(Event) GEOX 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

Before the Chinese New Year break, i was invited to the GEOX 2014 Spring/Summer Collection preview session. For people who are new to this brand, allow me to do a short introduction:

Geox, being one of the main players in the Italian and international footwear and apparel market actively creates, produces, promotes and distributes footwear. GEOX is well-known for its invention of the “shoe that breathes”- the patented technology of small holes in the sole of the shoe which allows air out, but serves as a barrier to water from the outside. This exclusive innovative technology is used in the manufacturing and designing of all GEOX footwear*. As suchGEOX has created a cult-like following in more than 100 countries with its breathable technology and stylish Italian design.

*At the heart of GEOX technology is this invention of a microporous membrane that acts like a second skin.  When placed inside the GEOX perforated rubber sole, the membrane manages sweat and heat, allowing humidity to be evaporated, keeping water out and feet dry. Each membrane pore is big enough to allow  sweat vapour (which is 700 times smaller than a water droplet) through, but prevents water entering the sole. Both waterproof and breathable, GEOX’s revolutionary technology provides comfort and wellbeing by constantly eliminating moisture and preventing odours that typically develop when shoes don’t ventilate, recreating an ideal microclimate inside the shoe to keep feet cool and dry in the summer, and warm and dry in the winter.


GEOX’s slogan – The shoes that breathe

Geox group’s innovation is protected by a total of over 60 different patents registered in Italy and extended at international level. As for shoes and apparel, here’s some of the examples:

Rubber patent

The first rubber patent was developed in the footwear sector to solve the problem of feet perspiration in rubber soles. Geox exclusive solution consists of three different parts: a perforated inferior part (the outsole), a superior perforated part (the mid-sole) and a third part placed between the outsole and the mid-sole defined in the patent as “membrane permeable to vapour but waterproof”. The combination of the membrane characterized by selective pores, with holes on the outsole and foot-strap, allows vapour to move out, preventing water to enter.

Leather patent

The objective of the leather patent was to develop an innovative technology aimed at rendering the leather sole impermeable without impeding its natural transpiration quality. In this case the Group has applied the abovementioned constructive methodology, by using the membrane in order to waterproof leather soles.

Apparel patent

This patent was created to ease body transpiration and it is mainly used in the shoulder area. The application of this patent consists in the use of a constructive system of the garment based on the creation of a cavity between the fabric and the body: this allows to exploit the natural movement of warm air, letting it raise and exit through the  upper part of the garment.


The GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Footwear collection consists of classic and casual footwear and apparel for men, women, and children. Taking on earth tones with fresh spring hues, the GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Footwear collection channels a carefree mood fit for the trendy cosmopolitan lifestyle. Incorporating GEOX’s signature concept of ‘breathable’ footwear, each collection for men, women and junior blends the groundbreaking technology with the latest fashion trend for unmatched comfort and style.


GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Footwear collection (for men, women, and children)

Kids at Play (Junior Footwear Collection)

Parents can also look forward to a range of ballerina flats, sneakers and sandals in various shades of pink littered with floral and butterfly motifs in tribute to spring and outdoor play.

For the Girls’ Collection, you can expect colourful and casual trendy range designed for movement (made of soft leather and canvas). Emitting nothing but carefree and dynamic vibes, the sneakers and ballerina flats  are designed with fluo colors and glossy mesh details. Apart from the retro tennis-inspired range, the girls collection also features a more versatile, sporty and casual style. The shoes contain ultra-energetic colors enriched by distinctive details, like studs and all-over jacquard prints made from a choice of fabric or leather.

CIAK (Denim or printed canvas sneakers)

The CIAK sneakers comes with GEOX’s technology – Breathable and waterproof patented sole which can be removed for washing.

For girls who love to have ‘Sparkles’ with each step, the NEW JOCKER sneakers with GEOX breathable and waterproof patented sole will brighten up their days.

NEW JOCKER – Shining textile and suede or shining denim and suede sneakers.

For causal days, the SANDAL GIGLIO donned in shiny textile and geobuck with breathable and waterproof patented sole will make walking enjoyable for your little ones.

SANDAL GIGLIO comes with removable flower clip and patent sole

The versatile sports theme is the key focus of the Boys’ collection for day-to-day living and outdoor adventures. The ‘retro tennis’ look takes centre stage with sneakers and moccasins made from suede or canvas sporting several vintage details, brilliant colours and an unusual mix of materials and prints.  The designs emphasized on what childhood should be like – Cheerful, Carefree and Fun! Moreover, Comfort isn’t comprised as all shoes are made with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

LIGHT ECLIPSE – Mesh and printed durabuck sneakers with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

One of the must buy sporty casual sneaker would be the TORQUE sneakers which is made from mesh or suede features GEOX signature patent. This sporty casual sneaker is incorporated with a special breathable and waterproof membrane on its perforated rubber sole, which helps to expel sweat and prevents water from penetrating.

TORQUE – Mesh and suede sneakers with anti-shock, breathable and waterproof patented sole

SMART – Canvas /Faded leather / technical textile sneakers

For the Modern Women on the Move (Women’s Footwear Collection)

For modern multi-tasking ladies with a busy lifestyle filled with work appointments, family events and leisure activities etc, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection presents a wide range of styles to match every mood and occasion. From floral patterns, soft powdery tones to the spirit-lifting imagery of the Eden, the Spring/Summer 2014 women’s footwear collection pushes GEOX revolutionary technology into new grounds. With sturdier construction, more rainproof and six times more breathable, the improved GEOX patent is applied to assorted classic and casual styles that upthread stylishly throughout the multi-occasion collection.

GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Footwear collection

One item not to be missed would be the DIONISA moccasin in goat leather features. Highly bendable /flexible, the rubber sole is perforated and incorporates a special breathable and waterproof membrane, which expels sweat but prevents water from penetrating.

DIONISA – Goat leather moccasin with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

With special focus on buckled wedges, kitten heels and other feminine styles span from peep-toe pumps, ballerina flats, strappy sandals and loafers; the 2014 Spring/ Summer collection is out to captivate you! 🙂

LESLIE – Pearled or goat leather ballet pump with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

CHARLENE – Suede ballet pump with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

DONYALE – Pearled leather decolletè with Breathable and waterproof patented sole

Even the heels from GEOX comes with the patent perforated outsole and membrane.  The perforated rubber sole incorporates a special breathable and waterproof membrane, which expels sweat but prevents water from penetrating. While the membrane will work to keep water out and feet dry (Even sweat, in the form of water vapour, can pass through the membrane and out through the perforated sole)

RITVA – Goat suede ballet pump with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

MARVA – Printed leather moccasin with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

I was surprised to see that GEOX carries a wide range of stylish heels that incorporates both fashion and technology. Was informed that each Geox product is the result of patented researches which are carried out in Italian laboratories and in collaboration with major European universities. Each new collection is created by the best Italian designers to bring everyone footwear and fashion apparel made of Italian fashion and technology.

MARANTA – Printed leather or goat leather and polished leather wedge sandal with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

NURIT – Printed leather sandal with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

NOLINA – Nappa or suede and faded patent with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

NOLINA – Goat leather and smooth leather or printed leather and patent sandal.
With Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

MARANTA – Printed leather or goat leather and polished leather wedge sandal with
Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

JOLANDA- Goat leather and polished or suede and polished sandal.
Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

The Urban Traveler (Men’s Footwear Collection)

For the men, GEOX dedicates its Spring/Summer 2014 men’s footwear collection to the urban traveler who rigorously seeks stylish top-performing footwear for his daily engagements. Channeling a vast imagery of urban moments, nomadic travels and sea-side escapades, the collection offers a broad selection of sneakers, high tops, desert boots, boat shoes and loafers suited for informal affairs and casual Fridays.

Spring/Summer 2014 men’s footwear collection

The collection highlights include a modern and fresh selection of Velcro-strap sandals, driving loafers and sneakers in waxed leather, suede and technical materials, tinted in muted timeless shades to exotics hues. Each pair is conscientiously engineered with GEOX hallmark breathing technology and thermo-regulating properties. Each pair of shoe is also fitted with the special perforated rubber sole and incorporates a special breathable and waterproof membrane, which expels sweat but prevents water from penetrating.

SMART – Smooth leather and technical fabric or smooth leather and canvas sneakers. Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

SMART- Smooth leather and technical fabric sneakers. Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

IDOL – Smooth leather sneakers. Breathable and waterprooof patented sole.

What’s so special about the Spring  Summer Collection would be the range of vibrant colors. Why not pamper yourself with different ranges of shoes in various hues – pearl gray, navy, dusty blue, chestnut and toffee brown with a flash of orange and lime. The colour palette also spans from timeless elegance of ivory, navy and caramel to the exotic hues of papaya and mango to accents of flaming red and turquoise.

JOURNEY – Tumbled leather laced shoes with breathable and waterproof patented sole. 

LUCA – Suede moccasin with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

RYLAN – Suede or tumbled leather moccasin with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

ZAL – Suede shoes with Breathable and waterproof patented sole.

Another signature range not to be missed in the GEOX 2014 Spring/Summer Men Collection Ultra is the XENSE sneaker. Featuring the new Xense technology, these ultralight XENSE sneakers made from suede and mesh or waxed leather allows for natural roll in your stride, letting you feel the ground almost as if you were walking barefoot. Xense features extra-large perforations in the sole that, when combined with the full-size membrane,enhance breathability and provide high levels of performance, even in the hottest climates. A polyester layer protects feet from sharp objects – even in the perforated areas of the sole – without impeding the escape of excess heat through the sole itself.

CULT- Waxed leather or suede sneakers. Sole with extra large perforation and full-size waterproof and breathable membrane.

XITY – Textile and suede sneakers. Sole with extra-large perforation and full-size waterproof and breathable membrane.

In the Spring / Summer 2014 Collection,  GEOX has collaborated with iconic footwear designer Patrick Cox to launch the  GEOX Designed by Patrick Cox capsule collection.

Canadian born British designer, Patrick Cox is well-known for his cutting edge design shoes for men and women. After graduation, he collaborated on shoe collections with iconic fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood. Cox launched his own Patrick Cox label in 1986 and the Wannabe label in 1994. His Wannabe loafer is arguably the most commercially successful loafer launched in modern times. Cox has been called the “Ferragamo” of the MTV generation and with his cool shoes, he made everyone aware that shoe designers existed. Stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and David Beckham have all stepped out in Cox’s shoes. Twice awarded the British Accessories Designer of the Year Award (1994 and 1995) and the Fashion Medal of Honour by the Footwear Association of New York in 1996, his shoes can be found in the museum collections worldwide

GEOX Designed by Patrick Cox capsule collection.

GEOX Designed by Patrick Cox capsule collection consists of ladies and men range. For the guys, there’s the Blobby & Hix Collection which features Mocassino and Sneakers suitable for work / causal wear.

BLOBBY Mocassin collection is made from tumbled leather and suede completed with GEOX breathable and waterproof patented sole. HIX sneakers is made from patent or suede patent material with breathable and waterproof patented sole.

Blobby & Hix Collection

Blobby & Hix Collection

Blobby & Hix Collection

For the ladies, there’s wedges and sneakers to choose from! The PEONIA collection features wedge sandals made with Suede and printed with zebra prints! Comfort isn’t sacrificed as the wedge also has breathable and waterproof patented sole.

For casual weekends, MODESTY collection ( Made with leather / suede with breathable and waterproof patented sole) will liven things up with its vibrant colors scheme and zebra prints.

PEONIA Collection

MODESTY collection

The PEONIA & MODESTY ladies collections

Complete the look with the GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Apparel collection that is designed for the multi-faceted urban wanderers who covets a modern elegance with comfort in min. GEOX is also pleased to bring you the Men’s and Women’s Apparel Collection – The Urban Wanderer. Perfect for your 2014 winter holidays,  (it’s never too early to plan!), the GEOX winter jackets are stylish and high performing with the signature GEOX technology.

For the MEN’s travel jackets, it is enriched with utility and cellular phone pockets and a new resin-coated eco-friendly zip. Incorporating GEOX’s hallmark technological assets, the outerwear is waterproof, wind resistant and thermoregulated.

With key features like air holes, vents, reflective bands and thermo-soldered zips, the women’s collection in pretty hues of chalky pastels brings a touch of modern and sporty elegance.

Before i end this sneak preview blog entry, i would like to share more on the Amphibiox FW13 digital campaign. The campaign was a blockbuster hit and it earned GEOX a Gold Lion award in advertising at the Cannes Film Festival.  For this campaign, GEOX went to the ‘rainiest place on earth’ to prove the extreme qualities of its waterproof line Amphibiox. Through multiple customized devices, GEOX reproduced the adverse conditions required for the test, creating non-stop rain and constant humidity for a week. The test was filmed and turned into an interactive document where everyone will be able to see the tester’s effort and learn more about the innovative qualities of the Amphibiox shoes. You can view the campaign HERE

Amphibiox is a breakthrough technique that enables shoes to have unprecedented & total waterproof and breathability abilities. It will work to keep your feet dry and also creates an ideal microclimate for the feet. All thanks to the special breathable and water repelling membrane applied to both the outsole and to the shoe’s upper. The waterproof membrane and repelling materials will keep the water out and thus reducing drying times and keeping the shoe lightweight. It offers the best protection from rain, mud and snow, by enabling your feet to stay dry and comfortable. All Amphibiox shoes also comes with patented GEOX sole to makes sure the feet are always ventilated (While staying dry).

The Amphibiox range (already in stores under the Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection) covers a variety of needs and occasions spanning formal and outdoors footwear.

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

Fall/Winter 2013 Amphibiox men’s collection

GEOX Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is available at all GEOX boutiques in Singapore from February 2014 onward. Do check it out if you wish to invest in a pair of high quality shoe which looks good and yet makes your feet comfortable.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from GEOX’s Presskit and Facebook Page

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