(Event) Forever 21’s Back to School 2013 collection | ZA Impact Full Eyes Range | ZA Perfect Action Mascara

Was invited to a private and fun party at the Forever 21 Orchard Xchange Store few weeks back. Forever 21, American-based fashion retailer, together with Japanese hottest cosmetic brand, ZA has collaborates to show-cast their latest range – Forever 21’s Back to School 2013: Undeclared!’ collection and ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range.


Photo from Forever 21 Singapore FB page

First up, the ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range is developed to allow easy application of eyeshadow to create different looks with just a single palette. This new range features a quad palette with for colors for variety (colors are carefully chosen for easy mix and match) and the pigments are highly blend-ability for easy usage. If you are not very confident with the application of eyeshadow ,not to worry as the new ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range will make it easy for you.

The pigments of the ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range are highly blendable + easy to use as it contains the new pigment technology that will give your eyelids the exact brilliance and brightness as what you see on the palette (true colors). The eyeshadow is so user-friendly as it also contains highlighting Pearls which will shine well on concave surfaces to make eyes brighter and wider at the same time. Lastly, the silky textured pigments will be long-lasting on the eyelids as it is sebum resistant so you can save the hassle of reapplying it from time to time.

The ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range comes in 2 types of Palettes – Impact Full Eyes Gradation and Impact Full Eyes Groovy (both comes with 4 different color combinations)

Impact Full Eyes Gradation – A combination of similar tones in the palette for easy and effortless blending. The pigments are pearly in texture and extremely fine to help achieve the highly adored wide eyes look.

Impact Full Eyes Groovy – The colors in the palette will allow you to create an endless variety of expressions whereby each palette comes with an accent color for that additional OOMPH factor.

Come on! Let me brief you on how you can mix and match the different eyeshadow with different outfits!

Impact Full Eyes Gradation’s collection:

If you are wearing something classic and versatile (like your little black dress & a classic leather bag), the Impact Full Eyes Gradation in Leather Bag (BR 261) will complement it perfectly with its peach / brown hues. You will never get into trouble with the fashion police in this combination.

If you are ‘dressing down’, you can use your eyes as a ‘simple jewelry’ to glam up your outfit. The Amethyst Ring (V1381) comes with beautiful purple tones that flatter Asian skin tones and gives off a glamour feel.

My Best Jacket (BR 751) – Pair this eyeshadow with your leather jacket for a chic and ‘rock-star’ feel! The blend of neutrals and Browns will make you look stylish and polished!

Heading to a pool party? Go alternative without showing too much with a Pink Camisole (PK271) by the pool. Let your eyelids glitters and glow with the shades of pink of this Palette!

Impact Full Eyes Groovy’s collection:

Sweet like candy! It’s okay to go bold and experiment with clothing in different colors! Add a fun and flirty twist with Impact Full Eyes Groovy in Cotton Candy‘s (BL73) fun and bright colors with glitters

Going Bohemian- Feather hat, flowy green dress, leather bag and ankle shoes? Get updated with a slight edge to the traditional bohemian style with the Impact Full Eyes Groovy in Favorite Dress (PK211). Wear pink and yellow shades on your eyelids and you will be ready to go!

Alternatively, you can also enhance your boho outfit with a statement red shell necklace. Complement this with beautiful olive sparkling shadow from Impact Full Eyes Groovy Shell Necklace (GD241). You will exude boho charm in no time!

Wearing a chiffon scarf to keep you warm in cooler weather and add variety to your outfit? Impact Full Eyes Groovy in Chiffon Scarf (V1721) will give more variety on the looks you have in mind. The quad palette has a mix of silver and purple to keep your mood bright and cheery!

Swatches of Impact Full Eye GradationAmethyst Ring (V1381), Best Jacker (BR 751), Leather Bag (BR261) and Pink Camisole (PK271). If you like something with safer colors which gives you a more natural look, then you should check out the Impact Full Eyes Gradation.

Thank you Chantana for modelling! 🙂

Swatches of Impact Full Eye Groovy– Favorite Dress (PK211), Chiffon Scarf (V1721), Cotton Candy (BL731) and Shell Necklace (GD241). On the other hand, The Impact Full Eye Groovy will give you more vibrant and eye-catching colors. This will be good for a stronger night look. 🙂

Thank you Jones for modelling! 🙂

Here’s some guidelines on how you can create a variety of looks using the  ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range!

Following the success of the ZA’s Killer volume Mascara, ZA has introduced another two Mascara made for the busy modern-day women in mind. With 101 tasks to be completed daily and yet we have to ensure that we look good, we will tend to zoom in on products that will shave time off daily routine.

Hence, ZA came out with a multi-tasking mascara that will do double the work with one single wand to cover length, definition and volume. Known as the ZA Perfect Action Mascara, it is available in 2 formulation, Smudge-proof (can be easily removed with warm water) and Waterproof (Super long-lasting).

With the newly launched mascara, it serves as a great multi-tasking product and also works wonders to perk up your eyes.

For those who dislike the process of removing makeup or for people with brittle lashes, ZA Perfect Action Mascara (Smudgeproof) comes with a film type formula that dissolves and slips away from your lashes with just warm water (no tugging is needed!). Before you wash it off, this mascara will length your lashes to give it a falsies effect.

The ZA Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof) is a must have item for the ultimate busy woman. It gives extreme volume to lashes and curls it up without clumping and separate your lashes for well-defined lashes. Beside giving lashes the volume up false lash effect, the mascara is very long-lasting as it won’t smudge, droop or budge even under ‘extreme condition’

The success behind the Perfect Action Mascara lies with its brush and formulation:

Both mascara contains two types of long stretch fibers (long & short) that will give lashes beautiful lengthening effect along the curves of the lashes.

The wand of both mascaras has a wide volume brush with a Flat Top and Tapered Side for volume + separation effect. The flat top (Volume Effect) will ensure that the lashes are coated evenly with the mascara thus giving it maximum volume. The wide brush will also give a snug fit against the width of the eye to cover all the lashes. The tapered side (Separation Effect) has a comb on the sides of the brush to separate the lashes to give it a wonderful wide-eyed look.

To achieve the optimal effect, first use the flat top of the brush and comb it upwards in a zig zag motion to deposit more mascara + fibers (especially to the roots) for voluminious / lengthening effects. Next, use the tapered side of the brush to comb through lashes to separate it for better definition.


Declare Your Style with Forever 21’s Back to School 2013 collection – UNDECLARED

The new collection exhibits the current looks picked up from the latest trends on the streets. With popular themes such as ‘Model Off Duty’ trending the latest mono-chromatic look, ‘Tainted Love’ introducing floral dresses and elements mixing it with a dash of attitude stated by the faux leather vest of Jacket. ‘Grunge Chic’ for the 80’s inspired mixing the denim chambray tops with the olive-colored top, ‘Night Traveller’ for the adventuresome that prefers to mix their looks with tribal ‘Aztec’ prints.


Photo from Forever 21 Singapore FB page

From the Forever 21’s Back to School 2013 collection & ZA’s ‘Impact Full Eyes’ Range, here are some looks you can re-create.

BE the ‘IT’ girl with a mono-chromatic dress paired with a Chic Leather Vest. Complete your look with a blend of neutrals and browns to look polished and chic! Recommended eyeshadow to pair up this outfit will be the Impact Full Eyes Graduation in my Best Jacket & Impact Full Eyes Graduation in Leather Bag. 

IT girl with the IT factor!

Rock the ‘Safari-trend’ and layer on with these Forever 21 pieces for a mysterious and wild look! With this style, it is recommended to have on a natural, Bohemian style makeup. Use an eyeshadow with brown and neutral tones like the Impact Full Eyes Groovy Shell Necklace.

Safari trend! Roar!

To complement Forever 21’s Tainted Love range – floral dresses +  faux leather vest of Jacket with a dash of attitude + Feminine element, ZA’s impact Full Eyes Groovy In Chiffon scarf will give you variety depending on the look you wish to achieve. The Quad Palette has a mixed of silver and purple to keep days bright / maintaining a mystery look.

Anyway i just did some treatment to my face (which i will share more about it much later) so i have to avoid putting on sunblock and makeup on my face in the meantime (as per instructed by the dermatologist).. Hence, i will try out the eyeshadow and mascara soon.

Here’s a sneak preview of the items that i have brought home – ZA Impact Full Eyes Gradation, Impact Fill Eyes Groovy, Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof and Smudge-proof), Forever 21 voucher and Forever 21 LED mirror.

Thank you ZA and Forever 21

Once again, i have to feature the innovative and creatively designed press release from ZA! This time, it is in a form of a magazine filled with plenty of tips and of course information of the new products..

Certainty looking forward to try the Perfect Action Mascara and hope it will be as good as ZA’s Killer volume Mascara ! Will let you know how it fares once i have review it!

Glad that i’m given the Pink Camisole (Impact Full Gradation) and Cotton Candy (Impact Full Eyes Groovy) as these 2 eyeshadow are recommended for a pool allure look! I’m heading to Kenting in 2 weeks time and the 2 palette will give me a sweet + sunshine look. 🙂

Thank you ZA cosmetic and Forever 21 🙂


The ZA’s Impact full Eyes Range (Za Impact-Full Eyes Gradation/Za Impact-Full Eyes Groovy) are already available in stores since 22 August 2013 and retailing at $18.90 each. The ZA Perfect Action Mascara (Smudgeproof/Waterproof) are available from 19 September 2013 onwards and retailing at $19.50 each.  ZA products are available exclusively at Watsons.

As for the Forever 21’s Back to School 2013 collection, you can locate the collection at Forever 21 stores:

Orchard Xchange: #B1-01 to 31 Contact: 6887 3603
313@somerset: #01/M-10/#03/04-16 Contact: 66834 4423
Vivo city: #01-73 Contact: 6887 3603

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! 🙂

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