Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub and Bust Lifting Essence – Swatches & Review

Hello Everyone! How’s your weekend? I’m so glad that it finally rained thus putting the dry spell to a STOP! Loving the sight, pitter-patter of raindrops and smell of rain!!!! Praise God!

In this post I’m going to share with you 2 products that Hello Beauty Singapore has sent me recently! Hello Beauty is an online shopping store that sell absolutely everything for modern ladies’ beauty needs from top to toe. As a beauty destination with ready stocks (which includes products like fake Eyelashes, Double Eyelids Tape & Stick, Makeup, Makeup Accessories, Skincare, Body Care & Nail Care), Hello Beauty aims to fulfill all women’s dream to becoming a beautiful, sexy and self-confident women that everyone will envy! Hello Beauty only carries carefully selected authentic Asia’s most popular and quality products. Orders will also be sent out by the next working day and Hello Beauty will conduct a quality check before orders are being shipped out.

The package (consists of Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence and Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub) that Hello Beauty Singapore sent me came bubble wrapped to protect the products during delivery. Likewise, all your orders will be checked throughly and securely wrapped before it will be sent to you.

Hello Beauty Singapore has just launched a new series of Slim and Curve products (Made in Taiwan) and i have requested to try 2 new products from this range.  The Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub will help buff my skin to improve softness and smoothness while contouring the body shape. The Bust Lifting Essence will help firm up and improve my not so well-endorsed boob’s shape. 😛

First up, i’m gonna touch on the Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub that will give you super soft and smooth skin while enhancing your body shape in just 5 minutes. Tested it and i liked it as it works & leave my skin really soft 🙂

Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub is a all-in-one body scrub that moisturizes, firms skin while refining pores & reduces dull skin. Containing the finest quality sea salt, it will gently exfoliates the skin and thoroughly cleanses the skin from the inside. It removes dull and dead skin cells, allowing the skin to breathe and accelerate skin metabolism, resulting in young and healthy skin. The natural exfoliator can unclog pores, replenishes skin moisture, removes daily toxins from the skin, stimulate blood circulation while firming and strengthening the skin tissues.

Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub consists of 4 key natural ingredients : Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract, Grapefruit, Caffeine and Algae Extract.

Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract thoroughly cleanses the pores and whitens the skin. It also enables the skin to recuperate while controls excessive skin sebum and oil which in turn shrinks pores and tighten the skin.

Caffeine will firm and tighten the skin and at the same time improves dull, uneven rough skin.

Algae Extract will detox and promotes skin metabolism which will improve uneven skin tones, strengthen and repairs it. It will nourish / soothe skin and prevents it from drying and at the same time increases the absorption of the nutrients while keeping it moisturized. Algae also promotes smooth and flawless skin by removing dead skin cells and repairs and strengthen skin tissues. It is also a powerful antioxidant ingredient and it slows down signs of aging.

Other important Ingredients include:

Sea Salt – Cleanses pores from the inner layer of the pores, toning and purifying. It improves the skin defence and prevent the skin from environmental damage.

Grapefruit Extract – Shrinks pores, skin whitening and repairs dark and dull skin.

Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub (250ml @ SG$36.90)

The scrub can be used 1-2 times a week on the body (not to be used on your face). Just apply an appropriate amount of scrub on damp skin and massage the scrub gently in a circular motion. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

The Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub has a thick gel texture and it contains very fine scrub particles thus making it suitable for all skin type (even sensitive ones). Due its thick gel consistency, it makes application fuss free and convenient (you need not worry about getting the sea salt particles all over the place). The entire tub of scrub contains a concentrated amount of scrub particles (really value for $$) so that your skin will enjoy ‘optimal exfoliation’. The Sea Salt Scrub has a nice pleasant minty scent so you need not worry that it will smell really salty (like many sea salt scrub do).

As i don’t have the habit of using a body cream / lotion every night, the skin on my body (Especially legs) tends to be dry, dull, scaly and patchy. Hence, i will have to exfoliate the skin on my body regularly to get rid of dull skin and dead skin cells. To be used on moist skin, just scoop an appropriate amount and massage it in a circular motion gently. Upon spreading the gel on my skin, there will be a slight heated sensation which intensifies upon massaging. The heated sensation remained for 1 minute till i rinsed it off. Despite being thick, the scrub could be rinsed off easily without leaving residues (like greasiness / stickiness) behind. Hence, there’s no need to double cleanse.

After washing the scrub off, one obvious difference would be the smoothness of my skin. The scrub is really good in getting your skin silky smooth (even on my legs where there’s a lot of scaly patches!). Upon closer look, my skin appears to be brighter, more supple and moisturized (not to mentioned clean)! Even on areas where skin is very dry, it will buff and hydrate most of the dryness away. Like the picture below, i have dry patches on my hand and after using the scrub, most of the dry patches disappeared and skin tone became more even & hydrated. As for contouring, i cannot comment much as i have a skinny body frame to begin with..

Will give this scrub 4.5 out of 5 stars. Cannot think of any rant i have for this product as it is gentle yet effective, doesn’t breaks me out and value for $$. Maybe the only point to take note is that the sea salt can sting if you have any abrasions / cuts on your body.

Left: Dry Patches on my hands before using the scrub
Right: After application of the scrub, most of the dry patches were gone!

Bigger, firmer and fuller breast are considered as an asset to most women.. To help women achieve the desired sexy curves, Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence helps in creating a three-dimensional, firm and full beautiful breast, improving self-confidence and appeal! Just 5 minutes a day of gentle massage will allow you to have the breast that you dream of.

Bust Lifting Essence works by making use of the golden combination of Kigelia Africana Extract and Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract produce a 3D, firm and full beautiful breast. Women with sagging breasts problem can also benefit from this essence to achieve breast lifting and regaining breast youthfulness.

Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence (30ml @ $39.90)

Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence is safe to use as it make use of natural ingredients* for breast enhancement and to effectively absorbs, lifts up and plumps up your asset. It does not contain any harmful toxic or chemical substances.

*The active ingredients from the Western Africana growth of Kigelia helps lifts, firms and increases skin elasticity of the breast. It also helps produce the necessary hormones for tissue growth to the breast. The Pueraria Mirifica Extract and collagen is rich in plant phytoestrogens which naturally and effectively plumps up and lifts sagging and drooping breast. This plant hormones will help to fight against signs of aging and defy against gravity, ensuing in improving the elasticity of the skin and prevents breast from sagging. Cactus Extract and Hyaluronate Acid is all natural that lifts and firms up the shape of the breasts while nourishing, replenishing and pampering the skin. Hence, skin will stay supple, soft, tender and bouncy.

For optimal results, apply the Bust Lifting Essence after shower. Apply an appropriate amount onto breast and massage until fully absorb. 5 minutes a day of gentle massage during day and night will allow you to have the breast that you dream of.

Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence comes in a 30ml pump bottle which makes application convenient and hygienic. The Essence has a liquid gel-emulsion like texture and has a nice selling sweet scent.. I will normally use 1 pump for each side and will apply it in upwards motion gently till the essence gets absorbed completely. It will not leave behind any sticky / greasiness if you massage the serum till it gets fully absorbed.  The essence feels light, cooling, refreshing and soothing on my skin. I also experienced a slight tingling sensation after application and i guessed it is the essence doing its job! 🙂

To be frank, i didn’t think this product would do much for me but i was proven wrong. After using it consistently every night (For 2 weeks now), the skin around my bust area became smoother and skin tone has also improved (more even). I also observed some improvements on my boobs shape and also the firmness! My bust also fills up my bra better and i’m certainly not thinking too much! 😛

Hope you have enjoyed my mini-review, i would definitely recommend the 2 products above as it really works as claimed! I will be back with more updates next week so stay tune. Have a pleasant week ahead! 🙂

 * Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Hello Beauty’s website and Press Kit

2 thoughts on “Hello Beauty Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub and Bust Lifting Essence – Swatches & Review

  1. Gail says:

    Hi Jermaineee,

    Are you still using the Bust Lifting Esssence? Any improvement? Im dying to try it but just afraid I maybe allergic to it. Any suggestions? Do they have samples?


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