L’Oreal Men Expert’s revolutionary new products – The Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution & Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

L’Oreal Men Expert has launched revolutionary new products in June and has invited both my hubby and myself to the pre-launch event.. But sad to say that we cannot make it but Sharon was really thoughtful to send him the products for review…

Introducing the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration which addresses oily / acne-prone skin concern!


Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution (picture from Loreal’s fb)


Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

Hands up if your Boyfriend / Brother / Husband is using your skincare products and he is complaining that it isn’t working for him. My husband used to say that my skincare products (esp facial wash / scrub) causes him to breakout and this is the reason why he is steering clear of them. The reason behind is that Men’s skin will differ from Female’s skin as it will be thicker and tougher (due to higher amount of Male Hormones- Androgen). Sebum secretion for Male will also be greater due to Androgen and hence skin will be oilier and acne will be longer lasting as well.Hence to better address male skin concerns, it is better for them to use skin care that’s formulated for the male!

New introduction to the L’Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte range, which is formulated for oily skin / acne prone skin, the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration will unleash acne-fighting force to fight against excessive oil and imperfection.

Guys, If you have acne / pimples problem which refuses to go away, it might be aggravated by excess sebum, dirt accumulated in the pores.. L’Oreal has made it possible for you to harness on the purging power of volcanic minerals to eliminate this skin issue! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam contains pure Volcano Red Foam Volcanic Mineral Extract to penetrates pores to remove dirt and 97% of oil for fresh, comfortable matte skin all day long.

Volcanic extract Well-known for its rich mineral content and excellent absorptive power.  Thus, it is effective at alleviating skin and pore problems; deeply purge pores by capturing and removing oil + impurities to make skin pure! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam is clinically proven to dries out pimples and prevent recurrence. With each wash, it removes 97% of oil which are the main culprit of pimples. Pimples happen when pores got infected as it have been clogged by dead skin cells stuck in excess sebum, which is produced by overactive oil glands.

Beside using volcanic mineral extract, the cleanser also fights acne using Salicylic Acid to clear skin of acne causing bacteria. At the same time, it treats existing pimples, remove root cause of acne and prevent acne from recurring.. After removing acne causing bacterial, Peppermint Extract as part of the ingredients will calm, soothe and provide immediate relief of redness and itchiness caused by acne.

This is our first time seeing a cleanser which is RED in color and it will turn white when you lather it with water.

Upon lathering, the cleanser works into a rich creamy texture instantly and it goes on smoothly to deep cleanse. My hubby was put off by the smell of the cleanser which i also agreed that the scent is unpleasant. He has oily skin and he felt that the cleanser cleanse well without drying his skin. It also can be rinsed off quickly to leave a clean & refreshing smooth feel (minus skin tightness). Overall, he felt that the cleanser is convenient to use, gentle on skin but yet it did a good job cleansing.

To make sure that the skin stays Matt for longer – Guys, you should apply the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration to keep skin moisturized and balanced! Many guys have this misconception that moisturizer will make skin oilier and there is no need to use one due to the humid + hot climate in Singapore. My hubby can even tell me that moisturizer is only needed when weather is very dry (like during winter)! -_-

The fact is when skin is dehydrated, the skin will secrete more sebum as usual to compensate for the lack of moisture! Hence, using moisturizer leads to oilier skin is just a myth as it is dehydrated skin that causes skin to be oily and more prone to acne!

To prevent skin from ‘suffocating’ and losing hydration in Singapore’s hot weather, the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration made use of a revolutionary technology (known as Skin Air-Conditioning System) that combines French Deep Sea Water with mattifying agents to supply skin with an instant icy-feeling and deep hydration.

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has an ultra-lightweight formula to give you comfortably, refreshing and well moisturized skin all day long. The Skin Air-Conditioning System will instantly give skin an ‘ Icy effect’ while it works to hydrates skin which neutralizes oil and sweat. Rich in minerals with French deep-sea water + Oil and sweat absorbing actives, skin stays cool and matte even in the hot weather!

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has a nice aqua hue and it has a transparent gel texture.

I have to coax my hubby into using the moisturizer a try as he has a ‘moisturizer is redundant’ policy.. Upon application, he said that there is a refreshing icy cold feeling which he thinks is too icy to his liking… But he said that it will be good on days when the weather is really hot and he needs something to calm his skin down… As for texture wise, he is surprised to ‘feel’ that it isn’t heavy on skin and can be easily absorbed without greasiness / sickness. It also leaves his skin looking matt without any film left behind for a dry touch feel. He also added that his skin is feeling less greasy during mid day after applying the moisturizer.. 🙂

Although he still feels that he don’t need to use a moisturizer daily (only when skin is flaky and dry), i’m glad that the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration did change his perceptive of moisturizer being too rich in our hot and humid climate.

Matt surface after application!

L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration retails at $10.90 and $23.90 respectively.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Men Expert’s revolutionary new products – The Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution & Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

  1. PJ says:

    I’m sold. Easily. I have been using the pure and matte range and I’m blown away completely. The volcano red foam and hydra energetic quench are just what I need. They describe the issues I have (used to have up until the pure and matte range) and how I can take action. Thanks so much to your husband for playing “lab rat” because it just makes me believe in it more. Great post!

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