(Sponsored Review) Unveiling Greedy Chimp June’s Summer Loots!

Happy weekends everyone!! How’s your Saturday??

I just came back from an event (Clinique’s) and i’ll share more on the new product that they are launching next week.. Right now, we (my hubby & myself) are waiting for our friends to come over and i have some time to spare. Might as well put it to good use (instead of napping) and blog while waiting! 🙂

Few weeks ago, i was feeling unwell (the usual monthly headache & cramps) hence was on MC resting at home .. Was feeling damn sian and restless till i received a delivery which instantly brightened up my day. Unveiling Greedy Chimp June’s Summer Loots – filled with specially picked surprise mix of snacks (known as LOOTS) delivered right to my doorstep!


Greedy Chimp is a food subscription service whereby you will receive a bag filled with specially picked surprise mix of snacks (known as LOOTS) which will be delivered right to your doorstep every month..

June’s Greedy Chimp Bag is based on ‘Summer’ theme (THE TASTE OF SUMMER)!  Summer in Singapore this year is a little different as it is also hazy despite being HOT!!! Thank God that the haze has cleared and the blue skies are out so it’s the best time to get your picnic and beach mats out! During your picnic session, the Greedy Chimp’s summer menu will get your stomach filled! Yum Yum!! Let check out 7 items in my bag.. 🙂


Troo Freeze Dried Bananas

Snacking can be healthy and guilt-free with Troo Freeze Dried Fruits! The fruits are freeze-dried at temperatures below -40 degrees Celcius, which allows the nutrients to be preserved for long duration. Made with real fruits, with no added preservatives and no allergy-triggering soybean, peanut, buckwheat and egg, this is a healthy and nutritious snack to be enjoyed anytime during the day.

Selection of fruits available: Banana, Korea Strawberry, Korea Apple,
Korea Pear, Pineapple

In case you are wondering why you are not seeing this snack on the shelves of supermarkets, this is because it is sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp. You can contact the team at wantsnacks@greedychimp.com to place your orders.

Troo Freeze Dried Bananas tasted exactly like the real bananas, just that it is freeze-dried and crunchy!! It’s a good thing to have before your exercise session as it supplies you with the needed pre-workout energy! Love the crunchiness and hence cannot stop popping it into my mouth! 😡

The pack is resealable so the content will stays fresh.. Only thing that i don’t like about this snack is that it is very sticky after biting into it (and hence it will stick onto my teeth and i will have to brush my teeth to get rid of the remains!).

Nongshim Champong Noodles

For fans of instant noodles, Nong Shim has a new Spicy Cuttlefish Flavor Premium Noodle Soup favour in the market! Indulge in the robust flavor of these thick and chewy Champong Spicy Premium Noodles and satisfy your blazing summer hunger pangs with this yummy quick fix! Not a big fan of instant noodles and i have passed it to my hubby to try (he always says that i’m treating him like my personal dustbin! LOL)! Nonetheless, i hope he will love it! 🙂


Available at: All major supermarkets

Purence Dew Water (Original)

There’s many reasons to drink water, keeping yourself hydrated, better health and have shinier hair and beautiful skin! Summer will be hot hot hot and the best way to protect yourself from the summer heat will be to hydrate yourself with water as clear as morning dew!

Introducing Purence Dew – the beneficial water to helps our body to fight against cholesterol, atherosclerosis and constipation! It is free from inorganic minerals (which can cause heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism etc), heavy metals, and pesticides that are harmful to the body.

Available at: Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest, Cold Storage, Groxers.com

The bottle of the Purence Dew Water is really eye-catching as it has a unique shape and color! It taste exactly like water and there’s no mineral water taste! The only downside is that the drink is more expensive than mineral water, good things doesn’t come cheap. 😡


Morinaga Choco Balls

Chocolates – My happy food! The Morinaga Choco Balls is made perfect for popping and these chocolate coated balls has a little favour surprise hidden inside.. In my bag, i have received the one with peanut. This is also sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp and you can enquire through wantsnacks@greedychimp.com to purchase more!

Choose from peanut, caramel or strawberry filling!

Anything associated with chocolates, i will love it! The packaging of the Morinaga Choco Balls is so eye-catching and the chocoballs with peanut is so yummy + crunchy/crispy!! Choco-ball yummy yum!

Jelfy Gummy Candy

For Hello Kitty and Doraemon lovers, here’s a collectible. hehe!  Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp, these gummies come in juicy flavours that add a sweet, citrus punch to your snack inventory! Gave this pack away to the girl whom my mum is babysitting.. She was so excited and told me that she will seek approval from her mummy to eat the gummies! Really guai (obedient!)..

Sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp.

Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed

Available in Wasabi and Original favor, the Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed is thinly sliced and crispy for pure enjoyment..  Do you know that Seaweed is great for digestive health since it is high in fiber and high in nutrients yet low in calories? 🙂

Price: $4.95 / 6 packs, Sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp.

Luckily i did not get the wasabi favored seaweed as i’ll enjoy the original favored ones better. Don’t really like the ‘sending the heat up my nostril’ sensation and i will only appreciate wasabi with salmon. The original ones are light in taste, slices are thinly sliced and crispy!

iGen Sugar Free Mints

Last item in my bag, it is the iGen Sugar Free Mints which will keep my breath minty fresh.. Best of all, it is sugar-free and it is available in 2 choices – zesty strawberry or the freshest double mint.

Selection: Strawberry / Double Mint. Available at: Cheers, Fairprice Xpress

Was struggling to slide open the tin but despite this minor hiccup, the spearmint favored mint is refreshing and helps to freshen up my breath.

To subscribe to Greedy Chimp and have your own bag delivered to the comfort of your house, you can choose from the following three billing cycle :

Monthly – $14.90
Quarterly – $44.70
Annually – $178.80


For subscribers, you can now share your love for the snacks you received by heading to the website to rate + review!


You can find out more about Greedy Chimp via these social platform:

Instagram – @greedychimp

Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday ahead!

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