(Event & Sponsored Review) Za Spring/Summer Launch Party – Rouge Affair | Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

Let me ask you a question today – If you have to choose between lipstick or lip-gloss, which will you choose to apply on your lips?

As you know, lipstick provides a more intense and vibrant color which is long-lasting but flat (no dimension). On the other hand, lipgloss is able to provide your lips with high shine and dimension but it is usually sheer / semi-transparent. Some lipgloss even comes in fruity scent and are moisturizing as compared to lipstick.

Pretty tough choice isn’t it? If only there’s a lip-product that combines the ‘power’ of lipstick and lipgloss together, wouldn’t that be great?

Recently, a survey was done by Shiseido Research Centre and it shows that over 75% of Asian Women (across all ages) will wear lip colors before heading out. Often, they will face a dilemma as they will prefer lip colors that are pigmented but yet moisturizing.

What’s your pick?

With that in mind, ZA is launching a new lip product this coming January which is a cross between lipgloss and lipstick.  Known as the RICH-GLAM LIQUID ROUGE, this is a 2-in-1 lip product which works both likelip stick and lipgloss; it not only provides rich colors but is also ultra moisturizing to keep chapped lips at bay.. Sounds good right?

Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Launch event!

Attended the launch event last week along with many other ladies, Thank you ZA for the invite. I had fun learning more about Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge and how i can match my outfit with appropriate lip colors. Not forgetting the lip fortune-telling session (which is accurate!) and the different games stations that’s nothing but fun!


Fun Facts & Fortune telling based on the shape of your lips!

The different game stations

So what makes the all new Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge so long-lasting, rich in color and moisturizing? The technological secret lies with the Glossy Color Effect. Being a combination of both lipstick and lip color, both contents of lipstick and lipgloss will be mixed together evenly when you applied it on your lips. When you rub your lips together, the gloss content will then seeps to the surface and then locks the lipstick inside. When the lipstick layer is firmly locked in by gloss layer, there will be a glossy and pigmented long-lasting effect.

Achieving Rich Color and Glamorous Shine with just one product

With Glossy Color Effect, you can now easily get 2 effects in just 1 step – Rich Color of lipstick + Glamorous shine of lip gloss!

Technological Secrets number 2 – The liquid Rouge comes with an Ultra Fit Applicator so application will be a breeze to achieve perfect lips. The Ultra Fit Applicator will firstly pick up appropriate amount of liquid on the curve of the applicator tip. The tip also has a spoon-shaped curve which will enable you to get the wand perfectly fit on your lips for an even application.

Apply & Rub your lips together to achieve a nice pout!

ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge is available in 8 shades with Asian Flattering Pink Undertones.


From Left to Right (RD301, PK251, RS481, PK331, RS371, PK341, RD391, RD411)

If you wish to portray a feminine look that’s sweet, natural and yet elegant, ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK331 & RS371 is able to soften your look with its subtle pink tone. As such, you can channel your girly charm with a hint of sexiness with these hues of pink.

On weekends, you will tend to dress down to simple and casual, ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK341, PK251 & RD301 will give your lips a natural nude look for a fuss-free style.

If you wish to evoke a strong yet feminine confidence,  ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in RD391, RD411 & RD481 will help you achieve a sweet yet strong look!

There’s a shade for all occasions

Inside the press-kit, i’m glad to be given the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in RS371 & RD301.  These 2 shades are office / weekends friendly thus making usage versatile.

Thank you once again ZA!

ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge comes in simple plastic tube with a dip wand applicator (Know as the Ultra Fit Applicator). The surface area of the applicator is big so it coats my lips evenly with just 1 dip & 2 swipes . The tip is spoon-shade so the curved surface will enable me to get more product with lesser dips (normally 1 dip is enough for both upper and lower lip). The edge of the tip is also ‘pointy’ so i can line the outside of the lips effortlessly to create better definition. Simply marvelous!

In stores from 30 January 2014 onwards at $18.90 each

Wearing RD301 on my lips and it has a milky pink beige tone which gives it a nude barely there look. The liquid rouge, being ‘natural’ has no fragrance and shimmers. Texture wise, it is quite thick so it might be too sticky for some.. I don’t mind as thicker texture will stay on surface longer so i don’t have to touch up much. When i said that it is long-lasting, it is able to stay on my lips without budging much (as you can see from the picture below) although i have eaten breakfast, drank my coffee and wiped mouth with tissue. To remove it entirely, you have to wipe if off with a wet tissue before you can get it off entirely.

Overall, the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge is able to give the effect of both lipstick and lipgloss. It gives my lips a beautiful natural sheen and a defined look without drying it up (i’m surprised that it is moisturizing enough as it doesn’t cause chapped lips like how some like lip products do). Most important of all, it doesn’t cause ‘bleeding’ around the lip line so i don’t need to line my lips with lip-liner achieve perfect well polished lips. Retailing at an affordable price of $18.90 each, the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge is a must-get product in this coming new year. 


* Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this blog entry are solely my own unless stated otherwise. Products Description & information are extracted from ZA’s Presskit

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