The Power of 2’s wedding | SK-II Bridal Glow Set

Planning for a wedding is never easy. From deciding your wedding budget, the perfect venue, the date, the wedding theme and to planning your guest list, it can get really overwhelming and you may not have the luxury to pamper yourself well before the big day. Therefore, let me share some tips and the list of the wedding vendors we (my hubby and myself) have engaged to facilitate your planning process… 🙂

As a head start, it is important to create a realistic checklist to guide you along the way.. For a good checklist system, you can check it out Perfect Wedding’s  ( and make good use of their online wedding checklist…

As a worrywart, i’m afraid that i will miss out on something really important. Therefore with this handy Perfect Weddings Checklist Tool , a set of pre-listed tasks are listed down in different categories for me (according to the appropriate time-line as well). From the proposal, to selecting my bridal items, to the last-minute tasks – everything’s already listed down. I can even attach a note and put additional details for each task. Once a task is complete, i can check its corresponding box and it will be “cancelled out” and moved to the bottom of the category (It will still be visible on the checklist for reference). It certainty helps me to prioritize tasks through all the phases of my wedding planning, organize it accordingly and keep track of items to accomplish.


Wedding Preparation Course

Marriage is never a bed of roses and i want to put our marriage in good foundation.. Hence, attending a marriage preparation was my main priority after my husband (then fiance) has proposed.. Initially i wanted to attend one in my Church but my husband isn’t comfortable (I’m a christian and he’s a free-thinker) so he has suggested that we attend one outside.. Through one of his friend’s recommendation, we got to know of TOUCH Family Services (TFS) whereby we enrolled for the Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) – Secrets to An Enjoyable & Enriching Marriage.

Specifically catered for couples who are planning to marry and as well as for newly married couples, the course will empower couples with a deeper understanding of marriage, and preparing and equipping them for a smoother and fulfilling matrimonial journey. This course is uniquely taught by a husband-wife team, giving you a glimpse into how a marriage partnership works. The topics covered include Prepare/Enrich Inventory, roles of husband and wife, communication in marriage, financial management for couples, relating to in-laws, family planning and more. As some topics can get sensitive, do remember to attend it with an open heart and you will definitely find it beneficial. 🙂

The MPC is an ongoing 4 weekly sessions of 3 hrs each and conducted in groups of 6 to 12 couples, depending on location. If i did not remember wrongly, the fee is S$270/- per couple, inclusive of GST.

Bridal Shop

Not a pleasant one so i will not mention its name here…Therefore, do remember to do your homework, ‘window shop’ and visit a few bridal shops before committing to one… Went to Taiwan for our photo shoot because we both love Taiwan and our relationship started because of Taiwan. I should not go deep into this as it will turn really mushy? =/

It was a once in a life time experience trying to pose in really chilly weather and not wearing any winter clothings… Thank God that we have a great Taiwan team which made it all possible (which compensate the not so good team in Singapore).


Wedding Luncheon Venue

After visiting many hotels in Singapore, we have found one which took our breath away.. Stone throw away from Orchard MRT, the top-notch service, the mind-blowing intimate ballroom that’s spacious enough to comfortably sit 15 tables and not forgetting the delicious food . Was lucky enough to have Ivy as our banquet manager! She’s pretty, highly efficient and super accommodating to our many requests.


Actual Day Photographer

Was browsing though facebook and i came across Kelvin’s actual wedding photos taken by Express-Oh! Photography! EOP consist of a team of passionate, fun and experienced photographer and they specialize in actual day, pre-wedding Underwater Portrait, ROM, events and maternity photography services. I fell in love with the Photojournalism style shots taken by KS! Moreover, his forte is taking candid, lifestyle and abstract shots that are so full of emotions and ‘feel’!

On the actual day, he was running all over the place with so much zest and in the process, captured many pretty photos! Some of the pictures are uploaded on EOP’s FB page and you can access them through this link:!/media/set/?set=a.10151504532172399.1073741854.42725732398&type=3

Their rates are very reasonable as well and if you like that you see, you can actually arrange for an non obligatory appointment to view more on their portfolios.


Wedding Singers

Music plays an important role in my husband’s life and hence we have decided to engage a wedding band to sing on our special day.. Decided on Sparkles Live Music as the team is really experience and have sung at hundreds of weddings and events, both local and regional, for the past 4 years. We had a 4 piece band – with Alfred Sim as Emcee / Vocalist, Tay Kexin as vocalist, Clarence on guitar and Matthew on keys.. During the luncheon, our guests also had chances to write down dedications which personalized our special day with their messages and blessings through music.. My husband specially left series of song dedications with heartfelt messages for me during the 2nd set of songs, awwwww!  It is indeed something very meaningful and made our unforgettable memories even more unforgettable. 🙂 The team gave us and the guests a spectacular experience. After the wedding, many of our guests have told us nothing but good things about the team’s performances with some even remembering the exact songs they sang.



Of course during the time of preparation, you must not forget to take care of your physical appearance as well! Remember to slot in pampering beauty sessions and incorporate a proper skincare regimen before the special day to ensure you look your best.

The most important thing that you need to know is that there is no compromise in a proper skincare routine for clear skin. The skincare routine should be carried out with proper dedication, backed by the right knowledge and tools. Attended a bridal shower held by the SK-II team a few weeks back where i was introduced to the Bridal Glow Set…

To help brides-to-be achieve crystal clear radiant skin at the comfort of own home, The SK-II Bridal Glow Set is specially crafted by the beauty experts at SK-II, aiming to empower brides-to-be to achieve the bridal glow, in just 14 days with 5 simple steps… Each step of the routine plays a unique role and works in harmony with the others to ensure women achieve crystal clear skin. Crystal clear skin is defined as brighter, more translucent-looking and more moisturized.

Step 1 – Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (40ml)

This wipe-off clarifying lotion gently removes dirt and dead skin cells and leaves skin clean, lively, and perfectly conditioned. Containing AHA, this wipe off clarifying lotion gently removes dirt and dead skin cell to allow skin nourishment. It leaves skin clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.

My thoughts: This came in time when i have finished my toner and the remaining supply is at my mum’s place! -_- Although it contains AHA, this toner is surprisingly very mild on my sensitive skin and it does not irritate / dry my skin out… No stinging sensation or redness was experienced and it cleanse remaining residue on my skin effectively.. It kept my skin soft, moisturized and prep it better for my remaining skincare regimen. I have read some reviews online and if you are experiencing outbreaks from FTE (Facial Treatment Essence), you can use this first before FTE as it helps to balance skin.. Not quite sure if it is true but i will try using it together with FTE and let you know.. 🙂

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml

Step 2 – Facial Treatment Mask (2-pcs)

For that immediate youthful glow, this intensive moisture-boosting mask is enriched with Pitera (10x more!) which deeply hydrates skin and refines skin’s texture.. Reviving and relaxing, this mask leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear. As a complement to other SK-II products, it  restore skin renewal to its normal 28-day cycle and works just like a facial to supply moisture deep into skin.

Facial Treatment Mask 2-pcs

Step 3 – Facial Treatment Essence (150ml)

Containing more than 90% Pitera™, this much loved “miracle water” helps maintain the skin’s natural renewal cycle its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment thus making it smoother and more radiant. It also works to balance the skin’s PH and sebum secretion so oily and dry area are properly moisturized.  Overtime, it benefits skin with texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, radiance enhancement and spots control.

Facial Treatment Essence 150ml

Step 4 – Cellumination Essence Ex (30ml)

The new SK-II Cellumination Essence EX takes a greater formula and makes it better with the new Pixel White Whitening ingredient. This hydrating serum improve skin from the cellular level, refines skin and restores the glow of the skin + diminish the appearance of discoloration for a more even complexion.. You will experience highly defined, aura bright skin in just 4 week. 

Cellumination Essence EX 30ml

Step 5 – Cellumination Deep Surge EX (15g)

This daily moisturiser (infused with a unique active whitening ingredient, De-Melano P3C ) works to balance skin tone from within to unleash skin’s translucent aura and helps with radiance enhancement. When used on a daily basis, it helps to increase skin’s luminosity, prevents uneven skin tone and fights signs of aging.

Cellumination Deep Surge EX 15g

3-in-1 Electric Beauty Bath Set

Suitable to be used on the face & body, the 3-in-1 electric beauty bath set will deeply cleanse skin, reduce rough and callous skin and increase + improve blood circulation.. With cleansing and massaging function, the brush can be used to increase efficacy of skin and body care products…

My thoughts: Used this on my body for exfoliation purposes together with my shower foam.. Personally find it gentler as compared to using scrub and the same results can be obtained – Smoother, softer and clean skin! 🙂

3-in-1 Electric Beauty Bath Set

The Bridal Glow Set is now retailing at a recommended retail price of $382 at selected SK-II counters*.. It is while stocks last so check it out fast to prevent disappointment… 🙂

The set consists of:

1. Facial Treatment Essence 150ml

2. Cellumination Essence EX 30ml

3. Cellumination Deep Surge EX 15g

4. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml

5. Facial Treatment Mask 2-pcs

6. 3-in-1 Electric Beauty Bath Set

*Selected SK-II counters include Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard, Tangs Vivocity, Metro Paragon, Metro Woodlands, Isetan Scotts, Isetan Tampines, Isetan Serangoon, Isetan Katong, Robinsons Centrepoint, Robinsons Raffles City, BHG Bugis, OG People’s Park

Bridal Glow Set

Thank you to Villa Halia & SK-II Team for the programme arrangements, the beautiful + cosy venue set up, the yummy food and most importantly for inviting me… 🙂 I had fun catching up with bloggers who were present and also glad to have acquired useful tips. 🙂


I will be back soon with more updates so catch you soon! 🙂

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