The Wet Brush – Believe it or Knot!

Hello everyone! I just came back from my short trip to Penang! Due to health reasons, i can’t travel for long hours so we chose Penang to celebrate our 1 yr wedding anniversary! Time flies and 2014 is a really meaningful year for both my hubby and myself.. 🙂

Penang is really HOT and it makes walking in the day time very unbearable! Most of the time we were hiding in the shopping malls / hotel room.. Oops! However, we enjoyed ourselves during the stay in Batu Ferringhi Beach. The stay at the resort offers an excellent respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lifestyle. We spent the day soaking up the sun, lazing around and relaxing in the soothing sound of the sea wave.. Simply Soothing and therapeutic!

During the trip, i also brought along a product that i have received recently from Suzanni Beaute for review.. The product has fared pretty well IMO and i cannot wait to share more with you guys! 🙂


The product will come in very handy if you have thick, curly, straight hair, long hair or simply hair that tangles very easily. Introducing the best-selling detangling hairbrush in US, the Wet Brush comprises of specially formulated soft flexible IntelliFlex™ bristles which detangle hair with ease. The intelliFlex bristles are thin, strong and highly flexible with its adaptive flexibility to eliminates tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping when one comb his / her hair. This hair brush is a God sent product to keep thick, unruly, easily-tangled and unmanageable hair in check!

Wet Brush with IntelliFlex™ bristles

Over the last four years, the Wet Brush has established itself in the U.S. market for professional hair brushes and is now considered Number 1 in its class. The 3.5 million items the company sold in 2013 say it all! The Wet Brush has succeeded in totally winning over women and children of all ages.

The Intelliflex bristles are what make the Wet Brush so special and it has set a milestone in the hair care industry. The bristles have intelligent flexibility whereby they will ‘know’ when to be firm and when to be flexible. The bristles’ flexibility enable users to carry out protective and pain-free detangling while combing their hair.  The bristles are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. They glide through hair (wet or dry) effortlessly detangling and prepping for healthy styling.

The tips of the bristles will even massage the scalp to circulate blood flow! It works great on wet/dry hair and it is perfect everyone. It works excellently on hair extensions and wigs as well! It’s no mystery why the Wet Brush is such a popular product . It’s available in most beauty stores and salons in the US. and more than 45 countries.

After using The Wet Brush for a few days, i have to say that this hair brush is an excellent detangling brush. What makes it different from other regular hair brush is that it enable users to brush through tangles ‘friction-free’ so as to provide greater comfort, ease and zero pain.

I have thick hair with coarse texture and it gets tangled very easily… I have to use a conditioner daily so as to achieve a smoother and manageable hair texture.. I also dislike combing my hair to detangle the knots as my hair drops and breaks easily. Combing of hair can get really painful and frustrating at times.

With the Wet Brush, i’m actually looking forward to comb my hair! This brush makes my combing experience easy and painless! This brush will just glides through my hair and it gets the tangles out quickly without requiring me to tug on my scalp too much. This means lesser breakage, no pain and fewer hair drop. After combing is done, my hair also appears to be smoother and less frizzy! I’m really pleased with the hair brush as it helps detangle my hair without much effort, lesser damage and no pain.

I have tried using this brush when i first get out of bed (normally i will wash my hair before sleeping and blow dry it without combing it). Since i have hair with thick texture that tangles easily, brushing it in the normal with a regular hair brush would be a painful affair!  When trying to detangle my hair in the shower , it will hurt big time as well…

With The Wet Brush, i can now comb through my hair even when it is wet or when i just get out of bed without causing any pain! The brush will simply glide through my hair and remove the tangle in just a few strokes.. It causes less damage to hair when it detangles hair so effortlessly and painlessly.

Besides being highly flexible, the Wet Brush‘s bristles tips are ‘coated’ so it serves as a protection to prevent users from scalping their scalp using usage…  The soft bristles and coated tips also helps to massage my scalp to circulate blood flow and i love using it! Because of the highly effective bristles, I observed that i’m losing lesser hair because i don’t have to tug so much while combing.

The design of the Wet Brush is also sturdy and well thought of! It has a long handle which enables you to have a firm grip which makes brushing more effectively and easy. The entire brush is made of rubber-like material (even the handle) which enables you to have a strong grip and makes brushing ‘slip-free’. I cannot think of any fault with this product and now i know why it is the best-selling hairbrush in the US!

Available in two sizes (Regular & Mini) retailing at $15.90 and $11.90, the Wet Brush can be found in selected Watsons. Highly recommended to give this brush a try as it is the best hair brush that i have ever come across and it is so reasonably priced… I’m currently keeping my hair long and will use this brush to take care of my thick, coarse and easily tangled mane! 😛


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from The Wet Brush’s presskit


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