My Birthday Outfit with Especially Escada Elixir

I’m turning 29 in 2 weeks time and on special day, there’s always an excuse for me to indulge and pamper myself. During the recent Taiwan Trip, i have purchased something as a birthday present for myself (it was love at first sight!).. As for my birthday celebration, hubby has already planned it – we will be having dinner with my parents the day before and on the exact day, he will be bringing me out for a nice dinner!

As a tradition, i will always prepare a new set of birthday outfit so that i will look nice on my special day! This year, i have purchased the Leala Floral Chiffon Flutter Romper in Mint from VGY. Feminine, Unique and Pretty isn’t it! It was sold out within minutes after the launch but i managed to the last piece from Kiss Jane Store (phew!). Will only wear it during my birthday so stay turn to my OOTD on Instagram 🙂

Every outfit must be paired with the perfect scent! To add a final sparkle to my birthday outfit, I’ll need a ‘cheerful’ scent that spells femininity, joy and classy. Out of my perfume collection, i have chosen to pair it with the Especially Escada Elixir, an intense Eau de Parfum (EDP) from House of ESCADA made for exciting nights out in town in mind. Inspired by the fresh, light-hearted scent of Especially Escada, the all NEW Especially Escada Elixir embodies happiness and sophistication. It emits a richer scent of rare and exquisite rose blooms with an extra touch of rosy feeling for the perfect evening..

ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir – Intensely Happy Fragrance for Women

An exciting & powerful new addition to the Especially Escada collection (a permanent addition the range of classic fragrances), Elixir is inspired by the vibes of a modern lady who’s full of elegance, confidence, joy, femininity and energy and is built around a rose heart & floral freshness of Especially Escada, but differentiated through its intensity.

The concept behind this fragrance drew its inspiration from a stunning setting of an enchanting rose garden at dusk where a rare and exquisite, deep pink-purple rose blooms as the sun sets, emitting a rich scent which is intense and captivating. This Night Garden full of roses is an enchanting place of wonder and happiness, and is visually brought to life in a stunning print campaign featuring supermodel, Bar Refaeli (Especially Escada’s new face ). Dressed in a flowing, dark pink couture Escada evening gown designed especially for the campaign, Bar looks radiantly glamorous, elated and carefree as she skips into the garden at twilight. Picturesque perfect!

Bar REFAELI (ESCADE ELEXIR) LOCATION: Jardin du Plessis Sasnières

From the outer packaging, to the bottle and to the fragrance, there’s always a meaning behind it:

(Outer Packaging) The  vibrant pink outer packaging with gold prints drew its inspiration from the design concept of ESCADA’s new flagship stores, which feature golden metal highlight walls contrasting with light modern grey glass. It symbolizes contemporary elegance, cool glamour and alluring femininity.

(Bottle) Luxurious and elegant Gold-finish lid with opulent luster that features the classic, iconic double E logo, originally designed by ESCADA founder, Margaretha Ley.. The symbolic double E logo is also embossed in glass on the underside of the flacon. As for the bottle that houses the dark pink fragrance, Escada made use of a s robust, square glass flacon design to give a classy yet unique feel. The flacon also promotes a beautiful balance between modernity and classicism that is so intrinsic to the Escada brand.

(Fragrance) The unique fusion of ingredients creates an elegantly joyful, sensual & magical scent with an intensity that lasts. The intensity is borne out of the scent’s unique blend of precious ingredients sourced from around the globe:

Eastern roses from Turkey add an element of mystery and depth to Elixir thus making it the perfect base for Elixir fragrance. The rich natural rose extract is caressed with Oriental facets to add depth, colour and density. Isparta, Turkey is known as the City of Roses and acts as one of the world’s top rose-cultivating regions. The Damask rose from this region is one of the very few roses which can produce rose oil, used in perfumes. Do you know that 4,000 kg of roses are needed to produce just one kg of rose oil? Such a precious ingredient!

Ecuadorian Ambrette seeds (from the seeds of a hibiscus species)  provides a warm, woody, slightly floral and extremely persistent scent, making it an excellent base note. This ingredient gives Elixir better freshness and depth while ‘pushing’ the rose accord.

Vanilla: The luxurious natural vanilla extract from Madagascar add depth to Exlixir’s bottom note. It adds warmth, sweetness and a soothing effect to the fragrance. Just like how cultivating the Vanilla plant needs a labor of love and requiring a human touch to pollinate.

Ylang Ylang flower: This flower (in three different tones) from Madagascar has relaxation benefits and when added to Elixir, it helps to relieve tension and stress. Its yellow petals provide the most fragrant oil and are picked early in the morning and in the summer.

Blood Orange:  Gives Elixir a fruity punch with its clean, Sweet & citrus scent.

Having tried Especially Escada previously, Elixir has a prominent rose note and it smells more musky as well.. I don’t know about you but i think that musky perfume smells more mysterious, sensual and evocative.. Certainly perfect for the romantic night out!! The scent is very wearable during the day as well as it isn’t too overpowering.

Once the scent settles down, I caught a whiff of vanilla and citrus scent. Perfect composition as it doesn’t smells like fake floral or too overly sweet, As for the lasting power, Elixir is an EDP fragrance (Eau de Parfum) which contains 8-16% concentration of scented compounds so Elixir certainty packs a punch with unique and prestige quality long-lastingness. Even after 8 hours of usage, i can still detect the vanilla base notes!

One year older and one year wiser, birthday symbolizes new beginning and new hope! Together with my new outfit paired with the scent, i’m definitely filled with more positive vibes, joy and happiness. 🙂


Thank P&G Prestige Fragrances for sending me this amazing fragrance, just in time for my Birthday!

ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is available in EDP (30 ml & 75 ml), Body Lotion (150ml) & Shower Gel (150 ml)

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Especially Escada Elixir’s Presskit

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