Post coverage – Everything But The Brain!

Despite its name, long weekends never fails to feel short. Nevertheless, me and my wife Jermaine were well rested during this well-deserved break – rotting at our home, at in-laws home and at friend’s home. Well I guess we are both very settled into married life. So we made Sunday our pak-tor day and what could be better than going to watch a nice theatre play followed by an awesome dinner?

Thanks to Sight Lines Production, Jermaine got a pair of complimentary tickets to watch a remake of an award-winning play, Everything but the Brain, at the DBS Arts Center which she ever so graciously invited me along as her guest =)

02 EBTB Rehearsals

“Everything but the Brain tells the story of Elaine, a Physics teacher who hatches a plan to turn back time and save her stroke-afflicted father from further deterioration. Along the way, she is egged on by a chorus of three bears, occasionally distracted by a dashing young surgeon and haunted by a particularly memorable train ride to Malacca…


I was pulled into the story line right from the beginning, with the introduction of Elaine’s three whimsical “bears”. The play gives a clever take on the formlessness and ‘bendability’ of time using the story of physics teacher, Elaine, who attempts to slow down time using her own interpretation of Einstein’s theory of relativity so that she could spend “more” time with her father.

04 EBTB - Cast

While the play deals with the sad topic of the death of loved ones, the three chorus bears injects a good dose of humour at different points to lighten the mood and bring about some laughter. There is also a rather interesting twist in the middle of the story but I shall not be a spoiler here so do look forward to this if you are planning to watch the play.

The one thing that got me so engrossed into the play is how the story struck a chord with the same struggles that I (and I believe many others) am facing – the lack of time and the need for more. Seeing how Elaine and her father took turns to play the roles of caregiver vs. care-receiver as time moves back and forth reminds me of how my parents have taken care of me (and now us) and how one day I too will be taking care of them. I just hope my parents and in-laws will never have to go through any illnesses such as that of the protagonist’s.

Before I conclude my virgin post on Jermaine’s blog, I cannot help but have to recommend this awesome Japanese Sushi place that we stumbled upon. We were just wandering around the neighbouring Liang Court to pass some time before we feed our hungry stomachs and were at Meidi-Ya where we saw this Japanese Sushi restaurant Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru. This place serves a wide range of really fresh sushi at affordable prices. One must try is the fatty salmon which really just melts in your mouth. The best sentence to sum the restaurant up would be a quote from Jermaine: “I haven’t had such good sushi for a long time!”

Back to the main topic:

“Everything but the Brain was written by the prominent Jean Tay and first premiered in 2005 to critical acclaim. After two sold out runs, it went on to win “Best Original Script” and “Best Actor” (Gerald Chew) at the 2006 Life! Theatre awards.”

01 EBTB Start of Rehearsals

Grab your tickets now before the show closes on the 21st of August!!

Location: DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT

Dates: 11 August,16 – 21 August (Tues – Fri: 8pm, Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm)

Ticket Price: $35 – $55 *Exclude $3 Sistic ticketing fee

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