Toner, is it necessary?

In the past, i have the misconception that toner isn’t necessary and it is just marketing gimmick.. However, it is only during the bad breakouts that I’ve suffered after stopping Accutane, i realized the importance.. As you know, i refused to go back to medication and decided to try out facial at My Cozy Room . Celine told me the importance of using a toner as the use of toner is actually the 2nd part of the cleansing process.. Occasionally, you might not be cleansing your face properly with your facial cleanser and toner will help to remove residues (like dead skin cells, dirt, excess sebum & makeup) left on your skin. This is why sometimes you will find the cotton pad turning greyish / beige after ‘toning’ your face.

During one event (i cannot remember exactly which one), i was also told that our tap water will actually clog our skin as it contains minerals. These minerals will interfere with our skin care products and this will lead to skin issues.. Not sure how true is it but better to be safe than sorry! Therefore with toner, you will better remove dirt, excessive sebum, impurities, make-up and minerals residues which contribute to skin problems.. In addition, you will need a perfectly cleanse skin in order to prep it for your other skincare products. If your pores are congested with impurities and residues, how can nutrients be able to penetrate into the skin well?

Secondly, toner is able to help the valuable ingredients of your skincare products (like serum & moisturizer) gets absorbed and processed more effectively. When you tone your skin, you are actually ‘wetting’ your skin and moist skin will absorb the nutrients better. With better penetration on well cleansed skin, your skin is going to enjoy more benefits. In addition, toner can include antioxidants, astringents, calming anti-inflammatory or soothing ingredients (according to your needs and preference) hence the additional add-on will better benefit skin.Therefore, there’s many plus point of using a toner so i feel that it is necessary.. However, it is just as important to choose a toner suitable for your skin and just steer clear of those that contains things that will irritate your skin (like alcohol, Parabens & phthalates etc) esp you have dry / sensitive skin.. For the remaining part of my blog post, i will be discussing more on the 3 toners that i am currently using. 🙂

During the day, i will tend to spend more time under the sun so as to prevent pores from looking too big (due to increased sebum production), i will use a pore minimizing toner to tighten pores. Currently, i’m using Shiro-Wa Pore Minimising Toner (already on my second bottle) as it is alcohol free and contains no Parabens,  phthalates & artificial fragrance.

As mentioned, the use of toner is important as it is considered as part of cleansing to remove residues like excess oil and dead skin cells left behind on skin after using a facial wash (the Basil in the toner will clean, detoxify skin to keep it rejuvenated). Beside removing impurities, this toner will soothes and nourishes sensitive and tired skin, tighten your pores and effectively reduces wrinkle (as it is enriched with pure rose water) and Rose water (well-known for its healing properties was once the luxury of Persian royalties and was Cleopatra’s beauty secret). The cucumber in the toner will act as astringents while mint will calm and refreshes skin.

To purchase product and for more information, please head to (Do note that this product is sponsored)

Was using Babor’s Rose Toning Lotion previously and it is something that i cannot leave without. However, the downside is the price ($69!). Shiro-Wa Pore Minimising Toner is able to give the same results and it is so much more affordable. It contains Rose Water too and there’s no alcohol so it stays mild. The toner has a very distinctive mint and Basil scent so i love how natural it smells! Moreover, the mint and rose water ingredients provided an extra refreshing / soothing sensation after use. With cucumber to act as astringent, it helps to remove remaining residues on my skin gently but effectively after cleansing.. After applying the toner, skin feels clean, soft and looks more supple! It will also calm my skin and refreshes it without any drying effect..


When i have very oily skin (normally 1 week before my period), i will use a moisturizing toner at night which contains a small amount of alcohol to better get rid of excessive oil but yet keep skin hydrated (as dehydrated skin is the root of all evil). Recently, i was sent the JUJU Aquamoist Lotion (LIGHT) for review and since it only contains a small amount of alcohol, decided to give it a try.. After testing it for 1 week (once at night), i’m relieved to find that the toner is non-irritating, moisturizing and control oil secretion.

JUJU is available at BHG, John Little, SASA, Guardian & Plaza@Cosme. For more info, you can check out

This lotion (aka toner) is from Japan and JUJU being a Japan-based brand of drugstore products which star ingredient is hyaluronic acid reminds me of Hada Labo! Featuring  JUJU Cosmetic AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic acid, this ingredient + ‘delivery system’ will keep skin constantly hydrate in any condition of humidity. Aquamoist helps to fulfill dehydrated skin with an excellent hydro-maintain ingredient of Super Hyaluronic Acid (A mixture of 3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid). 1g of hyaluronic acid holds about 6L of water which proves its excellent moisturizing effect. As one ages, the skin will weaken and the ability to hold skin’s moisture by oneself becomes poorer. Hence with both Hyaluronic acid and Aquamoist system, it will refine skin, build up one’s own barrier structure and provides perfect balance of moisture.

JUJU Aquamoist Banner

The Aquamoist Moisture Lotion is available in 2 formula – Original (Dry to normal skin) and light (Combination to Oily Skin) . Chosen the light type as it has a lighter texture and not too rich for my easily clogged skin. Made with 100% Pure Water, it promises to penetrates quickly into your skin with light texture tone and hydrate skin for 24 hours. Good for combination to oily skin, the Aquamoist Moisture Lotion Light penetrates well, moisturizes from deep within the skin and maintains moisture. This free-flowing, light-texture lotion carries dewy moisture to the stratum corneum, making the skin smooth and elastic without stickiness. It contains a double amount of hyaluronic acid (Compared to JUJU AQUAMOIST collagen lotion and whitening lotion) and penetration is fast. Very important of all, it is Oil Free, Colorless , Mildly acidic, No Mineral Oil, No additional flavor and No Animal Constituent added.

Retails at $20.90 for 200ml

As mentioned, i’m using this toner 1 week before my period every night with the intention of controlling my sebum overproduction. The consistency of the toner looks and feels like water (Texture is light).. The fragrance-free toner gives off a cooling sensation after application and it feels refreshing (Perhaps it is due to the alcohol content).

Although it contains alcohol, there’s no stinging sensation or redness after application. But instead, it leaves my skin feeling supple, soft, clean and smooth (it glides on my skin smoothly as well). It doesn’t strip away moisture from my skin but instead skin feels hydrated. Only negative point is that it feels sticky to the touch after the product has penetrated, but it does not leave behind any greasy film.. Overall, i find that it serves its purpose in helping to get rid of residues, control excessive oil production and prep skin for the rest of my skincare regimen.


Aiyaa! My hair is so messy!

Recently, i have jumped on the Laneige bandwagon as they are well-known for HYDRATION! Laneige is one of the fastest growing premium cosmetic brands which completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of Water Science to help women achieve the radiant & dewy skin.

After Theraclear, my skin breakouts are more controlled but skin has turned dry/ dehydrated! I’m paranoid that dry & dehydrated skin will in turn trigger my acne once again. As you know when skin lacks moisture, it will cause more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin and hence skin problems like oily skin and acne will surface.


Photo from Laneige’s FB

I have purchased the trial water bank set and i’m diligently using the Power Essential Skin Refiner Light at night to keep skin hydrated when i sleep in the air-conditioned room. The toner is recommended for Oily to combination skin and it will keep skin refreshed, purified and soft.

Product Characteristics

– Eliminates impurities in the pores, and removes keratin for clear and transparent skin.

– Bio Dusali, extracted from fermented seaweed with strong energy of life, supplies energy to the skin and promotes keratin turnover, while the Hyacinth extracts purify the skin from heavy metal, smog, and other harmful materials to leave the skin moist and transparent.

– Niacinamide helps for brightened skin tone with keratin care. Cotton extracts prevents skin damage to refine oily and dull skin for clear and healthy skin

I’m finishing the trial bottle and have asked my hubby to buy the full-sized bottle from duty Free as i love this toner very much! Will use this every night when i’m not using JUJU’s. Why do i love it so much? Firstly, it feels so soothing / refreshing after i applied it! There’s no strong fragrance and because of its dewy / watery texture, a little goes a long way! A small amount will keep skin clean and it is so lightweight. After the product penetrates (almost instantly), there’s no sticky sensation and no oily residue. It is very gentle to skin and helps to calm down redness + add moisture to skin. Together with the Laneign Waterbank Gel cream, my skin no longer feels dry and tight. Also, it helps to reduce sebum secretion so i guess my skin is better hydrated (as skin will over-produce oil when it is there’s lack of moisture).


Hope you have enjoyed my review and stay tune to my next entry! In the meantime, take care and have a great week ahead!

* Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this blog entry are solely my own unless stated otherwise. Products Description & information are extracted from Shiro-Wa’s / JUJU’s / Laneige’s website / Presskit

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