(Review) Eliminating Rashes with Dr Qu’s Body Foam & Body Lotion

Hello everyone! I’m back with the review of Dr Qu’s Body Foam and Body Lotion. My hubby has been using these two products for the past 2 weeks+ to treat his skin condition. In February, he was hit with sudden ‘hives/rashes’ breakouts all over his body due to viral infection and had went through 2 courses of medication / cream.. After almost finishing the 2nd course of medication / cream treatment, the situation is more or less controlled but he will still suffer from ‘mild hives/rashes’ on certain parts of his body from time to time. Decided to get him to change his body care regime (instead of relying on medication) and use the above Dr Qu’s products as it has the ability to heal skin from problems caused by Demodex (a hair follicle mite) like acne rosacea, eczema, other skin irritations and fungal diseases.

Dr Qu is a skincare brand developed by Professor Qu, a dermatologist who devoted more than 50 years of his life conducting clinical observations and tests into causes of skin problems. He was also the Chief Physician in Qingdao University of China and Chief Professor in Qingdao Dermatological Institute. Dr Qu’s line of herbal-based skincare products is infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin. It is excellent in healing skin from problems caused by Demodex. In a survey conducted, it was found that 97.68% of adult males and female have Demodex. All Dr Qu skincare products are manufactured in Singapore and its products have undergone stringent checks and have received the stamp of approval from Japanese and American authorities, guaranteeing it as a safe product of quality.


My Hubby has incorporated the use of Dr Qu Body Foam to cleanse his body twice a day as this body foam has the ability to halt itch and other skin diseases. This liquid body foam contains natural Demodicidin, which can effectively inhibit Demodex activity and multiplication. It promotes normal physiological function and metabolism of skin. It also contains natural Demodicidin and natural plant with more than 30 kinds of cleansing skin and natural nutrition elements (the herbal extracts, 18 types amino-acids, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements).

Dr Qu Body Foam (300ml), Retail Price : S$52

After cleansing with Dr Qu Body Foam, i have told my hubby to apply Dr Qu Body Lotion (instead of the cream from the doctor) to protect skin, revitalize skin and improve resistance. It contains natural Demodicidin which can effectively inhibit Demodex activity and multiplication. It is proven that Demodex survives in hair follicles and sebaceous gland by sucking out the nutrients. Natural nutritional elements will effectively readjust the physiological function of the skin as well as maintaining the skin natural moisture, oil balance and metabolism to leave skin healthy, soft and smooth.

Ingredients: Natural Demodicidin and natural plant and more than 40 kinds of natural nutrition elements- the herbal extracts, 18 types amino-acids, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements and anti-aging (SOD)elements.

Dr Qu Body Lotion (130ml), Retail Price : S$58/

His Verdict: 

Ever since the episode with the hives / rashes, I have to stop the use of my regular shower foam as it seems to irritate my very sensitive skin. Doctor has prescribed me with a medicated shower gel but using it regularly leaves my skin very bumpy and dry (when it gets too dry, it will itch as well)!

Few weeks ago, my wife has passed me the Dr Qu Body Foam and has instructed me to use it twice a day… Being a product that contains only natural ingredient, the shower gel is non-scented hence it is very suitable for all skin type (even those with sensitive skin).. It has a white pearly texture and works into a rich lather upon contact with water. A small amount is enough to cleanse the body well and also easy to wash it off without any residue left behind… After cleansing, my skin clean feels clean and refreshed without any tightness.. Also, my skin doesn’t itch as much after using the body foam. As for the Body Lotion, it is fragrance free and i’m glad that texture is really light (kind of watery as well) so it gets absorbed into my skin very fast without any stickiness and greasiness.


(Top: Texture of the Body Lotion)   (Bottom: Texture of the Body Foam)

After using both products for sometime, i have observed that my skin appears to be calmer and redness from the rashes have subsided. Skin also feels more moisturized with a reduction in the amount of bumpiness and dry patches.


Redness, bumpiness and dryness have gone away significantly

For more information on Dr Qu products, you can visit the brand’s website or Facebook page. Via the Facebook page, you can only read more about customers’ positive reviews and testimonials too!). Currently, Dr Qu’s products are retailing online and will also be available at Yue Hwa Emporium as well as Strangelets (Yong Siak Street) this April onwards 🙂

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