(Sponsored Review) Restoring skin radiance and vitality with Dr.G Total Active Line

Few months ago, i have attended the Dr.G Total Active Line event launch and this new series of anti-aging skincare line by GOWOONSESANG (DR. G) will restore skin radiance and vitality. The Dr.G Total active line actives your skin in five steps to restore the vitality and natural beauty. The systematic total skin care system consists of 4 products (In a clockwise direction):

Total Active Energy Toner (130ml)
Total Active Dual BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (50ml)
Total Active Multi Cream (50ml)
Total Active Capsule Essence (35ml)

GOWOONSESANG (DR. G) is the representative cosmeceutical brand in Korea which is established by 8 medical doctors (MD/PH.D), 33 dermatologists, 80 nurses and 100 medical estheticians with abundant clinical experiences of treating over 400000 patients since 1998. Gowoonsesang means ‘Beautiful World’ in Korean and Dr.G’s philosophy is developing medical formula for beautiful and healthy skin. With the established panel of clinical experts, state of art technology and high quality ingredients, Dr. G’s skincare products will rejuvenate skin inside out.

Milestones of Dr.G

1) Gowoonsesang is the No.1 Skincare Clinical Centre in Korea.

2) In Seoul, every 1 out of 8 women uses Dr.G’s skincare products and services

3) Gowoonsesang is the pioneer to introduce the concept of beauty into dermatology clinical field

4) Hydra Intensive Mask is the favorite mask of the wife of Korean President

5) Dr G is appointed by Asiana Airline to provide skincare services for their first class customers.

Dr.G currently has five skincare lines for different age groups and to cater for different skin concerns.

Dr.G is developed by Dr.Gun-young, Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang, World’s 2nd largest medical skincare group. He has over 20 years of clinical experiences on skin restoration. This expertise led to the creation of the D.G brand as Dr Gun entered a medical school with facial burnt obtained during his childhood. He treated his scar and restored the skin of many patients (from Gowoosesang Dermatology Clinic) thus earning a reputation in skin restoration area.  He has developed Dr.G by request of patients who wanted daily skincare after dermatological treatments.


Photo from SASA Singapore

The latest introduction to Dr.G skincare product lines will be the Dr.G Total Active Line and it is made for aging skin in mind. As skin ages, it will feel rough with more signs of aging appearing. Dr.G total Active line is a comprehensive skincare regimen which will take care of signs of aging (like dull skin, dryness, enlarged pores and loss of elasticity) and prevent damages to skin caused by harmful environmental factors.

Dr.G Total Active Line contains ‘5-Active Complex’ which consists of only patented substances. It works actively and effectively on the skin to make it healthy and revitalized through 5 kinds of skin improvements – Smoothing, Purifying, Brightening, Moisturizing and Lifting.

The 5-Active Complex will improve Skin Texture (Keratin Turnover, enhance skin surface, smooth-en skin texture), Detox Skin (Skin purification and soothing for detoxification, prevent loss of moisture, control skin aging),  Brighten Skin (Improve skin texture, color and complexion to give it transparency and brightness), Moisturizing (Tighten pores, retain skin moisture for long hours) and Elasticity (Hydrating and nourishing ingredients even out skin, hydrates, tighten and wrinkle care).


Have passed the entire set to my mum for review and the total skin care system consists of 4 products to be used after cleansing. Do note that i have tried the products on my hands at the event so i will be showing you the texture via these photos (as my mum is too shy to be featured on my blog).

The Total Active Energy Toner (130ml @ $45) will provides vitality and moisture to the skin. This active toner contains moisturizing substances and prevents dehydration such as Aqua Seal and Ice Berg, and it provides elasticity and moisture to the skin as it contains abundant moisture and removes dead skin cells. The 5 Active Complex and glacier water will supply moisture to skin to create resilient skin.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face as the first step of skincare and gently pat until fully absorbed.

Mum’s review: Toner is on the watery side and it does not cause my skin to turn sticky after swiping my skin with it.. It doesn’t cause any redness and stinging sensation when applied on. After application, skin feels softer to the touch, refreshed and more moisturized.


The Total Active Capsule Essence (30ml @ S$69) will provide purifying energy to the skin after toning. This highly concentrated essence contains pearl-tone vitamin capsules, Inca Omega Oil and Kombuchka substance which make rough and dull skin looks clear and moist. These nourishing ingredients will also firm up skin and prevents wrinkles. The Pearl colored capsule will brighten up dull skin and ‘wakes up’ to tired skin.

 After applying toner, apply an appropriate amount to the face, spread evenly and gently pat until fully absorbed.

Mum’s review: The essence contains small white pearls which ‘dissolved’ after application on skin. Texture of the essence has a slimy watery texture and it gets absorbed into my skin fast. It feels light on skin and it doesn’t leave behind any uncomfortable sensation. After application, skin feels smoother and more hydrated (sometimes, i will even skip using the Multi cream as skin already feel very moisturized). After using it for sometime, i observed that my skin isn’t as dull as before.

After the essence gets absorbed!

After applying the Capsule Essence, apply an appropriate amount of Total Active Multi cream (50ml @ S$69) to improves skin elasticity, complexion and texture. It contains Niacinamide, Phycojuvenine and Adenosine that make the skin firm and clear. It also contains Arctic glacier water and Hyalurosmooth which strength skin barrier, purify, moisturize and protects the skin.

Mum’s review: The cream is a little oily for my liking but once absorbed, the heavy sensation is gone. To combat the oiliness, i will just use a small amount and spread it out evenly. What i love about it will be it leave skin feeling very smooth and soft…

Last step will be to apply the Total Active Dual BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ (50ml @ S$55) to provide skin with multi-care function of essence and sun BB. This multi-care BB cream is a mixture of essence with sun BB cream. The moist essence forms a water-retaining protective film over the skin and sun BB which contains Crystal Powder makes the skin clear and transparent. The white base contains essence to supply nutrients and moisture while the beige base acts like BB cream to create healthy bright ceramic like skin.

*To use it, mix the beige and white base well before applying on the skin.

I tried this BB cream at the event itself and it instantly brighten up my dull skin, and covers redness relatively well (as picture below). The concept of the BB cream is really interesting as it has a white and beige swirl dual base! Do practice extra caution not to pump out too much product as texture is on the thicker side so a little amount will suffice (if not you will look very pale). Due to the white essence, the tone of the BB cream might be too light / pale if you are tanned. i would also say that coverage is build-able (medium to high). Texture wise, it isn’t heavy and it gives my skin a moist feel.


BB cream on the model’s skin (half-faced)

Left side with BB cream: More Radiant, brighter and even skintone. No greyish cast and imperfections were covered up well too.


Dr.G Total Active Line is now available exclusively at all SASA Singapore stores. Do like Sasa Singapore Facebook Page for more news and update from from skincare, fragrance, make-up to beauty & health products.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from SASA / Dr G Gowoonsesang Presskit and koreadepart.com website

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