All about the April 2014 Black Box!

Hello everyone! I have just received my April Black Box and i would like to share it with everyone. Black Box is a bi-monthly box which contains 5 different products (each from a different brand) – items ranging from beauty, fashion, health & wellness, personal care and home & living categories. Black  Box is also the FIRST free unisex sampling lifestyle kit in Singapore. Through the black box, the brand would like to introduce products to consumers by sending them the latest brands or tried-and-tested products for sampling right at your doorstep!

All you have to do is subscribe to the black box via and it is absolutely FREE via the balloting app!  This unisex lifestyle subscription box which contains a specially selected lifestyle and beauty products from various leading labels is based on a balloting system to ensure subscriber has an equal chance of getting the complimentary Black Box. If you are unsuccessful in balloting, you can also secure your own Black Box by paying a courier fee of $6 via BlackBox website .


Here’s an overview of what is inside my April Black Box and it consists of more than five different products from different brands.

Besides the products above, there’s exquisite deals and discounts vouchers provided.

For the Hair:

Phyto Secret De Nuit’s paraben-free, non-rinse formula contains 92% ingredients of botanical origin and takes into account the importance of the five senses. Its lightweight and non-greasy texture is suitable for all hair types and will not leave any stain on the pillow cases.

Essential Hair Mask – Nuance Airy & Rich Premier has a new cuticle care technology formula to deeply repairs, moisturizes and protects hair. It also contains heat damage care ingredient (Polyglycerol) with honey and shea butter to protect hair from damage.

 For the Lips & Skin

The Himalaya Lip Balm (Full-sized) pampers your lips with its oil of carrot seed and wheatgerm formula which nourishes and prevent chapped lips.

The Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream is a light, nongreasy cream which provides the skin with all day moisturizing, nourishment and protection. Suitable for daily use, its exotic blend of winter cherry and aloe vera helps regenerate skin cells while effectively moisturizes and soften skin.

For the Teeth:

The new Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean Toothpaste features an innovative blend of whitening particles and natural bamboo charcoal for an ultimate whitening and cleansing experience. The Charcoal particles are best known for its natural absorption efficacy which deeply cleanse every corner of your mouth. The Speedy whitening agent effectively removes yellowish stains on the teeth surface thus returning it to its former glory.

For the ladies:

Adore Comfort All Days is available in a combo pack of 13s to last one menstrual cycle and it consists of 6 pcs 24cm Day Pad (Normal to heavy flow), 3 pcs 28cm Night Pad (Heavy to very Heavy flow)

Nuxe founder was passionate about the infinite power of plants and major therapeutic discoveries originate from the world of plant. The NUXE brand is built on the ‘plant wonders’ and the natural origin cosmetology brand combines performance and pleasure. Nuxe is currently one of the best-selling brands in France’s pharmacies.

Nuxe White Range is proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarity of skin complexion and skin rosiness.

White Brightening Foam cleanse the skin without drying it | White Brightening Lotion will gently exfoliate skin to encourage skin renewal and refines skin texture | White Brightening Serum will improve radiance of skin with reinforced against dark spots | White Brightening Emulsion will plump up skin and provide better transparent skin.

Before i go, would love to share this video to help you understand more on the concept behind Black Box… Do remember to ‘Like’  Blackbox FB page for latest updates and exciting Giveaway Friday!


Will be back with more exciting updates! Stay tune! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Black Box Press Kit

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