The Chinese New Year Checklist!

Hello Everyone!

It seems like yesterday that we have celebrated Christmas and New Year. Now in the blink of an eye, Chinese New Year is arriving in less than 2 weeks!!!

As a rule of thumb, the significance of the Chinese New Year is all about ‘Renewal’ and ‘Starting Afresh’..  Year 2013 might be filled with negativity and misfortunes so for the coming new year, you can ‘bring’ in new opportunities to start afresh. Therefore, it is important to introduce positive vibes and new energy into your home this coming Chinese new year.

This is the first year i’m spending Chinese New Year with a ‘married’ status so there’s more things for me to do and prepare. If you still clueless on what preparation work will get you ready for Chinese New Year, i have prepared a checklist of the basic tasks you should do. 🙂

Chinese New Year Checklist:

(X) Spring Cleaning and throwing away ‘spoilt items’

(X) Shopping for groceries /stocking up on food items for visitors

(  ) Decorate the house with Chinese New Year luck-bringing decorations

(  ) Get a new hair cut/ hair do (Do check out these Hair Chalks if you need non-permanent hair highlights!)

(  ) Visit to the Bank for new notes and preparation of red packets

(  ) Shop for new outfits to wear during the new year

As you can see, i have only achieved 2 out of 6 tasks! Haha! -time not enough-

Will be decorating the house closer to Chinese New Year and i have already booked an appointment to cut my hair on 25 January (Urgh! There’s $10 CNY surcharge!!). Will be getting my mum to help me change new notes and i’m still in the midst of shopping for new outfits!

This year, i am doing most of my outfit shopping online and i wish to avoid the crowd at shopping centers. Nothing beats shopping at the comfort of your own home at anytime and having your purchases delivered to your doorstep..

One of the online shops that i’m getting my Chinese New Year outfits from would be ZALORA Singapore Being the largest online fashion retailer in Singapore carrying over 500 brands and thousands of products at affordable prices, you will be spoilt for choice.. This is exactly what i am facing now, there’s so much nice Chinese New Year Clothes via the Chinese New Year page so i don’t know which to buy! Help!!!


Photo from Zalora website


EZRA High Neck Tie Swing Dress (Click here)


INNER CIRCLE CNY Polka Dot Cheongsam (Click Here)


EZRA Lace Mix Cutout Pencil Dress (Click Here)


INNER CIRCLE CNY Rose Cheongsam (Click Here)

So which dress should i buy as I can only choose one? If only the customer service consultants at ZALORA can help me make my choice (Haha! Just joking!).

As mentioned earlier, every shopping experience will be easy and fun as there’s a great team of local customer service consultants on stand by via FB message, hotline, or email to assist you if you need them. You can also enjoy perks like free shipping and free returns (subjected to terms and conditions)! Lastly, remember to sign up for Zalora newsletter and you will be entitled to a S$10 cash voucher as well keeping track on the latest info on Zalora’s deals and promotions.. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates

Alright! Off to run my errands and have a great Sunday ahead! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Print screens are extracted from Zalora’s website.

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