(Giveaway) Clearer, brighter and better skin with Shiro-Wa!

Before i start my product review, would like to apologize for the poor photo quality as my camera is currently under repair.. I have to dig out the spare camera (which is on the verge of dying) in order to complete this review. Sigh!

Just a quick update on my skin condition, i have just completed the 3rd Theraclear session.. Will share more about it after i’m done with the 4th session.. ūüôā Overall, the amount of breakouts, clogged pores and oil secretion have reduced. Skin tone looks more even and smoother to the touch! Really pleased with the results as it gives me healthier skin with no downtime… As each treatment can only be done once weekly, daily skincare regimen is also necessary to maintain the health of my skin.

One month ago, Shiro-Wa has approached me¬†to see if i’m keen to review their products. Did a little check online and discovered that the products are made from high quality natural ingredients handpick by their team of scientists. .

A little background introduction on Shiro-Wa.¬†¬†Shiro-Wa was created in mind to harness the power of nature to bring out the beauty and elegance in every individuals.¬†Inspired by high quality standards by the Japanese, Shiro in Japanese means “white,” whilst Wa refers to “harmony.” Through this, Shiro-wa uses only the purest natural products from Asia-wide to create products that harmonizes with our bodies.


Photo from Shiro-Wa’s FB

Off-the-shelf commercial beauty products might contain harmful, chemical and synthetic ingredients; it might be a hazard to skin and can aggravate allergies. Thus, through the common goal of wanting to create natural quality beauty products (Animal-test free and 100% natural), a group of scientists, nutritionists and herbalists came together to create Shiro-Wa. Using various expertise and understanding of ingredients synergy to source for the best natural ingredients from all over Asia, extensive research was also done to derive at formulations, free of harmful chemicals and animal cruelty.

SHIRO-WA is known today for its high quality handcrafted beauty products that are effective and free of harmful chemicals.¬†The quality of Shiro-Wa’s¬†products is ensured because the scientists have tested it on their skin before the launch of each product. All¬†Shiro-Wa’s¬†products are always stored in the best optimum condition to ensure freshness.


Photo from Shiro-Wa’s FB

As a company that cares about all its consumers, the products (or rather all its products) that Shiro-Wa has sent me for review are 100% natural and skin-friendly.

All the six products:

– Do not contain Sulphates that strips off the moisture from skin and dries it out

– Do not contain Parabens that causes cancer

– Do not contain Phthalates that causes genital disorder and cancer

– Do not contain Mineral Oils that clog pores.

– Are specially formulated at laboratories by our Scientists, Nutritionists, and Herbalists.

– Are produced in GMP certified plants to ensure the quality of our products

– Are environmentally friendly with a low packaging-to-product ratio to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet

– Are not tested on animals as our ingredients are all safe and proven.

Cleaner, Healthier and Brighter Skin With Shiro-Wa

First step to healthy skin is through cleansing to¬†remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems.. Perfectly cleansed skin that’s not congested with impurities and residues will allow essence / nutrients from your other skincare products to penetrate into the skin well.

For effective cleansing, the Shiro-Wa Purifying face wash will allow you to enjoy clear skin by deep cleansing it so that valuable ingredients of your skincare products will absorbed and processed effectively. This delicately formulated face wash using natural ingredient including honey, Neem and Holy Basil will effectively disinfect and relieves the skin with it unique healing power.

Products Benefits:

– Anti-Aging, Anti viral , Anti-fungal, antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory.
– Brighten and reduce acne and blemishes.
– Skin feels firmer and clearer.


Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Aqua, Olivem 700, Olivem 300, Vegetable Glycerine, Citric acid, Honey, Citrus Limon extract, Azadirachta, Indica Extract, Ocimum Tenuiflorum Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate

Natural ingredients include:

Honey, high in nutrients has moisturizing, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to keep the skin healthy and prevents ageing.

Neem has anti-aging, anti viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Holy Basil well-known for it immerse therapeutic healing power.

Added with a dash of lemon to brighten your face.

The use of a toner is important too as it is considered as part of Cleansing needed to remove residues like excess oil and dead skin cells left on skin (after using a facial wash). Beside removing impurities, The Shiro-Wa Pore Minimising Toner is enriched with pure rose water which soothes and nourishes sensitive and tired skin, tighten your pores and effectively reduces wrinkle.

Products Benefits:

– Primes skin for moisture
– Skin feels firmer and brighter
– Softens the appearance of wrinkles
– Pores are visibly minimized


Rose water was once the luxury of Persian royalties and was Cleopatra’s beauty secret. Being alcohol-free, the Basil in the toner will clean, detoxify skin to keep it rejuvenated.  The cucumber in the toner will act as astringents while mint will calm and refreshes skin.

Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Pure Rosa Water, Curcumis Sativus Extract, Ocimum Tenuiflorum Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,
Mentha Leaf Extract

Even for oily skin, moisturizing is very important after cleansing to prevent skin from ‘drying up’. When skin is dehydrated, it will cause the skin to become problematic skin. If skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry, sensitive and irritated. When skin is dry, it causes more oil / sebum to be produced as this is body’s natural reaction to protect the skin (hence clogged pores and breakouts will surface).

For many, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment hence we cannot run away from dry and dehydrated skin problems… To prevent skin issues due to skin being too dry, hydration is important for all skin types!

As i have oily / sensitive skin, Shiro-Wa has sent me Day Cream and Night Cream to keep my skin well moisturized so that it wont give my brain the signal to produce more oil to protect it.

SHIRO-WA Revigorating Face Potion (Day Cream)

Shiro-wa Face Potion has a unique rejuvenating effect on skin whilst protecting it from irritants and providing optimal skin hydration during the day. Created in synergy with highest quality wheat germ, this dual action cream actively repairs skin cells throughout the day whilst the vetiver roots keep the skin replenished and hydrated even in harsh environments by balancing sebaceous oil glands.

Products Benefits:

– Actively Repairs skin cell throughout the day.
– Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
– Provide protection to the skin against irritants.
– Skin feels fresh and soft.


Enriched with Ginseng, prized in Ancient China for its ability to improve blood circulation, promote cell regeneration and purity, among other benefits. Its rejuvenating properties keeps skin looking young and refreshed.

Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Europaea Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Cetyl Alcohol, Essential Oil of Lavender, Brassica Oleracea Extract., Arbutin, Chrysopogon Zizanioides root Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate.

SHIRO-WA Lightening Face Potion (Night Cream) offers a brightening effect that brings out the inner radiant from your skin while you sleep. It improves skin texture to optimize skin’s clarity and reinforces natural skin hydration allowing you to wake up with a brighter, clearer and rejuvenated face in the morning.

Products Benefits:

– Significantly reduces pigmentations and patches
– Even out uneven skin tone.
– Moisturizes and revitalize the skin.
– Skin feels fresh and soft in the morning.


Containing a unique blend of turmeric, saffron and sandalwood, it reduces pigmentation, patches and even out skin tone.

Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Aqua, Mangifera Indica Butter, Cera Alba, Olea Europaea oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Cetyl Alcohol, Essential Oil of Mandarin & Rose, Arbutin, Chrysopogon Zizanioides Root Extract, Santalum Alba Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract, Crocus Sativus Extract, Curcumis Sativus Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate


Next, sun protection against harsh UV rays should be of paramount important to everyone to prevent photo-aging and skin cancer! Therefore when it comes to maintaining healthy skin health and prevention of skin cancer, it is important to take a proactive step and incorporate the correct use of sunscreen daily.

SHIRO-Wa Sun Shield Potion is a light and non-greasy sunblock which does not clog pores. It is enriched with natural ingredient such as Aloe Vera, cucumber and shea butter to restore moisture, reduce irritation and protect skin from the sun with a SPF of 30. To be used in the day (after moisturizing), it will protect the skin from sun damaging, nourish and restore moisture of the skin.


Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Aqua, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, Cera Alba, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Olea European Oil,
Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Curcumis Sativus-Mucilage, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide,
Theobroma Cacao Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Essential oil of Lemon & Basil.

To prevent dead skin built up, it is best to do exfoliation and purifying mask on a weekly basis (if you have sensitive skin like me). The Margosa Mud mask is an intensive treatment leave on mask. It effectively removes impurities and sebum from pores within your pores and instantly rejuvenate your skin with various minerals. It is also added with coconut oil to reduce skin sensitivity and promotes anti-aging. With 1-2 use weekly, it will thoroughly removes removing impurities and sebum from pores to reveal a smooth face, leaving skin nourish and soft.

Margosa Mud Mask (50ml @ $ 32.50)

Features: For all skin types, Non-Irritating, Contains patented Pentapeptides and No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance

Ingredients: Aqua, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, Azadirachta Indica Leaves Powder, Trigonella Foenumgraecum Powder, Kaolinite, Helianthus Annuus oil, Xanthum Gum, Emulsifying wax, Vegetable Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Zinc, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate

TIll date, i have been using the¬†Purifying face wash,¬†Pore Minimising Toner,¬†Lightening Face Potion (Night Cream),¬†SHIRO-Wa Sun Shield Potion and¬†Margosa Mud mask for the past 2-3 weeks. I have also alternate it with my other skincare products so that my skin won’t get immune for optimal results..

Shiro-Wa Purifying face wash

20130928_150253 (2)

The face wash has a gel texture and it will foam slightly upon contact with water. It has a refreshing lemon mixed with Basil scent that smells so soothing! Despite being a purifying facial wash, it is mild enough to be used daily.¬†After cleansing, skin doesn’t feels tight so i can rest-assure that it doesn’t dries my skin‚ĶDespite being mild, it cleanse effectively as I don‚Äôt see any residue left behind when I ‚Äėtone‚Äô my skin‚ĶMoreover, it doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to turn excessive red after washing. After washing, skin feels refreshed, soft and clean. I feel that it does help to control the amount of breakouts i have and helps calm existing ones down. After the Theraclear treatment, the amount of sebum secretion has decreased so i cannot comment much on the oil control ability. Will definitely repurchase it in the near future.

The Shiro-Wa Pore Minimising Toner


Was using Babor‚Äôs Rose Toning Lotion previously and it is something that i cannot leave without. However, the downside is that the toner is expensive ($69!). Shiro-Wa Pore Minimising Toner is able to give the same results and it is so much more affordable.¬†It contains Rose Water too and doesn’t contains alcohol so it stays mild on my sensitive skin. Although the toner doesn’t have the ‘rose’ scent (the mint and Basil smells more distinctive!), it does have an extra refreshing / soothing sensation after use (as it contains mint + rose water). With cucumber to act as astringent, it¬†is gentle on skin but helps to remove remaining residues on my skin after cleansing.. After applying the toner, skin feels clean, soft and looks more supple! It will also calm my skin and refreshes it without any drying effect.

SHIRO-WA Lightening Face Potion (Night Cream)


After moving to my in laws place, i have been sleeping in an air-conditioned room which results in more delicate skin with some dry areas (Especially my nose and mouth area). As such, i will need a richer and more hydrating night cream to prevent dryness. The Lightening Face Potion (Night Cream)¬†has a creamy gel base and it contains a light sandalwood scent. Although the texture is cream base, it feels light and gets absorbed into the skin fast.. It does keeps my skin hydrated well as the dry areas diminishes with regular use. Most important of all, it don’t seems to be too heavy for my acne-prone skin. Ever since i started using this, my complexion has become more balanced, brighter and moisturized.

SHIRO-Wa Sun Shield Potion


The sun shield potion is cream based and i am able to spread it easily without greasy / sticky after-feel. With a refreshing cucumber scent (as it contains cucumber), the sun shield potion also contains aloe vera to keep skin hydrated (so it will be suitable for all skin types). The sun shield portion does not leave behind any white cast after application and it gives skin a brightening dewy effect. Nice!

Margosa Mud mask


First of all, the coconut scent of the mask smells divine.. Don’t know if my skin is sensitive but i experienced some¬†tingling sensation after application which went away after 5 minutes. Normally what i will do is to apply on whole face once a week but if i have acne or black heads on my nose i will use it on affected areas (like spot treatment)! By doing so, it helps to reduce inflammation and ‘draws’ out the impurities.¬†After washing the mask off, my skin feels soft, brighter and clean. It is not drying and really does help to keep pores clean and improve the overall skin texture.


Keen to try the above products? I’m happy to announce that Shiro-Wa is giving away 3 sample pack worth $50.

To participate in this giveaway, just follow these requirements:

1) Like Shiro-Wa FB page Via this Link. After which, post this blog link (and tag Shiro-Wa) on your FB page with this comment: I want Clearer, brighter and better skin!

2) Email enquiries@shiro-wa.com with the print screen of the share with your name and email.

2) Giveaway will end on 10 October at 10 am and Shiro-wa will pick 3 random lucky winners and results will be announced on Shiro-wa F/B on 11 Oct 2013. Winner will be notified via email.


Important points to take note:

1) Do follow all above instructions carefully to qualify for this giveaway. Incomplete entry will be disqualified. 1 chance each so duplicate entries will also be disqualified.

2) This giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore. Do note that Shiro-Wa will be in charge of selecting the winners

Join in the fun and good luck!

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