5 best beauty tips for everyone – work it with Sephora!

Was surfing youtube recently and i came across a video on Snail Facial!!! OMG, my hair was standing and i cannot imagine having slimy creatures crawling on my face.. Certainly, this bizarre beauty treatment is not for the faint hearted and not forgetting other craziest beauty tips in the industry. In this post, i have sum up 5 beauty tips that will work for everyone and without the expense of freaking yourself out. And the best part is, you can get the beauty products mentioned in this blog post at the comfort of your own home!


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Shopping at Sephora has been made easy via the online Sephora portal at ZALORAHave I mentioned that i love patronizing Sephora?? It is a ‘beauty-heaven’ for the ladies –  The concept, the layout, the products and it is impossible for me to emerge the stores empty-handed.

Alright, back to the beauty tips. You don’t have to burn a big hole in your pocket in order to look good. The 5 simple beauty tips below will save you the trouble and money while letting you put your best face forward:


Printscreen from http://sephora.zalora.sg

1. Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse!

Clean skin is the first important step to flawless skin and the best thing you can do is to remove your makeup and double cleanse your skin daily. It is important to use effective products that will remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems (like acne and sensitivity).. I can’t stress this enough! Would you go to bed without brushing your teeth? Then why would you go to bed with a full face of makeup on? Your skin won’t thank you for ‘harvesting’ clogged pores and pimples on it.

Like what Jolene Hart, an American beauty and health coach said – You might be able to wield a mascara wand with expert dexterity, but don’t forget the skincare basics. “Flawless skin is everyone’s best beauty asset,” says Jolene Hart, an American beauty and health coach.

Tip #1: Remove Your Makeup and double cleanse or risk looking like this in the morning:

With just a cotton pad and some makeup remover, you can save yourself a whole lot of skin angst when morning comes. And if you’re too lazy or tired,  simply purchase some makeup wipes and it will do the job well. But do remember to double cleanse (with your regular cleanser) to make sure that all makeup are being removed from your skin!


SEPHORA Express Cleansing Wipes – 10 Pieces @ $6

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not just your skin, but your body too.

According to Debbie Strong, the senior health editor at Everyday Health, the best thing you can do for your appearance is to drink lots of water. Hydration helps your skin stay moisturised and glowing, boosts your metabolism, and keeps your energy levels up.

Besides drinking enough water, it is important to keep skin well-moisturuzer as dehydration skin is the root of many skin problems.  When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). Moreover, dry and patchy skin will look unsightly and it might cause you discomfort as well…

To keep skin hydrated and well protected, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and spritz water on your face too to keep it hydrated + refreshed. Invest in a gentle, hydrating spray like this softening facial mist from Sephora, which is formulated with lotus extract to sooth and refresh the skin instantly. Delicately scented, this mist will leave skin well hydrated at any time of the day.

Tip #2: Hydration! Your skin will thank you for that 🙂


Softening Facial Mist 150ml @ 12.00 SGD

3. Throw out expired makeup and keep the current ones clean.

For eye makeup such as Mascara and eyeliner, lifespan after opening is about 3-6 months.  Liquid eye products (Especially) will begin to gather a lot of bacteria after about three months so it is not advisable to use it longer than you should on your delicate eye area. To save yourself from nasty eye infection, toss expired eye products away..  Opened lipsticks, lip liners or lip glosses should go if they are more than a year old, while powders – loose or pressed – stay good for approximately two years… As a tip, do indicate the date of opening on all your makeup products so that you can keep track on the expiry. 🙂


Bye Bye ‘Old’ Makeup!

Do you know that bacteria will breed and lurk on your makeup brushes and applicators? Not forgetting oil residues and dust as well! To prevent from spreading the impurities onto your skin (which will eventually lead to skin problem), do clean your brushes and applicators regularly.. You can wash them using a regular bar soap. After which, spritz your brushes with Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner and gently swipe the brush bristles with tissue before air-drying them… Repeat this procedure every week to keep brushes and your skin clean!

Tip #3: Discard expired makeup and clean your brushes regularly!


Professional Daily Brush Cleaner by Sephora @ $12

4. Nails! Healthy & Strong Nails!

We love pretty nails but do remember to ‘rest’ your nails from time to time as too much nail polish can weaken our nails and strip away the essential oils to maintain strong nail enamel. To restore your nails, rub a mixture of lemon water and olive oil onto them twice a week. Or you could apply a nail hardener like this one from Sephora which helps to strengthen and protect your nails. The Sephora 3 In 1 Hardener Care works to strengthens and protects nails. It contains micro-fibers that visually fill the grooves to totally smooth nails and enriched with pro-keratin assets known to promote naturally lengthening nails.

Tip #4: Nails, do not neglect them!


3 In 1 Hardener Care by Sephora @ $14.00

5. Lastly, show your hair some love and maintain its health, shine and texture in tip-top condition

Face it, it is not easy to maintain healthy-looking hair as it will tend to get dry / damaged hair with lot of tangles and spilt ends.. We are often subjecting hair to chemical treatment and it is costly to get your dry hair fixed with regular hair treatments at the salon. Moreover, your hair condition will worsen due to UV rays, stress, styling and heating tools etc which causes shine to fade and hair becoming brittle. To improve weak hair condition, have a diet full of healthy oils. Salmon, avocado, walnuts and eggs.  This all-in-one moisturising oil from Sephora is also your best friend in treating your hair right.. This all-In-One Moisturizing Oil is suitable to be used for the body, face and hair for all-round moisturization. Delicately scented, with a non-greasy texture, it also nourishes and protects the skin / hair / body.

Tip #5: Eat well and moisturize for glossy, tousled hair.


Sephora All-In-One Moisturizing Oil 125ML @ $22

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have a great week everyone! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description are extracted from Zalora’s website

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