(Travel) Must visit in Kaohsiung, 高雄 – Jing Yuan Leisure Farm,淨園農場!

Hello everyone! The first blog post for December will be dedicated to personal updates.. hehe! It has been months since i last came back from Taiwan and I’ve been missing this place.. Despite of visiting the country many times, i will never get sick of it. 🙂 Besides the nice scenery and weather, what i love about Taiwan will be the friendly & warm people who will go all out for you.. On many occasions when we asked for directions, people will always bring us there or explain till we understand. Not only that, the transport system is so much better than Singapore whereby people will queue to get into the train orderly and they won’t push and shove! Train service is much more reliable with no train breakdowns and also better frequencies. Lastly, i love the shopping and food there (comes with excellent service as well) so there’s 101 reasons for me to visit Taiwan again & again. 🙂

On a side note – If you are heading to Taiwan soon, Taiwan now offers  free Wi-Fi to all tourists. All you have to do is to register an iTaiwan account at Taiwan Tourism Bureau counter/center and show their your passport for ID identification. Once done, you can log in using your account FOC. You can check out this link for more information.

In this post, i will be touching on Jing Yuan Leisure Farm, 淨園農場 as my colleague was asking me about the things to do and must visit places in Kahsiung..  淨園農場 came to my mind immediately and hence i have to share it with my readers (and her of course!)


Photo from 淨園休閒農場 fb page

淨園農場  is located at 小港區明聖街135巷10弄12號 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 812 (No. 12, Alley 10, Lane 135, Míngshèng St, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 812)


高雄車站→69號公車(2號出口)往小港→明聖街下車 →淨園機場咖啡休閒農場
69號公車 草衙站-淨園 停留10站 (明聖街公車站牌離淨園票亭約300-400公尺)
平日首末班車 06:00-22:30 10-30分鐘一班

(草衙站-R4A) ※轉搭公車:2號出口→出口上來自對面空廚與SUM 優質汽車聯盟平行道路(中安路)→轉搭69號公車→明 聖街下車→淨園機場咖啡休閒農場

下車後轉搭捷運→草衙站(R4A)下車→公車OR捷運 接駁車→淨園機場咖啡休閒農場

計程車 草衙站-淨園 3.4KM 車資約 $115
夢時代-淨園 6.9KM 車資約 $180
左營高鐵站-淨園 16.9KM 車資約 $370

What we did was to take KMRT from Formsa Boulevard to CaoYa station and we tried to take bus 69 from 優質汽車聯盟平行道路(中安路) but we missed it (do take note that bus frequency is every 30 mins interval). Hence, we took a cab in the end and it cost us less than SGD $10… For convenience sake, i will highly recommend that you take a cab from CaoYa station so you don’t have to walk so much. Entry fee costs NT200 and you can enjoy rebate if you dine at the cafe inside. 🙂

Upon stepping in, a huge pond awaits you whereby you will see many flamingo, roaming ducks and  hippopotamus.. I’m amazed that the place is so clean and well maintained and there wasn’t any stench!!

‘Birds of a feather flock together’

The pink long-legged beauty standing only on one leg with the other tucked beneath its body

The ‘shy’ trademark –  3/4 submerged in water and showing only its eyes, ears, and nostrils!

Beautiful & Intelligent Parrots!

Who will emerge as the winner in the starring game?

A trip to 淨園農場 isn’t completed until you’ve visited the ‘Cute Animal’s Area’! Cuteness overload so let my pictures do the talking. 🙂

When do piglet stop being so darned cute?? I saw the piglet from far and i ran in immediately to ‘sayang’ them! There’s one on leash which kept rushing towards my camera and hit his/her nose against my camera lens!! SO KE AI!

Curious Piglet on leash! Irresistibly cute!!!!

If you dare, you can carry these cute little piglet. 🙂

Taiwanese are always good at ‘cute-ifying’ things – Check out the lizard’s name. LOL!

Mr Turtle & ‘Edison Chen’

Next up, my hubby’s favorite dog with a mistaken identity. . Initially he thought it was a panda but upon closer look, it is actually a dog in disguise..  In case you are wondering if this is the ‘love-product’ between a panda and a dog – it is not! The black parts are from black dye ‘painted’ on a ‘Chow-Chow’ (i hope i got it right), mystery solved! We took many pictures and video with’ Xiao Yuan Zai’ before proceeding to explore other parts of the farm (pictures below!)

Bello! I’m ‘Xiao Yuan Zai’ with panda eyes!

Really looks like panda from far!

Now it’s my turn to disturb the birds!

Mandarin Ducks should always come in pairs. 🙂

Furry Raccoon!

ROAR!! The chill lion with nicely groomed mane!

The lioness is really fierce.

The highlight of the farm visit would be the ‘encounter with the 草泥马’! Our initial plan was to visit the 草泥马 farm in Taichung but it was out-of-the-way and hence we came to 淨園農場 as there’s 草泥马 too. ‘草泥马 (alpaca) is a domesticated species of South American camelid. It resembles a small llama in appearance’ – Wikipedia.

When we were there, the 草泥马 were lazing under the shade. We tried to get them to come out but to no avail . So we sat down, waited but they continued to laze around.. So i went to ask the auntie who was preparing food for the animals and she told me to get some carrots to feed them.. So in order to get the  草泥马 to gather at the fence area, you have to lure them with food (whereby you can purchase it inside)..

Why are you hiding?

The sweet temptation of food!

See! All will swamp towards you if you have food in your hands.

They might be taller than me but they are so docile & approachable

Disturb only!

After spending time with the animals, you can end the day by winding down and relaxing at their alfresco cafe. 淨園農場 is located near to Kahsiung airport  so you can eat, drink, chat while watching planes take off from the runway (you can even see horses roaming nearby the cafe too).. As the weather was hot, we did not try their steamboat (which looks so good) and all we had were cakes + drinks.. It tasted pretty delicious and not expensive (you can offset the total amount with the rebate coupon)!

Up up in the sky! How i wish my life is as carefree…

I really love 淨園農場 as you can ‘re-connect’ back to nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of a stressful environment… Living in Singapore’s fast-paced environment, we will tend to lose the childlike sense of life when we constantly fill lives with worries. Occasionally, we ought to cast all the worries away by relaxing, having fun and living in the present. 🙂

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