All about Theraclear Acne Therapy and More on the 1st & 2nd Session!

As mentioned in my earlier post, i’m suspecting that my recent bad jawline breakout is due to hormonal imbalance + TCM (chinese medication)… The ‘heatiness’ of the medication has also led to big acne forming on the sides of my face, my cheeks & temples *FML!! I have taken actions trying to reduce the breakouts (like drinking more water, deep cleanse, using products meant for acne-prone skin and exfoliate / usage of deep purifying mask more often) but the results are unsatisfactory!! To make things worse, my sensitive skin started peeling due to some of the products and some areas were feeling raw + dry + itchy!!

I know the condition is bad so please don’t judge me 😦

My morale is low and i’m feeling very down because of this! How i wish that there will be a fast solution to treat my skin issues.. I do not wish to go back to medications and harsh creams due to the side effects! Moreover, i’m TTC-ing so i don’t wish to  risk anything!

Every cloud has a silver lining and i was invited by Innomed Asia (together with CozyCot) to review the Theraclear Acne Therapy. Innomed Asia is a distributor for American & European medical equipments for beauty & aesthetics industry headquartered in Singapore with presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Innomed offers a wide range of technologically advanced lasers, pulsed-light, radio-frequency, acoustic waves, skin analysis & imaging, weight-management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems and professional skin care products.

TheraClear is Innomed’s latest breakthrough Acne Therapy innovation which combines the Dual Power of Vacuum and Light Treatment for treating / controlling acne skin conditions. With Immediate Results (FDA cleared for most types of mild to severe acne), it helps to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne including acne vulgaris, Comedonal acne and Pustular acne. After the treatment, you will expect to see visible improvement within 24 – 48 hours post treatment.. Treatment will only take about 10 minutes and is painless!


Photo from Innomed’s FB

My referral media – Innomed & Cozycot has arranged for me to experience the Theraclear Acne Therapy to be administered by Dr. Janice Khoo over at Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery. Located at 10 Sinaran Drive, the Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery is located on the 11th floor (unit no 06) of Novena Medical Centre Square 2 (Postal code 307506). Located near to town, Novena Medical Centre is connected to Novena MRT station and it is highly accessible by both MRT & buses.

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday and Public holidays: Closed

Tel: 63382740

Upon stepping into the clinic, i was greeted warmly and welcomed by Diana (the clinic assistant) who assisted me in the registration process. Registration was done fast (despite the clinic being crowded on a Saturday) and i was told to fill up my particulars + medical history. Do take note to book an appointment before coming down to make sure that you won’t have to wait too long for your turn (especially on Saturday).

Registration counter

Atmosphere of the Clinic

The size of the clinic is on the small side but it is so clean and tidy! Upon stepping in, there’s a spa / resort feel and the clinic atmosphere is warm, pleasant and relaxed.  No tense and stress atmosphere which associates with most medical clinic and dental clinic, Yay! The warm, cozy and bright lights puts me at ease even further. The Balinese style furnishing and decoration gave the place a lush, resort and relaxing look. Love the ratten chairs @ the waiting area especially!! If you are bored during waiting, there’s books and magazines to keep you entertained.

The waiting area

The waiting area

Treatment and Doctor’s Room

On your first appointment, a detailed skin analysis will be done by the clinic assistant using the Visia Skin complexion analysis machine.

Visia uses multi-spectral imaging and analysis to capture and reveal key visual information on and beneath the surface of the skin that is not visible to the human eye. Evaluation of the health and appearance for six areas affecting complexion health and appearance (Wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores) and UV spots (photo-damaging from overexposure of skin)) will be done on the side + front profile of your face.

Skin Analysis before Consultation and Treatment!

Through the VISIA complexion analysis, your own skin analysis’ result will also be compared to other women of the same age and ethnicity. Both the detailed description of your skin analysis and informative comparison enables the dermatologist to gain additional insight about your skin to present the optimal treatments and regimens best for you.

The skin analysis revealed that my skin was in a poor state – With obvious wrinkles, pores, skin unevenness and redness! Worst of all, the % of sun damage (UV spots) is relatively high and i must take more effort to protect my skin (by reapplying sunblock from time to time, which i don’t adhere by) against the harmful UV rays..

After the skin analysis, i met up with Dr Janice Khoo for pre-treatment consultation and assessment..  Told her more about my  lifestyle, skin history, skin issue and condition so that she can recommend appropriate procedures for me. After taking a look at my skin and skin analysis, she told me that the main trigger points for my acne condition are due to sensitive skin (made worse by consuming oral medication in the past), high sebum production (excess sebum and dead skin clogging pores) and squeezing of pimples (pushing the bacteria deeper into skin causing it to spread + skin scarring). To control my skin imperfections without any form of harsh medication / creams, 3-4 sessions of the Theraclear Acne Therapy will be needed to deep cleanses pores by extracting sebaceous material inside and ending with broadband light to reduce oil production and kill bacteria.

Also told her that i am currently TTC-ing but she reassured me that the Theraclear Acne Therapy is safe for all, gentle and it will be good for those with persistent  stubborn acne conditions. Just what i need to target all the trigger points!

About Theraclear Acne Therapy Machine & Technology

As mentioned earlier, the Theraclear Acne Therapy machine makes use of advanced vacuum and broadband light to keep pores clean and to control acne skin condition.

Theraclear Acne Therapy is the latest innovative technology that treats multiple causes of acne in one single treatment. It provide instant results in reducing acne bacteria,  hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores. With the recommended sessions (4-5 sessions for most), the treatment will reduce redness in surrounding lesion, drying + flattening of lesions, reduction in skin oiliness and visible reduction in pore size.

Benefits of Theraclear Acne Therapy include:

1) No pain; No downtime
2) Fast 10 minute treatment
3) Noticeable visible improvement after 1st treatment (within 24-48 hours post treatment)
4) Effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, commodenal and pustular acne.
5) Requires no pre-treatment gels or anesthetics
6) Personal treatment insert maintains hygiene & reduces risk of cross contamination
7) The unique skin cooling system keeps skin comfortable
8) FDA approved to treat all skin types including darker skinned patients.

Different intensity – vacuum and broadband light

Theraclear hand piece

Compared to other forms of medication and treatments, Theraclear Acne Therapy is able to improve skin condition without any side effects. It will be highly recommended for people who wants:

– Faster & Immediate response for acne, oily or large pores skin condition
– Antibiotic resistant patients
– Non-responders to other therapies
– Effective yet painless treatment process
– Choose to avoid systemic treatments for acne such as oral antibiotics (and its side effects)
– Patients who have antibiotics concerns
– Women with hormonally induced acne who choose to avoid the systemic treatments


During the Theraclear Acne Therapy, the ‘shots’ administered consists of 2 actions:

Vacuum: Deep cleanses the pore by extracting the buildup of sebaceous material.

Broadband Light: Along with targeting heating of the dermis, the endogenous effect of light activates porphryns to destroy P. acnes and reduces sebum production.

The Theraclear hand piece will be first placed on skin and skin will be drawn into treatment tip. ‘Cleansing’ will begin and acne causing impurities will be extracted. Next, concentrated lights will treat the skin and destroys acne causing bacteria. The lights will also calm inflammation and reduce acne causing oil production.


Photo from Innomed’s FB

The Process

Over the phone, Diana told me not to apply anything on my skin prior the treatment.. Hence, if you are wearing makeup, you will have to remove it before the treatment. Till date, Dr Janice has adminstered 2 treatments on me in a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment!

As i have clogged pores, acne, pimples and excess sebum secretion all over my face, Dr Janice has to administer the ‘shots’  all over my face. A total of 88 PAIN-FREE shots are done during each treatment session and there’s basically no down time.

P/S: Do note that i have thin and sensitive skin. Just merely pressing it and washing it will cause redness. WIll be showing you the pictures from the first treatment session. 🙂

To begin the treatment, i have to first cleanse my skin while Dr Janice will clean the Theraclear Hand Piece. Once ready, the Hand Piece will be positioned to make full contact with treatment area.

After which, there will be a suction force and the cleansing process will begin.  Deep cleansing of pores will begin by extracting build up of sebaceous material. Sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria will be extracted from deep within the pores.


Suction and Vacuum!

Once deep cleansing is done and extraction of excess sebaceous material is done, treating commences.  Broadband light will be emitted from the hand piece and along with targeting heating of the dermis, light activates porphryns to destroy P. acnes, acne causing bacteria and reduces sebum production.

All i felt during this process was just mild heating sensation with no pain! The above steps will be repeated on all parts of the face and the whole treatment process only took 10-15 minutes.

After Theraclear Acne Therapy, Diana cleaned the oil / excessive sebum / Dead-skin ‘vacuumed’ from my skin using a sonic cleansing tool.. See the amount of JUNK removed!! 

Impurities and excess sebum built up!

Dead skin!

Oil seeds!

Post treatment feelings after the first two treatments:

General feeling during the treatment and after treatment: 

During the treatment, all i felt was Dr Janice pressing down on my skin gently with the hand piece then followed by a mild suction force and heat sensation… Once the machine gave off a ‘beep’ sound, Dr Janice moved on to another area and the same procedure follows. There wasn’t any form of pain and discomfort at all so no anesthetics or gel were needed… Per session, about 88 shots were being administered and the whole therapy took 10 minutes.. After which, cleansing using the sonic tool would take about 5 minutes and you would be ready to go…

I would say that the Theraclear Acne Therapy can be deemed as a ‘lunch-time procedure’ – meaning that it will be done within 15 minutes, you can return to office, resume work and no one will know that you did something to your face.. 😡 Since there’s no pain and no harshness, downtime is ZERO and it is safe on all skin types!

In fact, my skin appears to be calmer straight after the 2nd treatment.. 1st benefit from the therapy will be calmer skin, less redness and more even skin texture.

Secondly, i realized that the amount of oil secretion has reduced by at least 30%.. Normally at the end of the day, my skin will feel very heavy and appears to be very greasy.. My hubby will always be nagging at me to wash my face as it looks really oily.. After the 2nd treatment, my skin don’t feels as heavy and the amount of oil secretion has reduced! Last check with my hubby, he also thinks that my skin is less greasy as compared to before.

Thirdly, the amount of clogged pores and bumps on my face have reduced (especially on my jawline and the sides of my face)! Picture don’t lie so see the results for yourself.. 🙂

The big painful acne right smacked on the center of my face decided to ‘harvest’ in the midst of the 2nd treatment (right after the vacuum and light, the clogged oil seed decided to come out). Have to say that the therapy helps to speed up on the recovery process of my acne / pimples. I’m still having breakouts but it seems to have slow down and clears up faster. I guess the reduction in oil-secretion contributes to lesser clogged pores and breakouts! Previously i was on Accutane (with many side effects) and the purpose of the medicine is to shrink the oil grands. But once i stopped it, the oil production level went back to normal and the breakouts came back. I’m glad to have found a safe alternative to reduce my oil secretion level! 🙂

For more information on Theraclear Acne Therapy, do click on this LINK

On a side note, i will be in Taiwan from 16 September to 23 September hence taking a short break from blogging.. You can follow me on Instagram / Facebook as I will be posting some updates via these social media platforms!

I’m so looking forward to the 3th and 4th session after my holidays.. Will be back to update you on the progress soon.

Meanwhile, take care and God Bless!

* Disclaimer: Theraclear Acne Therapy’s information is extracted from Theraclear’s website and Results might vary among individuals.

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