My biggest moments in Year 2013

Thank you God for seeing me through 2013!! If i have to sum up 2013 in one sentence, i would say that it is a fast-moving year filled with plenty of blessings! 2013 will probably be the best and the most memorable year in my life. I’m really thankful for all the blessings and opportunity that i was given throughout the year. Not forgetting the unconditional love from my family, immediate family, cell members and friends.  Although i have 1 unfulfilled wish in 2013, i’m very positive that God will answer my prayer in 2014!  For people who knows what i’m referring to, continue to keep me in your prayers 🙂

Alright! Let me recap on the major happenings in 2013! Let’s go!

Gained a Husband!

Thank God for blessing me with good health, giving me strength and seeing me through my not so smooth sailing relationship life till i met my husband.. Thank you for sending me a husband and he’s all i could ever ask for in a life partner. I’m glad to be able to spend my life with someone who loves me so unconditionally and for ‘finding’ my pillar of strength & happiness. (Better stop here, i’m getting really mushy! LOL)


Some pictures extracted from Express-Oh Facebook Page)


Mr & Mrs Chua

D&J’s Future Home! 

This has to be the biggest purchase in our entire life! We have secured a high floor unit in the Waterbay EC Development in 2013.. Some people have been asking us why we have burdened ourselves with such an expensive purchase? So let me tell you that our house purchase journey has been a very unpleasant one. Despite being first time applicants and applying for houses near our parents, we have been unsuccessful in 5 recent BTO / SOBF exercises . The Q numbers that we were allocated were all very far from the number of units available, very frustrating!

Was complaining to my cousin (who is a housing agent) and we wanted him to keep a look out for resale units in Punggol. But he told us that the COV was very high and it would be very taxing for us if we were to pay for COV and renovation together. Hence after calculating it for us, he recommended us to get a unit from the WaterBay Development.. No regrets as the house is near to my in-laws house and it is on a high floor … The unit will be ready in Q1 2016 and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be ready in Q3 2015! So looking forward to having our own house and that we can start to host people for future gatherings!


From Nothing to Something! (Some pictures extracted from Waterbay EC FB group)


Our Block is Growing! Picture taken in December!

Good-Bye Long Hair

Soon after my wedding, I’ve decided to make an exciting change to my appearance.. So i took the plunge and cut my hair short! Have been thinking of cutting it short as long hair is so hard to manage but i have to keep to long for the wedding. After cutting it, i reckon that i won’t be keeping my hair long for a while as i love my short hair now! It makes me look more fresh, young and stylish. Moreover, it is so much earlier to maintain! I don’t have to style it, just have to blow dry it for 10 mins and i’m ready to go. Right now, i’m thinking of getting a BOLD color in 2014… Muahahaha!


Visited Taiwan Again!

The 3th trip to Taiwan together with the hubs! As mentioned before, despite of visiting the country many times, we will never get sick of it.:) Besides the nice scenery and weather, what we love about Taiwan will be the friendly & warm people who will go all out for you.. On many occasions when we asked for directions, people will always bring us there or explain till we understand. Not only that, the transport system is so much better than Singapore whereby people will queue to get into the train orderly and they won’t push and shove! Train service is much more reliable with no train breakdowns and also better frequencies. Lastly, we love the shopping and food there (comes with excellent service as well) so there’s 101 reasons for me to visit Taiwan again & again!

This time around, we went to Taipei , Kahsiung , Kenting & Taichung and there was a typhoon when we were there. Thank God we were in Taichung and it was well-protected by the surroundings. One special thing that we did during this trip was to ‘Hotel-Hop’. Basically we stayed in 9 different hotels during the 10 days trip and it was quite an experience! Despite having to lug our heavy luggage from place to place, we had fun trying out the different rooms. 🙂

The place which leave the deepest impression on me is Kenting and i will be back to visit again… Have told the Hubs that i would like to do my solo trip to Taiwan next year and he just gave me the approval! Yeah!!! Exciting 2014! 🙂



Hotel Éclat Taipei

New folder18

E-Da Skylark Hotel Kaohsiung


Hotel Dua Kahsiung

New folder20

R8 Eco Hotel Kaohsiung


H Resort Pingtung


微。逗留 We Stay Kenting


INO home Taichung

New folder24

Forro Cafe Taichung

New folder25

Park Taipei Hotel Taipei

Before i end this post, i would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May your 2014 be filled with Joy, Happiness and abundant blessings in all areas of your life! XOXOXO!

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