Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System vs Clarisonic Mia 2!

It has been a month since i have started my Clarisonic journey and i’m glad i have invested in this awesome cleansing system. As you know i have sensitive and acne-prone skin with high amount of oil secretions so i will always tend to suffer from blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, pimples and acne… With Clarisonic, it helps to cleanse my skin better and more thoroughly. I’m one of the ‘suay’ ones who experienced initial purging but was told that it was normal.

Two weeks into using, i realized that my skin seems clearer and skin tone is more even (not so patchy looking as before).. Moreover, skin is not as oily and pimples seems to healed faster!  There’s also a reduction in the amount of clogged pores and pimples around my cheek areas. During my last facial, my beautician commented that she don’t have to do much extractions on my cheeks areas! Yay to the more even and radiant skin tone with reduced post acne marks on face! However, i’m still facing jawline breakouts woe and it is made worse by the Chinese medication which i have to take as i have hormonal imbalance! Sigh!!!

Anyway, back to the agenda of this post! Few weeks ago, i was invited to the Olay’s Pre-launch event of its first-ever cleansing device – the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System. Launched in August, the Olay Cleansing Revolution made waves by bringing to life the efficacy of powerful, yet gentle cleansing. As an ‘enhancer’ to the Regenerist (anti-ageing) skincare range, it is said that the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System set cleanses four times better than basic cleansing (using your hands) and better than a USD$200* cleansing device to help skin absorb over 25% more anti-ageing actives**.

*Tested on makeup cleansing versus a cleansing system costing 200USD – US 2011
** As compared to no cleansing

I have no idea which brand is the USD 200 cleansing device but i will make a comparison between the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System set and my Clarisonic Mia 2. More details at the end of the post so please bear with me in the meantime. 🙂

The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing system is designed to provide daily, professional, fuss free skin cleansing right at the comfort of your own home. This small but effective cleansing device with micro-massaging action will gently cleanse and exfoliate to reveal brighter, smoother skin with each use to effectively prepare it for your next anti-ageing skincare products.

Cleansing – the essential first step in any skincare regime so you have to do it right! Effective cleansing is needed to throughly remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems.. In addition, you will need a perfectly cleanse skin in order to prep it for your other skincare products (So that whatever you applied on will be fully absorbed and penetrated by the skin).

David, Olay’s skin scientist was sharing with us that a recent survey conducted by Olay revealed that only 59% of Asian women use a cleanser regularly and 23%, an exfoliator. This poor skincare habit will lead to ‘skin rust’ (due to Free radicals + sebum), Dimmed Radiance (ageing and skin residues dimish skin’s radiance) and Dirt accentuating ageing texture.. However, everything needs to be in moderate as over cleansing will damage skin barrier which leads to visible ageing and skin dehydration (which leads to other skin issue chain effects).

With this in mind, the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System has been designed to give women a new fuss-free and effective way to balance cleansing, effective but gentle massaging exfoliation.

David also told us that this first-ever cleansing device from Olay is designed to provide a powerful, yet gentle cleanse + massage exfoliate + prepare skin for your anti-ageing routine. The cleansing system works by loosening, lifting and swirling dirt away effectively – cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin to result in better active anti-ageing ingredient penetration. With the use of Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System, results have shown that it help the skin to absorb over 25% more anti-ageing ingredients.

Lauded as one of Allure’s “Must-Have Anti-Aging Products for 2011” on Allure.com and Today Show, the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System cleanses and exfoliates better than a USD$200* cleansing device.

*This is based on engineering specs which states that it delivers a high-speed of 400rpm and a low of 300 rpm.

Tried, tested and proven by dermatologists and real women, the device is able to powerfully remove long-lasting, smudge-proof make up, while still staying soft and gentle on skin. The device is built with two-speed, rotating system which consists of a brush-head that revolves at 350 times per minutes, reaching the skin’s contours where fingers cannot reach to gently lift and remove dirt and dead skin from the surface, allowing for a clean, gentle rinse.

New Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System will be available in all leading pharmacies and supermarkets from August 2013. Retail price is at $49.90 for the cleansing system while replaceable brush heads are sold separately at $11.90

The cleansing system is also water-resistant and may be used in shower. It is recommended to change the brush head once every 3 months and more FAQs are answered below 🙂


Comparison between New Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System vs Clarisonic Mia 2

1) Packaging and Content

Olay’s – It comes with a manual, replaceable brush, sample size cleanser, batteries and the device itself.

Clarisonic’s – Mine is a Mia 2 so it comes together with a device cover for travel, brush cover, charger, replaceable sensitive brush, sample cleanser and manual. Purchased my MIA 2 directly from US and I paid about $195 for it (it took me months to consider as it is really expensive!)

Size wise, Olay’s one is more travel friendly and easier to bring around since it is more compact / lighter. But it would be good if Olay’s device comes with at least a brush cover so that it will be more hygiene and you need not worry about damaging / staining the brush bristles.

Smaller and more compact sized

Mia 2 Comes with Brush cover and Device cover

2) Cleansing Device

Both devices have two speeds – Low / High so that you can choose between light or more intensive cleansing. Because i have sensitive skin, i will use Clarisonic at low-speed (once daily) but for Olay i will use high-speed.. Strength wise (at low-speed), the Clarisonic has more power but still gentle on skin. For milder cleansing needs, will recommend the Olay’s as the strength is not as strong.

You will need to charge the Clarisonic while Olay is battery operated. For this aspect, i will prefer Olay’s battery operated system so i don’t have to go through the hassle of charging it! There was once the Clarisonic went out of power while i was using it and i have to charge it before i can use it again.. No doubt that the design of the charger and charging point of the Clarisonic is damn cool (it is magnetic base!) but charging takes sometime (about 12 hours to fully charge it).

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System is water-resistant while Clarisonic is waterproof. I don’t recommend you to use Olay’s in the shower as water might seep into the device and damage it. Clarisonic wise, i can just wash the whole device + the brush and use it in the shower as it is waterproof (Tried and tested). While for Olay, it can be inconvenient as you have to detach the brush to wash it just in case water seeps into the device.

Olay’s – Battery Operated

Clarisonic – Charging system

3) Brush and Cleansing Experience

Both brushes are soft but i find that the sensitive brush of the Clarisonic is softer but the difference is not quite significant. Clarisonic’s brush head is also bigger in size so it covers a bigger surface area while cleansing so it will speed up the cleansing process. For Clarisonic, it comes with different type of brush type for you to choose from based on your skin needs. For Olay, it only comes with one type.

The mechanism behind the cleansing function is completely different as one rotates while one oscillates. Guess this is the reason behind the Clarisonic’s hefty price tag. Olay’s device will give out a rotating circulation motion while it massages skin at the same time. It can be really soothing and promotes blood circulation. However, you have to use high-speed before you can get makeup residue completely off! I tried with low-speed once and i realized makeup cannot come off completely. Hence, i have stick to high speed since then.

On the other side, Clarisonic uses a sonic oscillation system which is said to be able to dislodge dirt and makeup and cleanse it off thoroughly. Moreover, the strength at low-speed is much stronger so i feel it gives my skin a powerful and super deep cleanse! Moreover, my MIA 2 comes with a timer which is set at 1 minute so that i don’t have to keep track on how long to cleanse my face. The recommended timing will be 20 seconds for forehead, 20 seconds for nose / chin and 10 second for each side of the cheek. During the recommended time interval, the device will also gives a buzz so that you know it’s time to move on to another part of the face. Really cool!

Clarisonic – Sensitive Brush head

Olay – Only 1 type of brush head

To conclude, both devices will cleanse your skin but i won’t deny that Clarisonic will give a better cleansing result due to the sonic oscillating motion. The sonic oscillating motion really does wonders in preventing congestion on my ‘high oil secretion’ skin! Moreover the timer will advise you according on how long to cleanse your skin so that you won’t over / under cleanse… But if you are not willing to spend so much, Olay’s Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System will be value for $$ to cleanse, exfoliate and to massage your skin.

Ending the post with a picture of the eye-candies spotted at the Olay’s event. 🙂

Have a great rest over the weekends everyone! 😀

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