2nd Customized Vanity Trove & VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Exclusive Edition

Hello everyone!  Since i’m in the mood to blog about beauty / lifestyle subscription boxes, let me share more on my 2nd Vanity Trove Box which i have received a few weeks back!

To refresh your memory, Vanity Trove boxes are no longer monthly themed ones! Now, you can ‘DIY’ your own personal Vanity Trove via Vanity Trove’s smart system. Simply, set up your beauty profile, preferences, ‘brand likes’, ‘product likes’ and ‘wish list products’ at Vanity Trove’s website. After which, the system will generate a list of recommended samples selections based on  your personal unique product needs.. From the list of beauty samples selections, you can choose up to 6 items!

For my 2nd customized trove, i have chosen 6 products and they range from skincare products, fragrance, cosmetics and food items!

Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel by Jorubi

First up, the Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel is something i have used since my poly days (on & off) to soothes my sensitive + acne prone skin. Contains more than 99% Pure Aloe, this product is God sent for those suffering from oily, sensitive or acne-prone skins. Its anti-inflammatory properties functions as a healing agent and can be used on a variety of skin ailments e.g. ulcers, rashes, sunburn, bruises, insect bites and stretch marks.

This all-in-one, compactly packaged first-aid gel may be liberally applied as often as possible and its benefits are as such:

1) Soothes and moisturizes skin. Particularly for oily acne prone skin
2) Visibly reduces the appearance of redness for sensitive skin
3) Promotes the healing of minor burns, wounds and ulcers
4) Relieves rashes, sunburn, chaffing, abrasions and skin irritation

To read more on my review – click on this LINK

Available at Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Sasa – SGD19.00 (120ml) | SGD10.90 (40ml) | SGD3.50(10ml)

Blumarine ‘Bellissima’ Eau de Parfum by Blumarine

Was really excited to be able to choose a full-sized fragrance (30ml) among all the other product selections. This new scent from the celebrated Italian fashion label comes Bellissima Eau de Parfum and with just a few drops will make you feel instantly more romantic and sensual, simply gorgeous. Comes in a sturdy and compact glass bottle, it makes it convenient for me to bring it out in my makeup pouch for ‘touch’ up.

To read more on my review – click on this LINK

Available at SASA

Indulge yourself while staying guilt free is possible with Slim Secrets snacks! This yummy snack bar comes in a variety of tempting flavours and contains Neopuntia, an antioxidant derived from the Prickly Pear Cactus that reduces fat absorption naturally. With only 123 calories per snack bar, this tasty treats will compliment your health, fitness and weight loss goals with generous protein content that keep one going until the next meal.

if you are often having food craving late at night after dinner, the Slim Secrets Night Time Binge Buster will fill you up without much calories intake! Wheat free, low GI carbohydrates, high in protein and with 3.12g of fibre per bar, this delicious blueberry and raspberry bar (made from real snap frozen fruit and drizzled with smooth white chocolate) will allow you to stay healthy without being hungry through the night.

To read more on my review – click on this LINK

S$3.90 each, Available at Cold Storage, Marketplace, GNC and http://www.esslivstore.com

This is the 2nd sample tube of Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot which i have received from Vanity Trove and it is the best pimple cream/gel that i have come across. Normaderm Hyaluspot will reduces spots and marks and protect skin against further blemishes attack! The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid which creates an invisible and protective film on the surface of the skin to protect the imperfection. The clean & fresh gel-like texture is non sticky and forms an invisible protective barrier over the imperfection. It also contains antibacterial technology [salicylic acid + LHA]* to help fight the appearance of spots.

To read more on my review – click on this LINK

15ml – $29.90

Enavose BUNDLE SET- Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser & Alpine Edelweiss Dew

For my skincare needs, i have also chosen the Enavose BUNDLE SET which consists of a sample sized foam cleanser and Dew.

At Enavose, the brand strongly believes that essence of beauty is embodied by wellbeing and good health. Hence,  the brand develops skincare and nutricosmeceuticals to be as natural but as enduring in its effect as possible. Enavose improves, not intervenes. The brand advocate wellness and health as the source of naturally beautiful skin.  To Enavose, the term “natural ingredient” means only the most efficacious part of the ingredient, extracted and augmented via technology, capturing its living essence.

Enavose is available at Suntec Enavose Concept Store, Suntec City Tower 3, #02-079/081 & Tangs Vivocity Enavose Beauty Counter, Level One Beauty Hall

Alpine Edelweiss Dew

The Edelweiss flower is well-known for its potent age-delaying, bacteria-resistant and soothing benefits. The Alpine Edelweiss Dew contains the essential dew of Alpine-sourced organic Edelweiss flower with a carefully blended formula to intensely revitalise, rehydrate and refresh the skin. The toner will allows skin to regain energy with high antioxidant protection and collagen synthesis support. With every use, a constant supply of moisture is channelled to dry areas of skin for optimal suppleness.

Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser

Regarded as an Alpine treasure in Switzerland, the Edelweiss flower is cherished for its potent antioxidant, skin protection, soothing and bacteria-resistant properties. The precious extracts of alpine-sourced organic Edelweiss in this calming cleanser cleanse the skin in a multitude of nourishing and age-delaying benefits. A liberating burst of freshness captivates skin as the foam lifts dirt and impurities away while keeping skin’s natural protective barrier intact. Hints of cucumber extract replenish and balance the moisture equilibrium, enhancing skin’s smoothness and suppleness.

Although this is stated as a sample sized product, it looks like a full-sized item instead! The Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Palette has a nourishing, smooth texture and it contains Pearl Powder to creates a shimmery and translucent lip finish. Upon application, it also soothes and diminishes fine lines of lips, protects the skin from UV damage.

Other Ingredients include:

1) Jojoba Seed Oil –  Moisturizing, nourishing and soften your lips
2) Mica – Reflect light; translucent and smooth finish

To read more on my review – click on this LINK

Bonus item from Vanity Trove! The Huiji Fruity Lite is an all natural digestive drink specially manufactured through advanced scientific methods and made from all natural ingredients like high-grade hawthorn fruit, plum and honey. It helps that to clear excess oil, maintain freshness of your breath and each drink also contains added vitamin C and xylitol and helps cleanse and promote a healthy digestive system.

‘According to medical journals, hawthorn fruit can help digestion, reduce lipid levels in the body, reduce bad breath and improve blood circulation. Based on evidence provided by clinical trials it has been confirmed that many of the active constituents found in hawthorn exhibit potent antioxidant properties, which helps you cleanse your system and regulate bowel movements’

Huiji Fruity Lite is able to dissolve well in both hot and cold water.. It tasted like sweeter version of ice lemon tea and i prefer to drink it cold as it is really refreshing after a heavy meal! Not sure as it aids in my digestive process so i cannot comment much!

Available at NTUC FairPrice, Watsons, Guardian, OG, Sheng Siong, Unity, and leading medical halls at $6.90 per box

Before i go, would like to share that from now till 16 Sep 2013, Vanity Trove will be running a promotion for 50% off VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Exclusive Edition with purchase of a 3 months VanityTrove membership subscription.

To enjoy the special offer, just purchase 3-month VanityTrove Membership ($75) via this Link and VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Exclusive Edition (usual price $30) via this LINK 

Remember to enter code VTCosmo13 upon checkout so that you can enjoy both at $90.


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