22 months old Double Eye Lids | Recommended Hotels in Taipei near Regent Clinic!

Hello everyone! It has been close to 22 months since my double eyelids surgery and i’m glad that my sharing has helped many in one way or another.. 🙂

Recently, i’m getting many emails from readers asking me for recommendation for hotels which is near to the clinic and also the current state of my double eyelids.. Hence, i will just do a quick update to show you how does my eyes look like currently and also some accommodations that i have stayed in Taipei during recent years.

First and foremost, present to you my close to 2 years old double eyelids (Pardon the little eyeliner bits left behind after cleaning away my eye makeup). The crease was what i chosen* for – Not too low in height and natural so it won’t look weird when i’m not wearing any makeup.

*To refresh your memory, Dr Chen simulated three different level of crease based on my 黃金定位點 and I chose the medium crease as i wanted a more obvious result but not too high crease!

As for the scar from the incision, it has healed really nicely. The scar is small and not really visible even closeup. Many people were surprised that i went for surgery as they couldn’t tell (as there’s no visible scarring and result is so natural).

Natural looking double eyelids without much scarring! 🙂

The appearance of my eyes with heavy eye make-up (Mascara, falsies, eyeliner & eyeshadow). Picture was taken during my pre-wedding shoot and the rare occasion whereby i will have such thick makeup on.

Full eye make up on

As for the recommended hotels, i will suggest staying in Da-an area as it is strategically located 1 stop away from ZhongXiao Dun Hua Station. Personally i love staying in this area as the location is good (near the major attractions and shopping centers) and there’s plenty of food around the vicinity. One stop from Daan station is Zhongxiao Fuxing station from where you can interchange to the Blue Bannan line (Most of the tourist attractions are accessible through this line) and the nearest station to Regent Clinic.. Have stayed in 3 different hotels located near Da-an station and they are Fu Hao Hotel, Park Taipei Hotel and Hotel Eclat.


Picture extracted from http://www.trtc.com.tw

Fu-Hua Hotel (Approximately $100 plus per night for smallest room)

Sorry but i don’t have the pictures of the room that i stayed in previously (if i never remember wrongly, i was having an arguement with my hubby so i wasn’t in the mood to take pictures. LOL!). However, you can check the pictures out via Tripadvisor 

Out of the 3 hotels, Fu-Hua Hotel has the best location as it is only less than 30 seconds walk from Da-an MRT station. Seems like a family run hotel and check in/out was relatively fast. Upon check in, i was surprised to receive keys instead of security card.. Personally, i don’t find it safe as it might slip your mind and there’s risk of forgetting to lock the door when you head out..

Room wise, the furnishing ia contemporary and pleasing to the eye. As we stayed in the executive room (商務客房), there wasn’t much space left as the king size bed took up most of it.. My hubby had to leave his luggage near to the door area while i put mine on the other side of the room (if not, it will be impossible to open up our luggage). The bed and pillows are lush and comfortable.. Entire room is very clean and there isn’t any no weird / stale scent in the room. Bathroom is on the smaller side as well and there’s no bathtub. Clean towels and toiletries are provided.. WLAN is fast and stable… Breakfast was provided and it was Taiwanese buffet fare style.. Food selections were limited but tasted nice.. 🙂

Will recommend this hotel if you are looking for one which is affordable with good location.


Picture from Fu-Hua Hotel website


Picture from Fu-Hua Hotel website

Park Taipei Hotel  (Approximately $200 per night for superior king on Agoda (limited time offer deal))

Decided to stay in this hotel as there was a flash sales going on Agoda and we paid about $150 for the deluxe King Room (Room Only).. During the point of booking, we were not very sure on the exact location and all we knew that i was located in Da-an area. Upon reaching Park Taipei Hotel, we were pleased to find that the hotel is located in a good location. Da-an station is located just a 2 min walk away (across the road)… We also observed that there’s a new station in the midst of construction and it is just located outside the hotel! Not sure when will it be ready but it should make communing even more convenient in the future (Hope the hotel won’t increase the room rates!)

Room – Spacious with ample space for walking even with all the furnishing + 2 open luggage. Bed has good support (medium firm) and comfortable with silky linen!  Pillows are plush and not too soft.. Amenities wise and aircon are working fine but WLAN is a little weak as we got the corner room.. My hubby went to test the signal strength nearer to the lift area and it was better there. Room is carpeted and very clean without stale smell.

Toilet- Huge toilet for the room that we have stayed in. Completed with bath tub, separate shower area and complete set of toiletries. Temperature control for shower is easy to control and drainage is good. .

Environment- Located across the road and within 2 mins walk from Da-an station, the location is a big plus point to make travelling easy. Security is good as you will need your room access card to activate the lift and also the door of your own room..

 Services- Excellent!! Once you alight from the taxi, there would be someone helping you with your luggage. Everyone was all smiles and very helpful. The staffs were very quick to react to our requests and needs. Check in was fast and they allowed us to check in 2 hours before time without us even requesting for it (first time we have encountered this as most hotels in Taipei are really strict with the check in time). The manager even show us to the room and gave us a room introduction…

Will recommend this hotel if you are looking for one with top-notch service, comfortable room and good location.

King Size Bed

Ample Space to walk around and to open our luggage

Robe, Safe & Drinking Water Provided

The see through toilet (you can wind down the blinds for privacy)

Toilet is big and has a separate shower area

Toiletries are provided

Soaking in the bathtub and watching TV is made possible

Hotel Eclat (Approximately $250 per night for Deluxe room)

This boutique hotel is highly raved online and we were attracted to the furnishing and decoration of the hotel. Although location is not so good (about 10-15 mins walk to Da-an MRT station), the room definitely made up for this short coming.

The 5 star service experience started with us alighting from the taxi, immediately the staff came forward and helped us with our luggage. Upon reaching the counter, the receptionist addressed my husband by his surname even before he said anything. Check in was done fast and the receptionist even brought us up to the room while giving us a hotel / room tour. Even we asked for directions, they patiently explained to us twice to make sure that we understood. All i can say is that all the staffs were really attentive, service oriented and polite!

Eclat is a boutique hotel with luxurious & stylish feel! From the hotel lobby to the rooms, it is classy decorated with a prestige feel!! To access to your room level, you would need to tap your room card so security is good. Upon entering our  deluxe room, i was all surprised to see it filled with high-end equipments (even the toilet bowl and LED lighting! LOL!). The room might be small for some, space was sufficient for the 2 of us as we could open our luggage and still walk around comfortably. Almost all the items in the room are of top quality, – TV, sound system, pen, toilet bowl, coffee machine etc were all branded! Even the writing pen is from Mont Blanc and the toiletries are from Molten Brown! Sleep quality was good as well as you get to choose the type of pillows that you like..

Room service was quick and prompt as something was wrong with the safe upon check in. The maintenance team came within 10 mins and replace the flat battery. Excellent service recovery!  Oh yaa! I have to mention about the breakfast! They served nice english breakfast set and i could even request for egg benedict!

The staff went all the way out even when we checked out, making sure that we have enough water to drink and even offered us food. They helped us to get a taxi and even walked us to the taxi while helping us with our luggage. Overall, it was a good experience and will highly recommend if you don’t mind the location, want to pamper yourself a little for a different luxurious feel.

Such a beautiful room with high-tech features and i love the bed linen’s design (king sized bed)!

Different types of pillows given!

Complementary tasty local treat + Weather of the day

Average sized room

One of the installed gadgets completed with branded sound-system

Nespresso and Fruits provided! I have the feature the damn cool phone and clock!

Even the hangers are so stylish! Hubby told me that the safe that the hotel provided is a really good one.

Really love the bathroom furnishing (There’s a TV inside too). Enough said!

Molten Brown miniature toiletries, comprehensive shower facilities and Deluxe Toto Toilet

Guess this final post will sum up my double eyelids surgery experience.. Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions and i will try my best to assist you.. Meanwhile, this coming week will be terribly busy for me due to closing so i have to take a short break from blogging.. Promise that i will be back soon! 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! 

* Disclaimer: Results might vary among individuals and the above services / Accommodations are not sponsored.

17 thoughts on “22 months old Double Eye Lids | Recommended Hotels in Taipei near Regent Clinic!

  1. Sam says:

    thanks Jermaine, your blog about this has helped me a lot and I’m actually going to Dr Chen next week to do my eyes. I’m very excited.

  2. Shopvoodoozz says:

    Hi may I know am I able to travel around Taiwan after surgery because I don’t want to waste my trip just by staying in the hotel

    • jermaineee says:


      I did travel around but take things easy after the double eyelid surgery.. It depends on your comfort level and if you feel ok, why not? 🙂

      But it’s better if you do cold compression regularly as it will helps to reduce swell. 🙂

      Hope it helps!

  3. advenangel says:

    Hi there! was wondering if your double eyelid surgery is permanent? if its only temporary, did the doctor mention how long it can last? thankyou so much!

  4. Saniq k. says:

    I can`t believe you have no scars at all. I had a double eyelid surgery in Singapore last month and my skin is still not recovered. I suppose it takes time but … I am sick of waiting

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