My Skin Journey with Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) |Part One

It is scary how time flies and we are already one month into Year 2014! This new year, i’m reaching another milestone as i’m turning 30 in October! -_-

Turning 30 can be kind of depressing when the reality of Ageing hits me hard! Have been comforting myself and learning to accept it by consoling myself with the fact that medical advances will improve quality of life & youth. One major concern of ageing would be my skin! Despite turning 30, i’m still battling with adult acne along with signs of ageing (like fine lines, dilated pores, dark under eye circles, dull skin, loss of skin elasticity and clarity etc).

To improve all the problematic skin issues and to improve my appearance, here i am at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) treating myself to a youthful indulgence. Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) is the latest expansion of Trinity Medical Group and the established teams of doctors are committed to provide a range of FDA-approved aesthetic treatments that are safe, effective and natural at affordable prices. As everyone is unique, the team firmly believe in customizing each treatment to suit each unique skin type, facial contours and medical conditions, to achieve optimum natural results.

Directions: Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) is located at  87 Marine Parade Central, Level 2. The building is opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre and on the same side as MacDonald (right opposite). At the entrance of the building, take the escalator near to the ANZ banking facilities and turn left upon reaching the 2nd level. 

Trinity Medical Centre (Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery) @ Marine Parade

Upon stepping into the clinic, i was greeted warmly and welcomed by the clinic assistants who assisted me in the registration process. Registration was done fast and i was quickly ushered to the waiting area. The clinic is very spacious, modernly decorated, clean and neat with chic furnishings. Completed with soft lightnings, it creates an non-intimating atmosphere which puts one at ease. If you are bored during waiting, there’s TV, books and magazines to keep you entertained..

Trinity Medical Centre @ Marine Parade Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 8:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00, 18:00-21:00
Weekends: 8:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00
Public Holidays: 8:30-12:30 (Closed on certain PH)

Website / Facebook Page

To avoid long waiting time, you can choose to fix an appointment by calling (+65) 6344 0027

The reception area

Part of the waiting area

Magazines and Brochures for your reading pleasure

Products showcase

On my first appointment, a detailed consultation assessment would be done by the doctor before the treatment. My pre-treatment consultation was conducted by Dr Kan (really friendly, warm, caring and knowledgeable doctor) whereby she understood more about my lifestyle, skin history, skin issue and condition before customizing appropriate procedures for me.

After taking a look at my skin, she told me that the main trigger points for my acne condition are due to high sebum production. Hence, she has recommended me to undergo laser treatment to target inflammatory acne, control sebum production, minimize pores and also to remove dead skin cell and mild acne scars (it can also reduce my fine lines! yay!). She also make sure that my concerns are well taken care of and also ensure that i’m comfortable with the recommended procedures before bringing me to the treatment room.

Clean and Bright Treatment Room

Dr Kan has recommended me to do the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel* as it works best for my oily acne prone skin, dilated pores and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Spectra Carbon Laser Peel is Trinity Medical Centre’s best-selling laser treatment s it is suitable for anyone (with no downtime) to target inflammatory acne, oily skin, large skin pores, mild acne scars and fine wrinkles effectively..

Dr Kan has told me that i would probably need a series of 5- 6 treatments at intervals of 3 weeks in order to see better results. In between treatments, Dr Kan would also be prescribing me some products to treat acne and to keep oily skin at bay.

*Spectra Laser Peel is an effective yet gentle carbon-assisted laser treatment which is highly effective in controlling / reducing all types of acne inflammation, reducing excessive oil and sebum production, unclogging pores and reduces pores size. It helps to reduces redness from past acne inflammation,calms skin, eliminate brown spots, improves acne scars, uneven skin tone & texture and fine lines. It also aids with regenerating collagen and reduces fine wrinkles while softens skin tone. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and one can resume normal activity immediately afterwards.

Spectra Carbon Laser Peel, Package prices start at $280/session

Spectra Carbon Laser Peel will not cause any scabs, pain or bleeding hence no numbing cream is required. After the clinic assistant removed my makeup and cleansed my skin, she applied a thin layer of carbon lotion prior treatment to enhance the absorption of the laser beam. Dr Kan told me that this unique treatment will help to reduce the flare-ups of acne, make those superficial acne scars unnoticeable and at the same time stimulate skin collagen growth. However during the 1st session, i might experience some purging (aka breakouts) as the laser peel will ‘push out’ impurities that are embedded deep within my pores.

My black ‘Carbon face’

During the treatment, the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel machine will ’emit’ a loud buzzing sound which can sound really intimating. Haha! When the laser was administered on my skin, all i felt was prickling sensation which wasn’t painful but just a little uncomfortable.

After doing laser on the whole face, Dr Kan concentrate on areas whereby there’s a lot of clogged pores (my jawline and nose area) before ‘blasting’ the carbon off. The buzzing sound got louder but there wasn’t any pain or discomfort.

Everything was done in about 25 mins and i was rather surprised to see that there’s no redness or ‘raw-sensation (often associated with chemical peel). There’s really no pain, no harshness and no downtime (so you can just resume your normal duty right after the treatment). Instantly, my skin felt smoother to the touch, cleaner and skin tone is more even with improved clarity.


Click to enlarge – (Left) Before Treatment (Right) 2 hours after Treatment.

On the 2nd day onwards, i did experience some breakouts which i had already braced myself for. I just continued to apply the products that Dr Kan had prescribed me with (which i will talk more about it via my next entry). After 1 treatment, i could feel that my skin is less greasy and skin appears to be brighter and more radiant. On the 5th day onwards, the breakouts from purging started to clear (which is fast IMO and i believe it is due to the laser + the acne treatment products).

Now it is 10 days post treatment and i felt that my skin appears to be healthier with reduce breakouts, less redness and more even skin texture. The more controlled oil secretion has also results in lesser clogged pores and bumps. Overall, i felt that my skintone is brighter and so much more even (and radiant)! However, there’s no change to my pores size and i believe that the situation will improve after more laser treatments. Can’t wait to experience more benefits from the subsequent treatments.


Click to enlarge – 10 days post treatment, with only sunblock, eyeliner and lip balm on


Click to enlarge – Side by Side Comparison (Before / 2 hours after / 10 days after)

Will be going for the 2nd session soon and i will be back with more updates. Meanwhile, have a blessed week ahead! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Skin Journey with Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) |Part One

  1. diz says:

    Hey Jermaine! Thanks for blogging about your experiences. Having been plagued by similar problems myself, I’m keen on finding a solution to my pimply problems. Between Trinity and Rafflesian, which did you feel helped you more for your skin? 🙂

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