(Announcement) Read, Watch & Shop @ DailyVanity.com

Last Wednesday, Daily Vanity celebrated its latest milestone (the launch of its e-shop) and i’m honored to be one of the invited guests.. Daily Vanity is a Singapore’s beauty e-magazine platform whereby you can enjoy things like beauty tips, video tutorials, latest makeup trends and reviews.


Photo from Daily Vanity Facebook

The founder behind Daily Vanity is Kristen! First met friendly Kristen during one of Kielh’s event and ever since, i became a loyal reader of her blog (Beauty Sorority) – Love her beauty related articles, tips and truthful reviews!

Making good use of her expertise, Kristen (together with her resourceful IT-savvy fiance, Keith) has decided to set up an all-in-one beauty platform whereby consumers get to read, watch and shop. What triggers them to set up the e-shop is that they understand that highly raved quality products are usually pricey and one might not wish to risk to pay so much as it might be unsuitable for him / her. Hence, this resourceful couple came up with a solution whereby consumers can shop for tried-and-tested products (genuinely reviewed and handpicked by Kristen / Keith themselves) at much discounted prices.

At DailyVanity.com, the integration of the new e-shop has given readers an all-rounder experience. Now they can gain access to product reviews, informative videos and purchase trusted beauty products at more affordable prices.. In addition, Daily Vanity also has a “Beauty Q&A” section, where the editor poses questions from readers to beauty experts, so everyone can enjoy valuable inputs and have their doubts addressed.


Via the new e-shop, the products offering are sourced from cheap & reliable suppliers and these cost savings are then passed on to consumers. To further entice one’s shopping experience, there will be on-going weekly flash sales (lasting for 7 days). Till date, three collections were launched so far with notable sale items including SK-II Facial Treatment Essence at S$69 instead of S$99, Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector at S$110 instead of S$150, and Philosophy Hope In A Jar at S$29.50 instead of S$59.


Kristen also shared with us that personalization and top-notch services are of top priority to both herself and Keith. Every purchase will come with a personal handwritten note son the benefits of the product/s bought and how to use each of them. Every parcel will also be carefully wrapped and secured so that it will reach its future owner in mint condition.

Meanwhile, i’m waiting for the flash sales (Travel Essentials) to commerce so that i can make my first purchase (planning to get the YSL Glossy Stain at 37.5% off). Will update again once i have made my purchase! 🙂


Ending the post with some pictures taken at the event! I had fun chatting with the familiar faces and also getting to know some new friends as well. 🙂


Photo from Daily Vanity Facebook


Photo from Daily Vanity Facebook

Thanks for reading and if you like to make any purchases from Daily Vanity e shop, do remember to key in the coupon code below:

From now till 31 October 2013, enjoy 10% off your purchase by entering this coupon code (jermaineee)! 


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