(Event) GoodSkin Labs FIRM-365 Launch & Firming Workshop

Hello! I was invited to GoodSkin Lab Firm-365 media launch last Friday to learn more about skin firming care. GoodSkin Labs is established in 2007 and the brand features latest advancements in skincare science dedicated to fighting age concerns for everyone and all skin types. From fine lines, wrinkles, dark under eye circles or loss of skin volume and clarity; the scientists at GoodSkin Labs have researched, developed and tested effective skincare technologies to provide consumers with the instant and long-term solutions that address aging skin’s unique needs.

Goodskin Lab offers powerful and highly effective skincare products.

Using the newest and safest innovations science, all  GoodSkin Labs products are formulated with highly efficacious ingredients and put through clinical laboratory testing to ensure that it works. What’s more, the products are fragrance-free and can be used by anyone to boost their anti-aging skincare regimen.

GoodSkin Labs – Aging care line for everyone!

During the launch, two new products were introduced and they are the Eyliplex-2 (for the delicate eye area) & FIRM-365 (for the face)! Our eyes are often the first tell-age of aging when the content of elastin in the skin start to diminish and ‘Crow’s Feet’ starts to form.. As for the face, aging tell-signs like fine lines, wrinkles, less plump cheeks and dilated pore will form when skin’s elastin fibers diminishes & loses elasticity overtime as we age. These 2 products are ‘God-Sent’ to delay and fight against signs of aging without any surgical procedures!

Diminish tell signs of aging on your eye & face areas!

Since eye cream is something i cannot do without as part of my skincare routine, the Eyliplex-2™ caught my attention with its breakthrough, 24 hour system with 2 innovative formulas dual solution. The scientists at GoodSkin Labs developed 2 entirely separate formulas – 1 for day and 1 for night – and combined them into 1 convenient package. They provide intense treatments targeting both daytime and night-time concerns separately and together.

The white container contains a refreshing day gel which will visibly lifts and tightens eye area skin. With just one application, eyes will look less tired-looking, smoother & less lined. With regular use, the exclusive antioxidant and mineral complex will promote a more youthful appearance!

The creamy night balm will help to reduce dark circles and administers potent renewal therapy while skin’s sleeping. During skin rejuvenation time at night, the night balm will restore firmness and visibly reduces the appearance of crepiness while the special complex boosts natural collagen production to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Fast-Acting Day Gel

1. Superlift™ visibly lifts and tightens the eye area nearly erasing appearance of wrinkles by filling them in on the surface of the skin.

2. Advanced Rho-Cite™ Complex is a cocktail of antioxidants and minerals that fortifies the skin’s structural system and protects it against daily environmental stressors.

Long-Lasting Night Balm

1. Haloxyl PFE™ is a new powerful extract to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and restore firmness.

2. Mala-Plump™ Complex, another unique cocktail of minerals and antioxidants, helps combat free radicals and environmental aggressors while also boosting skin’s natural collagen production.

Proven Results.

Studies by GoodSkin Labs scientists have proven Eyliplex-2™ is significantly effective at tightening the feel of eye area skin, giving it a more lifted look and reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Instantly: 64% of subjects reported younger looking eyes.
After 4 weeks: 20% reduction in the appearance of dark circles.
After 8 weeks: 56% visible increase in lifting.

Have tried both the gel and night balm during the event and texture is non-sticky and light! It also gets absorbed into the skin fast without greasiness.

2 breakthrough formulas, one convenient package.

GoodSkin Labs also have another eye cream known as the CIRCLEPLEX-2™ which will guard, repair the sensitive area around the eyes and get rid of dark circles around the clock. Each 24 hour system contains a color correcting lightweight day cream to hydrate and creates a protective layer against sun exposure’ while the night cream soothes and hydrates


As you age, your skin / facial features will starts to sag when it loses elasticity and firmness. If you wish to ‘reverse’ this and ‘enjoy’ radiant & firmer looking skin, FIRM-365™  tackles these signs of aging and delivers instant and long-term results (without the intervention of aggressive surgical procedures). This facial firming serum with V-Technology is designed to visibly firm and lift skin, thus providing a more refined, rejuvenated and defined contoured look. It works by providing immediate hydration and radiance to skin while promoting skin’s natural elastin and collagen production to visibly repair skin’s appearance for firmer, more sculpted and radiant-looking skin over time.

No more saggy skin with advanced skincare technology from Goodskin Labs!

With highly effective ingredients and technology as below, FIRM-365™ formula delivers a targeted firming and lifting solution. A potent blend of vitamins and nutrients helps boost skin’s natural production of collagen, while peptides and moisturizers help to plump skin for a firmer, sculpted look.  It is suitable for all skin as it does not contain any fragrance that will irritate skin (uses natural herbs like Chamomile and Turmeric roots for its natural vanilla smell).

V-Tecnology  Lifting and firming benefits from ingredients, including vitamins & nutrients that support skin’s natural collagen production

CME – A Vitamin C & E complex that helps support skin’s natural collagen production to help visibly lift and firm

Photozomes – Photo activated enzymes with plankton extract helps support collagen and elastin so skin appears more
firm and youthful

Argireline – supports natural collagen production to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and firm the

Radiance cocktail– A blend of pearls for instant radiance upon application and glucosamine to gently slough away dead skin for smoother skin

Moisturization – Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose work together to help skin absorb water and retain it

As part of its philosophy, FIRM-365™ are formulated with highly efficacious ingredients and is put through clinical laboratory testing to ensure that it works. After testing and analysis, it is clinically proven to help user achieve firmer, younger looking skin which is smooth and more defined.

Clinical Study Results
Immediate: 100% of women demonstrated significant improvement in skin radiance
After 4 Weeks: 89% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness
After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness

Sensory Study Results
Immediate: 91% of women noticed skin was moisturized, 83% of women felt skin looked more healthy
After 4 Weeks: 91% of women noticed skin looked more radiant, 88% of women felt skin looks firmer, 86% of women felt skin looks lifted

For the FIRM-365 to ‘display’ 100% effectiveness, the trainer told us that we have to MASSAGE 3-5 drops of the serum on the Forehead, eye area, chin and neck in an upward, one way direction. Once done, hold for a few seconds to stable the contour then follow with moisturizer.

On top of the two new products, GoodSkin Labs also carries an extensive product line to cater to different ‘aging concerns’ as below.

The scientists at GoodSkin Labs knew modern life is stressful and signs will slow on the skin. Hence, Exten-10™ was developed to help restore skin’s youthful appearance and promote skin repair & renewal. It will also visibly reverse damage and protect against future damage for younger looking skin.

Exten-10™ contains three new youth-prompting discoveries:

1. HA Brightening Blend – An advanced combination of skin’s ultimate hydrator, hyaluronic acid, with brightening technology  helps restore youthful vibrancy to dull, aging skin.

2. Sirtuin Power Complex – Supports skin’s natural stimulation of proteins, boosting its ability to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. It also helps skin resist daily, aging stresses to prevent future damage.

3. Triple Sunscreen Technology – the scientists at GoodSkin Labs didn’t forget about the #1 cause of aging: sun exposure. Exten-10™ includes a unique broad spectrum SPF 15 complex to keep skin protected from UVA/UVB damage all day long.

Exten-10 – Your daily defense tool against aging

One of the most telling signs of aging skin is hyperpigmentation (dark spots) which is normally caused by sun exposure, free radicals, acne, genetics and hormonal changes. These factors “attacks” and causes inflammation at the cellular level. As a result, skin goes into protective mode, triggering melanin synthesis that ultimately leads to discoloration.

Using the latest breakthrough in hyperpigmentation technology, Equinol™ target dark spots with its multi-pronged approach to both repair and prevent hyperpigmentation. It significantly and safely reduce the look of dark spots and improves skin tone for a youthful, even complexion. In clinical studies, Equinol™ is proven to diminish the appearance of dark spots and improve skin tone for a youthful, even complexion.

Instantly: Clarity: 73% improvement.
12 Weeks: Spots: 55% reduction in visible size and color intensity of dark spots.

Dark spots go away with Equinol!

To treat wrinkles and saggy skin, Tri-Aktiline™ PLUS works with a concentrated multi-pronged approach to diminish the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles instantly.  With regular use, skin will turn firmer, be more lifted while the length and depth of wrinkles are visibly reduced. Tri-Aktiline™ PLUS acts 3 ways to deliver both instant and long-term results.It was rigorously tested in clinical trials, proven effective to instantly fill wrinkles + firm skin over time.

FILL: Spherical powders fill wrinkles.
TIGHTEN: Polymer network tightens the skin for visible reduction in wrinkle depth.
PERFECT: NyloBlend uses soft focus technology to virtually eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

100%of subjects demonstrated improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

FIRM: PromoLift™ provides improved firming benefits.
PLUMP: Tea Extract plumps wrinkles to help smooth the appearance of surface lines.
REPAIR: Phytomatrix 100 helps stimulate natural collagen to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

After 4 weeks: 89% of subjects demonstrated a significant visible improvement in lifting and firming.

After 8 weeks: 49% visible reduction in length and depth of lines and wrinkles in clinical studies.

Tri-Aktiline™ PLUS

Another tell sign of aging would be dilated pores due to loss of skin elasticity and sagging. For younger skin, enlarged pores will occur when it is clogged with dirt / oil or it might be caused by stress, hormones, and environmental aggressors. To improve this situation, Z-Pore™ Instant Pore Refiner from GoodSkin Lab will minimize the look of pores with just 1 use and effect will last all day!

Z-Pore combines special silicone polymers and optical diffusers to instantly reduce the look of pores and provide a soft matte finish. This lightweight pore perfector smoothes on skin to immediately hide pores and impart a natural-looking, velvety smooth, flawless finish. The effect will lasts all day due to its water, sweat and humidity-resistant formula.

In clinical studies, Z-Pore™ was proven to diminish the appearance of pores, mattify the skin and control oil – Instantly, pores will look more refined and skin will be less oily and shiny.  Skin will also have long-lasting flawless matte finish.

Z-Pore™ Instant Pore Refiner

After you are done with the needed skincare, apply a layer of the BB10™ Instant Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 35  to instantly moisturize skin, even out complexion, conceals imperfections and provides the skin with a luminous glow while controlling shine. This all-in-one product helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with continuous use. With SPF 35, it will protect skin and prevent new signs of aging by guarding it from sun damage and daily environmental aggressors.

BB10™ works by using natural peptides to stimulate collagen to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It contains natural minerals to act as mattifiers to control oil and keep complexion looking fresh and healthy for long hours. BB10™ has a lightweight and silky texture which glides on for a naturally perfected look. It was rigorously tested, proven effective to instantly provide smoother, more radiant, visibly flawless skin.

10 Benefits in 1 Perfect Formula

From now till 09 Feb 2014, you can participle in the 365 “V” poses contest for Valentine’s Day campaign. Just strike a “V’ pose with your hands on your jaw area (as below) and upload your pictures on SaSa SG Offical FB page or tag @sasasingapore on Twitter and Instagram.

Present the uploaded post at any SaSa store to redeem a complimentary Firm-365 Facial Firming Serum 5ml sample. 365 V posers will be shortlisted to complete a collage to be published on V’day. In additions, 5 lucky V posers will get to win Goodskin Labs product hamper worth $400 and SaSa gift Certificates worth $200. Come join in the fun! 🙂

Before i end this entry, i would like to thank SaSa Singapore for the media invite! My MIL was really delighted when i passed her the two products to try. 🙂


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from GoodSkin Labs Presskit and website

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