Eliminating Rashes with Dr Qu’s Skincare & Bodycare Ranges

In February, my poor hubby has a sudden ‘hives/rashes’ breakouts all over his body… Not only it is unsightly, it itched really badly thus causing him to lose sleep… After visiting the skin doctor, he was told that the hives were due to his viral infection and it should clear up within 2 weeks… However after finishing one dosage of the medicine / cream, the situation was still not under control and he has to undergo another treatment of medication / cream.. After almost finishing the 2nd course of medication / cream treatment, the situation is more or less controlled but he will still suffer from ‘mild hives/rashes’ on certain parts of his body from time to time.

2 weeks ago, The Good Folks has approached me and checking out if i’m interested in reviewing a line of cult Asian skincare line of products – Dr Qu.  This well-known skincare brand is highly sought after in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA due to its abilities to heal skin from problems caused by Demodex (a hair follicle mite) like acne rosacea, eczema, other skin irritations and fungal diseases.  As my hubby is still having persistent rashes for the past 2 months, i felt that these products would be useful to treat his skin condition instead of relying on medication.

Dr Qu is a skincare brand developed by Professor Qu, a dermatologist who devoted more than 50 years of his life conducting clinical observations and tests into causes of the skin problems. Originated from China, he was the Chief Physician in Qingdao University of China and Chief Professor in Qingdao Dermatological Institute.

Dr Qu’s line of herbal-based skincare products is infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin. It is excellent in healing skin from problems caused by Demodex (a hair follicle mite) like acne rosacea, eczema, other skin irritations and fungal diseases. In a survey conducted, it was found that 97.68% of adult males and female have Demodex.

Dr Qu’s skincare range is available for the face, body and hair. The Dr Qu skincare range provides nourishment to the skin and hair while restoring it to its original colour and natural beauty. It also helps to slow down the skin cell aging process. Many who have tried Dr Qu’s products now swear by it as their go-to brand to help with their skin problems and also boost skin health.

All Dr Qu skincare products are manufactured in Singapore and its products have undergone stringent checks and have received the stamp of approval from Japanese and American authorities, guaranteeing it as a safe product of quality. Based on my hubby’s skin condition, he was sent a complete set of Dr Qu’s bodycare products which consists of a body foam, body lotion and one of their star products, a cleansing bar to treat his rashes.

Dr Qu’s Body Lotion, Body Foam and Cleansing Bar

The first item that caught my hubby’s attention is the Dr Qu Cleansing Bar as he loves to use soap bar to cleanse his body! This star product is suitable to be used on the face and the body to keep skin healthy. Under our skin, there are Demodex parasite, Folliculorum and Demodex sebum D which will be eliminated by using the cleansing Bar. This cleansing bar adopts natural herbs that directly kill Demodex in action. It clears oily skin without clogging up follicles and it also serves to protect skin drainage, secrete, absorb and normal physiology function. It promotes metabolism, strengthens immunity, prevents acne rosacea and skin diseases.

Dr Qu Cleansing Bar (Normal), Retail Price : S$58

Made with Natural Demodicidin and many natural skincare plants essence combine series. It contains 30 more of nutrients ingredient (such as Multiple Amino-Acid, Multi-Vitamins, Multiple Trace Elements). As such, this cleansing bar will be useful for people who prefers the use of conventional soap bar to eliminate Demodex without affecting the skin moisture and oil balance. It also helps to prevents blackheads and does not irritate the skin.

Directions: Rinse body first, then directly scrub the whole body with Dr Qu cleansing bar thoroughly (concentrate on oily areas) and leave for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing it off with clean water. Those with dry skin should follow-up with the application of Dr Qu Body Lotion after cleansing.

For people who prefers the use of body foam to cleanse their body, there’s the Dr Qu Body Foam which has a liquid texture to prevent halting-itch and other skin diseases. This liquid body foam contains natural Demodicidin, which can effectively inhibit Demodex activity and multiplication. It promotes normal physiological function and metabolism of skin. Like the cleansing bar, it also contains natural Demodicidin and natural plant with more than 30 kinds of cleansing skin and natural nutrition elements (the herbal extracts, 18 types amino-acids, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements).

Dr Qu Body Foam (300ml), Retail Price : S$52

Direction: Rinse body and pour a sufficient amount onto palm then gently rub it onto damp skin to create a rich lather before rinsing it off. For people with oily /sweaty skin condition or women who is currently breast-feeding, it is recommended to use more Dr Qu Body Foam during cleansing. Those with dry skin should follow-up with the application of Dr Qu Body Lotion after cleansing.

After cleansing of skin with Dr Qu Cleansing Bar / Body Foam, it is important to apply Dr Qu Body Lotion onto skin to make skin smoother, tender, more resistant and revitalized. It contains natural Demodicidin which can effectively inhibit Demodex activity and multiplication. It is proven that Demodex survives in hair follicles and sebaceous gland by sucking out the nutrients. Natural nutritional elements will effectively readjust the physiological function of the skin as well as maintaining the skin natural moisture, oil balance and metabolism to leave skin healthy, soft and smooth.

Dr Qu Body Lotion (130ml), Retail Price : S$58/


Natural Demodicidin and natural plant and more than 40 kinds of natural nutrition elements- the herbal extracts, 18 types amino-acids, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements and anti-aging (SOD)elements.

My hubby is in the midst of testing out the above products and i will be back to share more on it in a few weeks time.. Meanwhile if you requires more information on Dr Qu products, you can visit the brand’s website or Facebook page. Via the Facebook page, you can only read more about customers’ positive reviews and testimonials too!). Currently, Dr Qu’s products are retailing online and will also be available at Yue Hwa Emporium as well as Strangelets (Yong Siak Street) this April onwards 🙂

Be back soon and have a great week everyone!

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