Unlock your dreams with VDL – Introduction, swatches, review and more!

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that VDL (Violet Dream Luminous) from Korea has reached our shore in June. Founded in 2012, VDL is an international cosmetic brand developed by The Color Lab of LG Household & Health Care. In the nutshell, VDL is a professional make-up brand that is dedicated in helping women stay beautiful while they achieve their dreams . VDL’s flagship store has opened at Suntec City with different product ranges like cosmetics, fragrance and body care!

Since the brand’s philosophy is targeted towards guiding women in actualizing and living their colorful dream, VDL provides makeup products that will enhance one’s beauty and confidence by presenting endless variations of colors through collaboration with world renowned makeup artisits, designers and celebrities. As such, its wide product ranges are injected with vast, vibrant colors, delicate texture and unique scents to bring you a new beauty discovery experience.

V for Violet: A color that represents sensuous desires, liveliness & a touch of mystery

D for Dreams: Representation of women’s desires

L for Luminous: The incandescent desires, dreams & the journey of achieving them

Besides collaboration, VDL also draws inspirations from women of different cultures, latest technology and latest trends to create  products that will help women create an alluring look and enhance her beauty.

So what exactly will VDL’s makeup, fragrance and skincare do for you?

The skincare line will brighten up skin leaving it clear, healthy and firm. The makeup series encompasses the notion of vibrant colors on the eyes, lips, cheek and nails. The fragrance line has unique and mood lifting scents. Together with bright, glowing skin with vast range of makeup and fragrances, this combination is dynamic and each individual will have the strength and enthusiasm to achieve their dreams.

Come on, let me bring you on a journey through VDL‘s different product ranges.

Firstly, the Signature Expert Line embraces sophistication in taste while bringing professional results in setting foundation for further layering. This line contains Lumilayer technology – a revolutionary violet light energy which gives VDL products dazzling colors while looking sheer and natural. Together with other VDL innovation, this product line will deliver light and luminescent results whereby colors can be layered on and mixed for endless combination.

Next, the Brightening Line (consists of skincare and base makeup products) will add on dimension and ‘life’ to your dull complexion! With LG’s patented brightening ingredient – snow rose & mulberry extract, the products in this line will create 3-dimensional brightening by providing omni-directional brightening care on the inside and outside of the skin.

For the makeup lovers, the Festival Line (VDL’s main color variety line) will wow you with its high color pay off products for the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails! This line carries on the spirit of VDL as it emphasizes on celebration and life!

Furthermore, the Festival Love Mark series will bring about a fun and experience as the VDL team has combined products with a thematic approach and together it forms a theme – Love. This theme creates a single-pattern make up look which can be completed through a story. The series consists of 3 product categories – Festival Lipstick Love Mark, Festival Mineral Eyes Love Mark and Festival Mineral Blusher Love Mark. Each product can be combined to form a unique dream story of your own:

Series One (Dream Combination)

# First Met – Mineral Blusher, # Justin – Lipstick, # Cafe Terrace – Eyes (First met Justin at the Cafe Terrace)

Series Two (Sexy Combination)

# Back Hug – Mineral Blusher, # Adam – Lipstick, # Club E – Eyes (Back Hug Adam at the Club E)

Series Three (Sweet Combination)

# French Kiss – Mineral Blusher, # Channing – Lipstick, # Central Park – Eyes (French Kiss Channing at the Central Park)

For those on the go, the Ready Action! Portable Mini-Sized items will bring you lots of convenient. Since the products are so compact in size, you can now achieve quick, easy and functional makeup without having to compromise your dreams.

For ladies who love Korean Ulzzang gradient lips, the Tint Bar – Lip-Stain Exclusive Line will help you achieve the look effortlessly. The Tint bar will give you subtle bitten lips look with its 3 color tones and gradient! Inspired by vacation experience, the tint bar are specially designed to deliver refreshing fruity sentiments (Through scent, color and packaging).

From L to R

The Eye Bomb – Eye Makeup exclusive line features eye makeup that creates deep, powerful and intense looking eyes. Set to add definition and explosive depth to the eyes. this line offers a range of ultimate eye-opening weapons.

(Top) Eye Bomb mascara creates the most explosive eye lashes with volume, length (contains fiber) and extreme curls!

(Bottom) VDL Water Bomb Mascara (waterproof) will give lashes lots of volume and a Baby Doll Curling Falsies-Effect.

For a complete makeup look, don’t forget your eyebrows! You don’t wish to appear to be ‘eye-browless’

Some other product ranges are VDL Beauty (Basic skincare products for well-moisturized and balanced skin), Fragrance and Body (3 Exotic themed fragrance body products) and Chocolatier ( Chocolate filled cleansing line)

We got to try some of the products during the event and here are some that caught my attention.

Because i have dull and uneven skin tone, the VDL Brightening Serum will help add radiance, illuminate skin and make it look glowy!

The serum has an iridescent tone which will bring depth and brightens up skin instantly.. The serum has a light texture and it gets absorbed fast without greasy after feel.

Next, i’m not blessed with sharp features so the VDL Lumilayer Primer will help me to prep my skin while defines and contours the face before applying any highlighter on.

Upon application, the primer will give skin a nice and radiant pearly glow – Skin comes to life instantly and skin tone look brilliant.

My first encounter with a Lilac tone eye primer! The VDL Festival Eye Primer will enhance the color clarity and the staying power of your eye makeup.

I love how the purple color corrects my yellow undertone and make my skin appears to be brighter.

If you prefer a primer which is transparent and subtle, the VDL satin Veil primer will give you smooth Glassy skin (like wearing a veil). With Soft Veil polymers, it helps to correct imperfect skin while prep-ing it so that makeup stays on longer.

This primer left my skin really smooth and silky!!!

Concealer concealer, i have a love-hate relationship with them.. It is something which i need before i can head out and face the world. But it is something which might clog my easily congested pores!

(Top) The VDL Brightening Tone Concealer SPF 35/PA++ is a skin-solutional concealer that effectively covers dark spots and even out skin tone. As it is cream-based, it will be good if you need some ‘heavy concealing’

(Bottom) The VDL Master Skin Concealer has medium coverage and it is good to conceal small blemishes and dark spots. Rather keen to give this a try as the fluid texture feels light on skin.

How can i forget the VDL Festival Eye Shadow in a variety of eye-catching colors and sensual textures for the boldest eyes.

Moreover, it is said to be really long-lasting without smudging or budging as it has a duo system – 

Dual Facade Powder: Two-sided powder made up of a sliding side that combines with light and a friction side that combines with skin.

MAG-NET fitting system : This is a technology that binds the Dual Façade Powders together to boost lasting power.

Swatches – Anticlockwise Direction

The VDL team has also arranged for a make up demo by friendly and talented and Mr Clarence Lee! Together with his really tall and beautiful make up model – Sofia Wakabayashi, we were given a step by step guide on how VDL products can help to achieve a natural and radiant look.

Was given 6 VDL products to try at the end of the event and i’ll be sharing more on the products. 🙂

Festival Mineral Blusher – Love Mark (Back Hug)
Festival Lip Stick – Love Mark (Cruz)
Festival Mineral Eye – Love Mark (Club E)
Eye Bomb Mascara
Pen Liner (Ready Action)
Tint Bar – Triple Pink 

1) VDL Festival Mineral Blusher – Love Mark (Back Hug)

The blusher from VDL features a baked two-color highlighter and blush which will give cheeks a color and shimmer. As the blusher is ‘baked’, it underwent purification so the formula will be light and airy on skin.  It contains Complex Net Fitting Powder & Skin Fitting Binder so that the pigments will attach to the skin evenly for a clean, rosy and long-lasting look.

Back Hug gave me natural rosy cheeks completed with a nice pearly glow.  The pigments are highly pigmented and with just one swipe, you will be able to see a nice shimmery rosy tone on your cheeks. If you wish to do some highlighting, the lighter tone can be used as a highlighter to define your features. What i like about this blusher is that it lasts on my oily skin (wore it out during an event and after 6 hours, the blusher is still there!).. Compared it with my Sleek Blusher, the VDL mineral blusher wins it hands down! Since the powder are really fine, it does not clog my easily congested skin.

2) VDL Festival Lip Stick – Love Mark (Cruz)

VDL’s lip stick contains high-pigment with magnet-like adhesion for the longest lasting wear. It glides on smoothly with its dual-facade powder formula to provide long-lasting staying power! House in Magnetic Auto-Closing Case, the lip stick has a variety of vibrant shades, excellent and vivid color payoff.

Cruz is really creamy and easy to apply as it simply just glide on my lips.. The color payout is excellent and the lip stick isn’t drying on my lips… The lip stick has a nice scent completed with a cool magetic auto closing cap! Only rant this that the lip stick does’t give my lips a matt look as claimed. 😦

3) VDL Festival Mineral Eye – Love Mark (Club E)

Using the Oven-baked methods to achieve glossy colors with pearly effect, VDL mineral eyeshadow are pure + light in feel and available in deep, dewy, iridescent colors! Containing Dual Façade Powder which reflects light in a radiant way; the other textured side, adheres for strong staying power and vibrant color without smudging or fading.

This mineral eye shadow is really amazing! Not only that it is crazily pigmented, but the powder is so fine and it leaves behind a  iridescent tone with shimmers! So pretty! IMO, this is even better than my HG UD eyeshadow! *Swoon

VDL Eye Bomb Mascara

The Eye Bomb mascara creates the most explosive eye lashes with 3 effects – Volume, Length and Curls!

1) It contains melted blending wax which helps coats the lashes evenly for more volume
2) It contains cottony light fibers to extend the length of lashes
3) The firm and light jelly formula cushions and makes for the best extreme curling
4) It contains oxygenated water for a light, yet long-lasting effect that treats lashes while it beautifies. Mega-Oxygen Technology also means no more smearing or fading.

The Eye Bomb has a ‘Boosting Brush’ which will help to boost volume, length and promotes curls. Will try this out soon as i’m currently reviewing other mascaras.

VDL Ready Action Pen Liner

This easy-to-use water / sweat resistant pen eyeliner creates long-lasting,  clean, distinct eye lines and stays affixes to eyelid for a long period of time. Despite being long-lasting, it has a washable type formula that easily erases with warm water.

I was given the eyeliner with a soft and flexible sponge pen. The eyeliner is able to create mega black and precise lines! The pigments are dispensed evenly with just a light pressure so application is a breeze.. However, the formula don’t seem to last on my oily eyelids and after about 2 hours, i have to wipe off smudges on my under-eyes. 😦 If you prefer an eyeliner that will help you create very fine lines, the Ready Action Pen Liner also comes in Soft brush version.

VDL Tint Bar – Triple Pink

A product exclusive to VDL, the Tint Bar is a 3-in-1 product that acts as a tint, lip-balm and base. This innovative triple-colored tint coats, treats and colors lips for a bright and voluminous look with just 1 coat! It is enriched with conditioning Royal Jelly extract, and will ends color into your lips for a natural, gradient stain effect as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping. As a base, it prevents feathering and creates a smooth, even purer, lasting color effect..

This has to be my favorite product among all! The Triple Pink Tint Bar gave me moisturized, healthy-looking, pretty milky colored pinkish lips without being too glossy / Greasy / Waxy! Period!

There’s 2 ways to use the Tint Bar:

If you like Voluminous Gradient Lips, just place the Base color on the outer lip line and Main Color on the inner lip then glide it once sideways. If you like milky colored lips (like me), just place all three sections of the lipstick vertically on the lips then slide it sideways to mix the colors up.

Ending the post with a LOTD whereby i have applied the VDL Tint Bar and Pen Liner as part of my make up.

Do check out VDL Face Book page and follow them on Twitter : @ VDL_sg for latest update and on-going promotions.

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