(Announcement) Get the Most out of this Long Weekend!

Hello my readers, hope you have rested well! 3 more days to the end of the long weekend and if you are stuck in Singapore thinking of what you can do, fret not! Beside catching up on your precious sleep and spending time with your love ones, you can still get the most out of this long weekend in Singapore… Let me tell you how:

1) Catch a Theatre Play on 11 August

Why not brighten up your long weekend with a poignant, comic play, which premiered in 2005 to critical acclaim. Not only that the two runs were sold out, it later clinched the “Best Original Script” and “Best Actor” (Gerald Chew) at the 2006 Life! Theatre Awards..

The award-winning play Everything but the Brain renowned local playwright, Jean Tay tells the story of Elaine, a Physics teacher who hatches a plan to turn back time and save her stroke-afflicted father from further deterioration. Along the way, she is egged on by a chorus of three bears, occasionally distracted by a dashing young surgeon and haunted by a particularly memorable train ride to Malacca…

Will be catching the play on Sunday and will do a post event coverage so stay tune for the updates!

Location: DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT

Dates: 11 August,16 – 21 August (Tues – Fri: 8pm, Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm)

Ticket Price: $35 – $55 *Exclude $3 Sistic ticketing fee

02 EBTB Rehearsals

2) Pamper yourself with Beauty Treats from Kiehl’s

Before purchasing a full size skincare product, will you obtain a sample first to try?  I’m sure most of you will request for samples to try to ensure it is right for you before making a purchase. My most pleasant ‘sampling’ experience during my beauty journey would be with Kiehl’s as the company is very generous in giving out customized samples to try… Moreover, these samples will only be given by Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCRs) after they understand more on your needs and skin concerns.

This pleasant experience is made possible by Kiehl’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ Policy .Since early days, Kiehl’s has ensure personalized dispensing advice and prescriptions by “prescribing” a personal care regimen that is most appropriate for individual’s skin and hair care needs. To further enhance its service retail experience, Kiehl’s introduced its “Try Before You Buy.” sampling philosophy which assures the correct formulas appropriate for customers specific needs. This principle of personalized customer service plus customized sampling was established by its founder Irving Morse and has remained a Kiehl’s tradition for almost 100 years.

At Kiehl’s, special focus is placed on the quality of ingredients and the efficacy of formulations. Kiehl’s is confident that there will be a suitable formula to solve each customer’s unique skin care needs and they should try the product and ensure it is right for them before making a purchase.

Sample Wall

Fun facts: On an average, about 8.5 million units of Kiehl’s samples are given out every year!

The Mission of Kiehl’s has anchored six core values (Science, Education, Giving, Service, Respect, and Quality) to all employees worldwide. With this, everyone will be committed to strive for excellence in every aspect of the business – and assuring / upholding the Kiehl’s Experience originally established and preserved over the year. Do you know that Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCRs) has to undergo an intensive education program in which they learn the value of formula ingredients and their efficacy? In addition, KCRs gain the know-how on unparalleled customer service provision which gives them the first priority is to serve Kiehl’s customers!

“When we are educating our KCRs, one of the first things we teach is the Kiehl’s approach to service, for which our motto is, ‘We’d always rather make a friend than push a sale’. Our KCRs tell us that they love coming to work because, instead of selling, they get to be educators and problem solvers.’ – Cammie Cannella, Vice President of Global Education and Customer Relations. “
Try before you buy combined visual
During the long weekend, you can enjoy some beauty fixs by giving Kiehl’s 5 mins to receive 5 samples to change your skin! This August, visit any Kiehl’s store in Singapore for a 5-minute personalized skincare consultation by the experienced and friendly Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCRs) and get 5 complimentary samples to try.

5 mins – Free consultation and five free samples!

Kiehl’s welcome everyone to book in for a consultation with one of the highly trained KCR to address individual skin concerns, and create a personally devised skin care regime to suit these needs. In addition, the KCR would be happy to offer a follow-up appointment to ensure the products selected continue to be most beneficial.

1) Redeem your 5-minute consultation and 5 free samples from this link: http://goo.gl/GIvBr0 (It will expire on 31st August 2013.)

2) Flash the confirmation page at any Kiehl’s store to receive a 5-minute consultation by a Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR)

3) The KCR will determine your skin needs and answers any queries you may have.

4) Enjoy 5 free samples most appropriate to your needs

Thanks for reading my short update and i will be back with the post coverage update of the play soon! 🙂

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