(Event & Sponsored Review) Givenchy’s make-up workshop | Teint Couture Givenchy

During the first week in June, i was given the privileged to attend Givenchy’s PR make-up workshop along with Chantana.. (Million thanks to Debbie who invited us). The purpose of this workshop is to allow us to hands-on some of the different products that Givenchy carries and also to learn more about the new 2013 make-up novelties.  Givenchy International Makeup Artist – Gunther Hilgartner also made a special appearance during the workshop to give us some makeup tips and a demo. Without further ado, let me share my experience and also a review of the new Givenchy liquid foundation in the market. 🙂

Givenchy’s PR make-up workshop – Its all about cosmetics, nail-polishes, fragrance and skincare!

Founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy, Givenchy is one of the leading purveyors of contemporary luxury and part of  the LVMH group since 1987. As a luxury French Brand, Givenchy specializes in fashion, fragrances and cosmetics (Parfums Givenchy).

A little on Givenchy’s heritage (From Parfums Givenchy’s FB page) – 

‘In keeping with the personality of its founder, Hubert de Givenchy, a couturier famed for his extremely refined designs enlivened with a touch of fantasy, Givenchy is known as the ultimate in chic everywhere in the world, with its aristocratic French style nourished by culture, savoir-vivre and opulence. As soon as Parfums Givenchy was founded in 1957, it became identified with what is now a legendary story: the meeting of Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, a charming young star of American cinema. Together, they invented the “Givenchy style”, in which French elegance meets American glamour, a combination of light-hearted sophistication and dazzling modernity’

For your base makeup needs, Givenchy recommends these items:

ACTI’MINE Wake-up Skin Make-up Base

Givenchy Acti’Mine Wake-up Skin Make-Up Base helps to correct skin-tone and revitalizes dull skin. Known as the ‘skin’s breakfast’, it freshens up skin upon application so that skin looks radiant throughout the day..

Available in 6 different shades, it will help to address different complexion concerns.. For me, it will be skin redness (made worse as i’m fair!) so the one in Kiwi (green tone) will be able to tone it down and give me a healthier skin look.

Givenchy Acti’Mine Wake-up Skin Make-Up Base also contains SPF 15 for that added protection against UV ray. It will be good for days when you are lazy to pile on too many products but still wants the skin to be well-protected and skintone to be more even. You can choose to use before foundation as a primer or alone if you prefer a dewy transparency look.

The texture of the Givenchy Acti’Mine Wake-up Skin Make-Up Base  is rather lightweight and smooth.. It can be blended into skin easily so it looks natural on skin. After application, skin feels smooth, brighter and more even.

One of customers’ favorite – The Givenchy Prisme Libre Air Sensation Loose Powder Quarter.

Givenchy Le Prisme Libre Loose Powder (emblematic Prisme in a loose version) feels as light as air with its soft and finely milled texture which leave skin smooth and sheer translucent.. One tub contains four different shades of powder and upon merging, it will brighten and illuminate the complexion. The Givenchy told me that this powder has a mattifying effect so it will be good for those who has oily skin and wants a matt look that glows..

With its lovely packaging with pretty pink Givenchy logo, this is a must have item for all make-up fanatics.

For your lips makeup needs, Givenchy recommends these items:


Gloss Interdit is a chic lip gloss made for sophisticated chic ladies like you! The lip-gloss has a professional brush applicator, many vibrant colors and a high performance formula! With its light texture, Gloss Interdit provides lips with high shine, smoothed and plumped.  Moreover, it is skin-loving as the formula contains high-performance skincare ingredients developed by Givenchy Laboratories.

Available in 12 shades, (07) Glamorous Fuchsia, (11) Succulent Orange (13) Delectable Brown are the more popular shades. My personal favorite will be 07 i cannot resist any items in pink! 🙂

The lip gloss smells really nice as it contains top notes of bergamot, litchi, and red fruit; middle notes of rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley; and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and musk.

The lip-gloss has a friendly applicator for easy usage.. The texture is also just right for me – not too sticky, too thin nor too thick… The lip gloss also has high shine (which i like) and it contains a bit of shimmer for that extra eye-catching moment!

Givenchy Le Rouge 

This luxury lip-stick is dressed up in genuine leather packaging with Givenchy’s logo embossed on the lip-stick itself.. Sophisticated looking isn’t it? A semi-matte lipstick is encased inside to deliver long-lasting perfectly defined lips! All the lipsticks in this collection promise to deliver intense colors and a semi-mat finish all in one stroke. And to top it off, this is first lipstick dressed in real leather for a better user experience!

At the first glance, i thought that 202 will look too bright on my lips but it turns out fine. With just one swipe, my lips are well covered with the highly pigmented and creamy lipstick. It goes on really smoothly without being too matt looking on my lips!! I like!~ It is pretty long-lasting as well as the color stays on my lips although it came into contact with my cup till i wiped it off with tissue..

Swatches on Chatana’s hand.

For your Eye-makeup needs, Givenchy recommends these items:

Noir Couture, a 4-in-1 mascara that has 4 benefits : Intense volume, long-lasting curl, Length and complete lash care conditioning. Formulated with Givenchy’s exclusive patented Minster Lash Booster Expert Complex, it provides lashes with nutrition, revitalization, fortification and protection.

Clinical tests are done by Givenchy and it indicated that users lashes have improved surface shine, suppleness and strength. This secret weapon for sweeping healthy lashes also has a unique classic brush for better mascara application. Did not try this as i already had mascara on so i cannot tell u how it fares. 😦

Looking a quartet eyeshadow, the Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor will wow you in 6 shades of color harmonies. Individual colors on each quartet are carefully chosen so that the four colors complements each other and can be layered and blended on easily. The eye-shadow has either a satin or shimmery finish (for a combination of light and shadow) to emphasise the eye with density or light.

The eyeshadow has a soft and silky texture and it is pigmented. However, i find that the powder ‘crumbles’ easily so extra care needs to be taken to ensure proper blending.. 🙂

Fashionista Brown

Vintage Pink

Pastel Model

Purple Show

Midnight look

To beautify your nails, Givenchy recommends the Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer which has intense color and high shine finish house in a chic Givenchy bottle (metallic silver and leather-like cap.).. With only 1 coat, nails will instantly have mirror like shine. In just one application, your nails are made up as the color-intense formula spreads evenly and ‘deposit’ mirror-like shine.

Thank you Chantana for being the hand model again.. 🙂 The Givenchy team told us that this series of nail polish will give off gelish effect – High shine, intense amazing colors and chip resistance! With only 1 coat as shown as Chantana’s nails, the color is already very intense. Only rant is that the brush seems a little soft to my liking.

Misc makeup products that Givenchy recommends to complement its cosmetics and skincare items:

Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser High Definition

For makeup mistakes or accident on the eyes / lips, this convenient, dual action makeup removing marker will be your life saver! The eraser tip (comes with three spare tips) contains coconut derivative anionic surfactant & fig extract will easily remove all kinds of eye and lip makeup. After which, it leaves skin refreshed, balanced and soft to the touch.

Makeup is nothing without having the perfect brushes and with Givenchy’s Brushes, you can achieve the flawless look perfectly!

Givenchy Clean It All Make-Off Emulsion

This gentle makeup remover emulsion (suitable for all) will cleanses the face and eye area effortlessly and it is a non-rinse off formula.. At the same time, the emulsion contains skin loving ingredients as it protect’s the skin’s protective layer with sunflower oil and using lily extract. During the makeup workshop, this Make-off emulsion was my best friend as it helps to remove all the makeup on my hands and lips that i have tested on my lips thoroughly. It smells really nice too and it leave the skin refreshed without stickiness by just swiping the skin gently to dislodge makeup!

Givenchy Mist Me Gently contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid to slow down evaporation of moisture from the skin and anti-stress Yin Yang complex(Egyptian lotus, sacred lotus, and magnesium salt); the ultra-fine micro-droplets of the mist has a light and moisturizing texture which helps to freshens and give our skin a quick fix! You can use it before or after makeup to refreshen, hydrates and soften your skin..

Last not but least, the highlight for 2013 will be the launch of Teint Couture Givenchy Fluid Foundation and Compact. Highlights of the fluid foundation will be that is it well-balanced and it brings about long-lasting results with comfort and a light feel.

The exceptional combination of long-wearing performance and comfortable texture of the Fluid Foundation is due to the following three factors:

1) Active ingredients with ‘magnetic’ adherence on skin’s surface are used to create a strong affinity. As such, the foundation will ‘unite’ with the contours of the face while staying supple, long-lasting yet light with ample coverage.

2) The foundation will refine skin’s texture and conceal imperfections with its specially formulated soft-focus agents.

3) With skin-loving factor, the foundation contains hydro-magnectic complex to hydrate and rebalances skin cells without protect skin against harsh stress factors. It also contains SPF 20 sunscreen to safe-guard the skin against harmful sun-rays.

As for the Teint Couture Givenchy long-wearing compact, what’s so special will be that is is a all-in-one compact that brings about refreshing radiance. It contains two powders – A flesh shade (to smooth & unify complexion) plus a rosy pink tone blush like color (Highlighting effect) to deliver illuminated rosy skin effect.

The boost of radiance with complexion correction is made possible with Givenchy’s Exclusion formulation:

1) Exclusive atomisation technology guarantees an ultra soft, ultra-fine texture to deliver a build-able and even coverage that feels like second skin.

2) Contains non-occlusive siliconised polymer that provides anchoring and long-lasting hold onto skin. With mica-silica complex, it also has concealing effects to tone down imperfection.

3) With skin-loving Vitamin E and SPF 10 sunscreen, this skin beautifying blend will provide antioxidant benefits along with sun-protection.

4) The special brightener is formulated with pink pigments and incredibly pure pearlescent particles that are perfectly compatible with the powder’s texture for a flawless finish.

If you are looking for a compact that gives a natural, bare-skin and radiant ‘rosy skin’ look, will recommend that you invest in the Teint Couture Givenchy long-wearing compact.

Teint Couture Givenchy long-wearing compact has the most posh looking casing that i have ever seen and feel! The Ultra chic casing spells nothing but Haute Couture and it features a leather effect texture, clean, silvery edges and a metallic stud clasp.. So sleek and elegant on the outside! Upon opening it, you will also see Haute Couture right down to the zipper pattern (together with Givenchy’s logo) embossed into the powder, simply classic!

Available in 7 shades to cover the needs of all skin tones – No 1 (Elegant Porcelain), No 2 (Elegant Shell), No 3 (Elegant sand), No 4 (Elegant Beige), No 5 (Elegant Honey), No 6 (elegant Gold), No 7 (Elegant Rose).

All the compact powder shades come with 1 universal brightener in pink for a more radiant finish!

I have yet to give this a try on my face as i prefer the  Teint Couture Fluid Foundation as it has a better coverage. I have too many post acne discoloration and the compact’s coverage seems a little too light when i tested it on my hand.. This compact is more towards like pressed powder whereby you can use it to ‘set’ your foundation. Texture wise , the compact powder has a silky, velvety texture that glides on skin to reveal a bare skin feel! Powder is ultra fine and smooth to the touch.

Application wise, there’s a few methods to use this compact! If you want a lustrous, pearlescent complexion, mix the powder with the pink brighter and apply it evenly to the face.

For a long-lasting fresh complexion, use the sponge and blend the powder from the centre of the face outwards for a unify complexion. For an illuminating effect, you can apply the pink brightener in small touches wherever needed (you can apply it on the arch of the eyebrows, the inner corner of the eyes, the ridge of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose or Cupid’s bow above the lips.

If you prefer a foundation (liquid) that has good coverage and yet lightweight and long-lasting, Givenchy’s new Teint Couture Fluid Foundation is lightweight in texture but yet offers lasting coverage throughout the day.

Upon application, it promises to give complexion a perfectly smoothed, satiny and natural finish. Imperfections will be concealed so naturally without ‘cakey-ness. Teint Couture will dress up skin with perfect coverage and long-hold (for up to 15 hours!)

For a ‘barely there’ second skin effect, smooth in four drops across the cheekbones to the temples and neck. Your skin will look clear, flawless without compromise on lightness.

For a ‘light up’ effect, dabs two drops on the T-zone and blend it in an outward movements to smooth and refine skin’s texture.

Available in 9 Shades to go with any skin tone, from the fairest to the tannest.

No 1 (Elegant Porcelain), No 2 (Elegant Shell), No 3 (Elegant sand), No 4 (Elegant Beige), No 5 (Elegant Honey), No 6 (elegant Gold), No 7 (Elegant Ginger), No 8 (Elegant Amber), No 9 (Elegant Rose)

The Teint Couture Fluid Foundation’s packaging is also captivating and luxurious! It features a  square flass bottle with
Givenchy Logo engraved in the metalized cap and a metalized cap with Leather codes on top.

All about Givenchy’s Logo:

Upper left – The heritage (Aristocratic Elegance)
Upper right – The Woman (Magnetic Beauty)
Bottom left – The luxury (for oneself)
Bottom right – The creation (Style with impertinence)

As you know, i have combination / oily skin with blemishes combined with redness, large pores (mostly on nose and cheeks) brown post acne marks and uneven skin tone. Will normally skip the use of concealer (as it will tend to clog my pores) andrely on the use of my tinted pimple cream; hence i will need a foundation that’s light and with good coverage.

Was given the  Teint Couture Fluid Foundation in shade 03 (Elegant Sand) and it is an excellent match.. The fluid foundation has a medium coverage (with 1 layer) but it is build-able to full coverage (with 2 layers). The fluid foundation has a creamy texture when applied and it leaves behind a matt finish (but definitely not extremely matt that it looks cakey/flakey). I find it easily to apply the fluid foundation easily as it seems to glide on smoothly on my skin. Unlike many liquid foundation, the Teint Couture Fluid Foundation won’t dry up too quickly so i can have ample time to blend it and prevent my skin from looking splotchy. It settles nicely on my skin and i don’t have to use any loose powder to set it as the mattifying & long-lasting effect are sufficient.

Will normally apply 2 layers – one later all over my face and another later onto my T-zone and jawline area as i tend to have redness / uneven skin tone concentrated there. Even with 2 layers, my makeup stays natural and does not look heavy / patchy.. What i love most about this foundation is the lightweight and mattifying formulation. Oil control factor is very good did not become an oil-field at the end of the day (the picture below as taken 1o hrs post application). It is pretty impressive as my skin did not turn as oily and super shiny when compared to what i will experience if i use another liquid foundation. The fluid foundation did not oxidized quickly into another mismatch shade so my makeup still stays natural till i remove it.

Only rant about this fluid foundation will be the price as it is on the high side.. But little goes a long way as you don’t have to make use of much product to achieve the desired results. Will highly recommend this foundation if you are looking for one that is light with good coverage / mattifying effect. 🙂


Click this picture to access the actual size photo!

Thanks for reading and i will end with some information on Givenchy International Makeup Artist! 

Fun facts about Gunther Hilgartne:

– Love of theater and opera
– Attended the prestige Jean d’Estrees Makeup school in Paris
– Been Givenchy International Makeup artistic for more than 20 years
– Worked with some of the world’s most beautiful women

Maleup Philosophy & Influences

– Strives to bring out a woman’s natural Beauty and Radiance
– Gift for blending classic beauty with the avant-garde

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions & information are extracted from Sephora’s / Givenchy’s / House of Fraser’s website / Presskit

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