(Event) Introduction to the world of BIONIKE!

Hello everyone, i’m back with an update on a branding event which i have attended few months back @ The Chameleon Club Lounge, 22 Dempsey..  Way overdue i know 😡 but better late than never.. 🙂

Bionike is founded by ICIM International (an Italian company) during the 1930s as a pharmaceutical business.  The brand was created by Loris Agostinini, a brilliant entrepreneur and pharmacist who, in the ‘60s, realised how useful cosmetics could be for the dermatologist.  BIONIKE is available in over 20 countries and becoming ever more popular in Italy.

Bionike – “BIO”= LIFE “NIKE”= VICTORY and the brand believes in  healthy skin is a beautiful skin. Beauty intended as caring for ourselves, our HEALTH and our WELL-BEING.  BioNike specialises in the research, formulation, production and marketing of dermocosmetics for sensitive, allergic and reactive skin, ideal for both treating and preventing skin conditions.

BIONIKE’S products are formulated using the latest active ingredients and it is Nickel tested (nickel in traces lower than 0.00001%), Preservative freeFragrance free and Gluten free. Products are all tested in vitro on a model replicating features and reactions of human skin clinically under medical control scientific research, innovation and high quality standards.

As mentioned earlier, BIONIKE‘s products are developed with allergen-free philosophy for the treatment of sensitive, allergic and hyperreactive skin.


Preservatives are widely used in food and consumer products which are among the main causes of allergic reactions. The European Regulations on cosmetic products limits their use, establishing the maximum concentrations over which they cannot be used. All products of the BIONIKE’s Triderm, Defence, Shine On and Proxera ranges are therefore formulated without preservatives.


There is a lot of literature showing that perfume is a primary allergen for ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis). The cosmetic legislation, in order to enhance end-user safety, has identified a number of potentially allergenic ingredients commonly found in perfumes, which now the law requires to be printed on the product label. Triderm, Defence and Proxera ranges do not contain perfume at all to avoid the risk of potential allergies. Only in a few cases does Bionike include a perfume in its products. In this latter case, the perfume included is a new generation fragrance that will always be free of those aforesaid perfume allergen.


Recent scientific studies have shown that the application of cosmetic formulations containing gluten and gluten components may cause skin alterations, especially in allergy-prone, sensitive skin subjects. All raw materials used in Bionike’s Triderm, Defence, Shine On, Proxera and ONails products are therefore carefully selected to exclude any gluten source.


Even residual nickel content can, especially in allergy-prone individuals, lead to allergic reactions or sensitisation. Thus each production batch is analyzed to ensure a nickel content lower than 0.00001%. All products in the Triderm, Defence, Shine On, Proxera and ONails ranges guarantee a level of nickel reduced to 0.00001%, that is 10 times lower than the lowest reaction threshold identified in the literature, while each product of the Defence Color make-up lines is developed to ensure that, not only nickel, but also chromium and cobalt are not released onto skin by the cosmetic matrix. To achieve this objective, each production batch undergoes rigorous laboratory tests.

Under the BioNike brand, ICIM markets a comprehensive range of lines to offer all possible cosmetic solutions to customers. These lines are supported extensively by doctors, who prescribe them to their patients. In Singapore, here are some of the different product lines available to consumers.


A range of treatment and cleansing products for treatment for seborrheic, acne-prone skin. This range will normalise sebum production and control the thickening of the stratum corneum, skin’s outermost layer. With soothing, redness-reducing ingredients, anti-bacterial agents and the use of mattifying substance, it helps to control bacterial growth, attenuate skin oiliness and therefore limit the development of acne.

Products in the Acteen line includes:

1) Acteen –Rebalancing Cleansing Water

Soft water-foam for the daily, gentle cleansing of seborrheic, acne-prone skin. Staying gentle on skin, it effectively cleanses skin and soothe inflammation and kills bacteria.

2) Acteen – Purifying Cleansing Gel

Rinse-off, foaming gel for skin-purifiying and deep cleansing of oily, impure, pre-acneic skin. The cleansing gel has natural jojoba beads and non-aggressive surfactants to effectively clean skin without irritation.

3) Acteen – Hydramat Sebum – Normalising Cream

The cream has a special microporous texture which absorbs excess sebum and effectively regulates skin, purify it while mattifying it.

4) Acteen – Quick Pen Anti-imperfection

Intensive local treatment to help to get rid off skin blemishes more rapidly.

5) Acnet Crema

This treatment cream for the topical treatment of light to moderate acne performs a sebum normalising, keratolytic action to prevent the formation of pustules and local inflammation conditions. It also facilitates the elimination of comedones and cleansing of the sebaceous follicles.

DEFENCE line includes all facial and body cosmetic treatments developed for the protection, defence and beauty of skin, suiting even very sensitive skin.

BioNike’s solution for dark spots is Defence BLucent, an effective multi-active strategy to achieve even and radiant skin. The range contains a combination of a number of ingredients that work on different levels of  melanin formation process and promotes natural cell renewal process. The combination of specially selected ingredients will counter melanin production, prevents the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to the surrounding skin cells, fade dark spots and stimulate cell turnover.

Products in the Defence BLucent line includes:

1) Preparation – Defence B-Lucent Day Peeling

Creamy, rinse-off cleanser that removes impurities, gently exfoliate skin to provide immediate freshness and radiance. The special formulation is based on polyhydroxy acids, effective in modulating the keratinisation process, favouring cell turnover and providing hydration.

2) Intensive treatment – Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate

Provides radiance and reduces dark spots with regular use. It contains a special blend of active ingredients to work on melanin production, countering the onset of hyperpigmentation. It also has SPF 15 s to even out the complexion and protects the skin from daily sun exposure.

3) Defence B-Lucent Roll-on Focus

Local, intensive, treatment that favours a more rapid attenuation of dark spots. The special ingredients included achieve a double effect to provide an immediate exfoliating action and attenuate melanin production.

5) Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hands Cream SPF20

Richly textured, yet easily absorbed, protects skin and immediately makes it softer. Daily use helps to reduce the number and extension of dark spots and prevents their formation, also thanks to the sun filter included (SPF20).

Defence Tolerance is BioNike’s solution for very sensitive and reactive skin. Formulations include a low number of carefully selected ingredients which will reduce skin redness and irritation, protects it from oxidative stress, countering free radicals and promotes skin repair mechanisms.

Products in the Defence Tolerance  line includes:

1) Defence Tolerance Soothing Droplets

Highly tolerable formulation enriched with panthenol, which has skin repairing properties, and calendula distilled water, which soothes skin and counters redness. A must-have product which can be used when needed to provide instant relief to skin.

2) Defence Tolerance – Essential Cleansing Water

Based on a formulation that includes very few ingredients, it is ideal for cleansing delicate and very sensitive skin.
Having no aggressive surfactants, it preserves the hydrolipid skin barrier and helps to prevent skin redness and cracking.

3) Defence Tolerance 100 – Protective and reinforcing bace cream

Soft cream based on carefully selected ingredients, developed to protect sensitive/hypersensitive skin and actively prevent skin dryness. The light texture makes it ideal as a base for make-up and also recommended to prepare skin before aesthetic treatments.

4) Defence Tolerance 200 – Ultra-protective and reinforcing bace cream

Highly tolerable, polifunctional, daily treatment that provides strong protection and reinforcement to the natural defences of sensitive/hypersensitive skin. Also recommended as a base for makeup, nourishes and repairs skin.

For people who needs a solution for their dry skin, the BioNike Defence Hydra5 will be the answer! This product range will be suitable for moisturising dehydrated, sensitive, easily irritated skin prone to allegies. At the same time, it will even out and illuminate skin of the face.

Products in the Defence Hydra5  line includes:

1) Illuminating Moisturising Cream SPF15 

Soft-textured, moisturising cream developed to work as a BB cream. It has a light, silky texture that evens out the complexion with a natural veil. Includes special micronised pigments that provide an even effect to skin and hide imperfection.

2) Illuminating Moisturising Cream SPF15

Moisturises, strengthens, energises skin and protects it from free radical damage, helping to prevent early ageing signs. Also includes special soft focus powders enhancing face radiance. Because of its light texture, it can be used as make-up base

3) Intensive Moisturising Fluid 

With a fresh and light texture, this fluid instantly quenches skin’s thirst, providing deep, long-lasting moisturisation and increasing skin’s natural ability to retain water. Hyaluronic acid, included at high concentrations and in 5 active forms, combined with an anti-oxidant phyto-complex, strengthens and energises skin, protecting it from free radical damage and helping to prevent early ageing signs.

4) Multi-active moisturising cream 

Richly textured and nicely melting into skin, this cream moisturises and improves skin’s natural ability to retain water. Skin of the face will immediately feel smoother and softer.

At the event, we also witnessed the launch of BioNike’s latest range – DEFENCE ELIXAGE, a range of treatments to respond to many ever-changing needs of ageing skin.  It has a cutting edge formulation that combines the exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E complex, a true concentrate of energy with a blend of precious emollient ingredients to strongly revitalise skin through an Elixir of Youth effect.


Products in the Defence Elixage line include:

1) Anti-ageing Mask Intense – 50 ml vase

Suitable for all skin types, the ultra-creamy formula enriched with precious dermo-protective oils and exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E. complex will energize and revitalize skin having. Also containing fruit-derived plant extracts, it provides the skin with deep moisturisation and radiance. With regular use, it will comfort skin and make it smoother, firmer, radiant while fine lines are attenuated.

2) Eye-Lip Balm Contour – 15 ml vase

Intensive treatment suitable for ageing skin that appears dull with skin sagging and wrinkles, this 2-in-1 product nourishes the delicate, thin eye and lip contour areas. It provides an immediately perceived filler effect with exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex works on all ageing signs, leaving skin toned and supple.

3) REGENERATING FLUID Elixir – 30 ml bottle

Intensive treatment for all skin types to counter ageing signs. With a silky, skin-embracing texture, it contains high concentrate of vital energy based on Subli-F.A.C.E. – a well-balanced and functional blend of biotechnological active ingredients, stabilized vitamins and potent anti-oxidants, which stimulates the natural production of structural skin components, promotes natural skin regeneration and strengthens its defence mechanisms. Day after day, skin appears smoother and more compact, expression lines are softened and the face is left radiantly alive.

4) Regenerating Cream Satin – 50 ml vase

An Intensive anti-ageing treatment suiting normal and combination skin, this cream has an ultra-sensorial, light and satin texture. With Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex, biotechnologically developed polysaccharides with vitamin factors and potent plant antioxidant agents to provide a triple anti-ageing effect: promote skin’s natural regeneration mechanism, enhance repair processes and counter damage from free radicals. Skin is left toned, smoother, radiantly alive and appears as regenerated, wrinkles are softened and facial features are more defined.

5) Nutri-regenerating Cream Velours – 50 ml vase

ideal for dry skin, this rich and velvety texture anti-ageing intensive treatment cream will enhance skin’s regeneration, self-repair ability and counters damage from free radicals. The formula is based on the exclusive complex Subli-F.A.C.E., biotechnological active ingredients, a concentrate of skin-strengthening vitamin factors, plant antioxidants and lipid ingredients to provide instant and long-lasting comfort even to very dry and aged skin. Skin is left smooth, toned and radiant and appears as regenerated: wrinkles are softened and facial features are more defined.

BIONIKE’s products are available exclusively at The Spa-Lon and selected Guardian outlets

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions & information are extracted from BioNike’s website / Presskit

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