly penetrative formula, blended with highly concentrated conditioning ingredients and 20% more Camellia Leaf Essence (as compared to conditioner for moisture) instantly penetrates the core of each strand, moisturizing dry and brittle hair to make it satiny smooth and lustrous right to the tip. Like the rest of the products, it contains Arginine, UV protective ingredient and Camellia oil to give hair shine and moisture.

Under the Shiny Range, there’s an intensive moisturizing mask for instantly lustrous hair. With Arginine, UV protective ingredient, Camellia oil and high-concentrated blend of Camellia leaf essence, it  provide continuous treatment to deeply replenishes dry and brittle hair. After continuous treatment, hair will be moisturized on the tips even after one application. Hair will be moisturized and kept lustrous shining all day long.


The White Range – Damage Care will be good for those who want special care for hair damaged from heat, color treatment or styling. It deeply repairs dry and brittle hair for silky smoothness from the roots to the hair end.

Key ingredients:

1) Tsubaki Amino derived Protein which is changed from wheat-based to pearl-based for penetrative repair. It replenish ingredients lost due to damage for penetrative repair of CMC. The penetrating restoration ingredient inside of hair core brings silky manageable hair to the ends (Newly added ingredient)

2) A complex of camellia butter (from camellia oil) and sorbitol (a sugar contained in fruit, etc.). Camellia Repair Butter melts into the hair to repair and moisturize it. (Newly added ingredient)


Products under the Shiny Hair Range:

Damage Care Shampoo & Damage Care Conditioner (For Daily Use)

The shampoo will deeply repairs dry and brittle hair for silky smoothness from the roots to the ends. Containing Arginine, selected Camellia oil, compressed camellia oil seeds, Tsubaki Amino and Camellia Repair butter, it repair hair to give it shine and beauty. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a refreshing scent with floral and green notes. The shampoo is rich in lather which provides a smoother experience while shampooing. Staying mild on scalp, it will help damaged hair recovered its volume,  fineness and silky texture!

The conditioner contains penetrating reparative ingredient inside of hair core to bring shine and repair hair ends. Hair will be silky smooth, supple and more manageable after rinsing. Texture of conditioner is non greasy feel and hair feels healthy from within.

Damage Care Treatment & Damage Care Hair Mask (Special Care)

The damage care treatment is a deep replenishing treatment to penetrates to the hair core of dry and brittle hair to nourish damaged hair. This highly penetrative formula, blended with highly concentrated conditioning ingredients and Camellia Leaf Essence (for moisture) instantly penetrates the core of each strand, moisturizing dry and brittle hair to make it satiny smooth, shiny and lustrous. In addition, it contains 20% increased blend of Tsubaki Amino and Camellia Repair Butter (as compared to conditioner) for that extra moisture boost!

As for the Damage Care Hair Mask, it is an intensive repairing mask for instantly manageable hair. Contains Tsubaki Amino, Camellia Repair butter, Amino-Acid Derivative, Protein and Camellia butter, this special blend will provide continuous treatment to deeply repair damaged dry hair, moisturize it for smooth and manageable hair all day long.


The Gold Range – Head Spa range will be good for those who seek hair and scalp care simultaneously. Shiseido was the first to discover the relationship between the scalp and beautiful hair with the Head Spa range. It helps to achieve lustrously resilient hair with volume from the roots and at the same time protects moisture of the scalp preventing it from dryness / inflammation.

Key ingredients:

1) Camellia flower leaf extract -Camellia Flower Essence is an anti-inflammatory agent and a hair moisturizing agent. It prevents scalp inflammation, which may cause newly grown hair to lack firmness/elasticity, and promote scalp health for the growth of firm/supple hair.

2) Blended natural essential oil – The Essential oil blend moisturizes the scalp, making it more supple and promoting scalp health. Contains sage, ginger, rosehip, thyme, sorbitol. The range is furthered enhanced with scents of honey and tropical flowers, a woody note, and an overall warmth which smells relaxing and pleasant!


Recently, there’s an increase in desire to achieve ‘Beautiful hair from the roots’ as more people are heading to ‘Head Spas’ in hair salons with an emphasis for scalp care. As scalp care has become more established as a beauty care treatment, Shiseido’s Head Spa Line will give users a relaxing experience close to what you’ll get in a spa salon. The hair spa range keeps hair beautiful and shiny from scalp through the combination of natural essential oils and scalp care needs. It remove impurities, refreshing the scalp by thoroughly cleansing the pores, supply and moisturize deep into hair.

Prior to the event, i have requested to try out this range and i was given the Shampoo and conditioner for review.. Will touch on the review at the end of the post but meanwhile let me tell you more on the products in this range. 🙂


Products under the Shiny Hair Range:

Head Spa Shampoo

With dedicated blend of natural essential oils – Sage, Ginger, Rosehip, Thyme, Sorbitol, the shampoo will supply moisture and suppleness to give you lustrous resilient hair with volume from the roots. Appearance of the shampoo has changed from colored pearly color to transparent liquid (silicone free) and it will work into a rich creamy lather to cleanse out all impurities. With Camellia flower extract (for moisture), it prevents irritation while replenish hair / scalp with moisture.


Head Spa Conditioner

This is one of my favorite conditioner as it keeps my hair smooth and scalp balanced without having a heavy texture.. The Head Spa conditioner contains the same blends of natural essentials oil and key ingredients as the shampoo to increase hair suppleness and satiny smoothness with a light finish. After use, hair will have volume from the roots and the tip of hair will be more manageable. Scalp feels refresh after rinsing and kept from irritation.


See how the Gold shampoo and conditioner instantly gives hair volume from roots with its light finish!


To remove built up, the head spa range also comes with a special care product. Known as the Head Spa Extra Cleansing, it will deep cleanse both the scalp and hair surface to remove impurities while and preventing dandruff and itchiness. With a special blend of natural essential oils and natural oil cleansing ingredient, it extra cleanse and refreshes! Therefore, scalp / hair will be more refreshed, lighter and more well-protected. Suitable for daily use (not limited to once a week), the extra cleansing shampoo has a slow cooling effect during use.


Another special Head Spa product – the Head Spa Hair Mask will better nourish hair and give satiny smooth and manageable hair in finish (as compared to the head spa conditioner). The hair mask will work to cleanse and moisturize, and enhance suppleness of the skin to help prevent irritation and promote healthy scalp. With a relaxing new natural aroma with floral notes helps to soothe and unwind, texture is light and non-greasy for a pleasant experience


My take on the Head Spa Shampoo and Conditioner

I have dry / damaged hair with a sensitive scalp and hence the Head Spa Range will be able to address my two concerns. The shampoo and conditioner smell really terrific! It has a really pleasant soothing floral scent mixed with a woody note which isn’t too overpowering!  The scent is rather long-lasting as it leaves my hair smelling awesome all day long!

The shampoo is now transparent in color and like the old formula, it works into a dense foam to help remove built up and residue. The conditioner is ‘light’ and can be washed off easily without greasiness! A small amount gives my hair u a good lather and condition.

I love how light my hair feels after washing and the shampoo + conditioner does not will weigh my hair down. It leaves my scalp fresh (no itch too!) and my hair tangled free (i can run my fingers through it easily!) My hair isn’t so flat, has a nice sheen and it is soft and smooth to the touch!

However if you use the shampoo on its own, the moisturizing effect won’t be that fanatic as i experienced some tangles (perhaps my hair is too dry) so you have to use it together with the conditioner.. 🙂


Before i go, here’s the price list for the 2013 Tsubaki Ranges:


Shampoo (220ml) – S$8.90

Shampoo (550ml) – S$17.90

Conditioner (220ml) – S$8.90

Conditioner (550ml) – S$17.90

Treatment – S$15.90

Hair Mask – S$19.90

Damage Care:

Shampoo (220ml) – S$8.90

Shampoo (550ml) – S$18.90

Conditioner (220ml) – S$9.90

Conditioner (550ml) – S$18.90

Treatment – S$16.90

Hair Mask – S$21.90

Head Spa:

Shampoo – S$19.90

Conditioner – S$19.90

Extra Cleansing – S$15.90

Mask – S$22.90

Personally i will really recommend you to give it a try (especially the head Spa) as it won’t disappoint you… I have also tried the Damaging Care Range previously and it moisturizes my damaged ends well but it is a little too rich for my sensitive scalp (experienced some itchiness).. Therefore, people with sensitive scalp like me should try the head Spa Range as it moisturize relatively well and yet balance the condition of your scalp!

The reformulated Tsubaki 2013 range is available at all Watsons stores, from 4 July 2013.

8 thoughts on “(Event & Sponsored Review) Unveiling Shiseido’s latest hair care technology – The Tsubaki 2013 range!

  1. tom says:

    Great job on possessing one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive arrive around in some period! Its just incredible exactly how very much you can take away coming from anything simply because of how visually beautiful it can be. Youve placed with each other an incredible weblog room -great graphics, video tutorials, layout. This can be absolutely any must-see weblog!

  2. lanie says:

    Can i mix and match the products like buying the head spa shampoo and the shining conditioner or the damage care shampoo and shining conditioner.My hair is straight,thin and color treated while my daughter’s is dry and coarse.I want both problems to be addressed.Can you give me your opinion on this.Thank you

    • jermaineee says:

      Yes you can mix it~ The damage care range is the most hydrating among all. As for the head spa range, it will be highly recommended if you have sensitive scalp and dry hair…

  3. Yvonne Lundell-Laitinen says:

    Hi, bought spa hair conditioner i Japan with text only in japanese. I wonder if the new spa conditioner contains silicone? (You mention that the new shampoo is free of silicone, something I apprecciate:)) thank’s for your answer in advance:)

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