Stop Stressing and Start Living with the new STRESStabsR‏!

Singapore’s favorite number one health and beauty store Watsons has recently collaborated with the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer to launched a stress management campaign to help individuals better manage their stress levels. As part of the campaign, a press kit was specially delivered to me on Monday so that i can share more with my readers on the special campaign and also the newly launched STRESStabs.

Stop Stressing, Start Living with Pfizer’s newest supplements

The presskit contains a yummy & full of goodness concentrated banana/strawberry/ orange pressed juice and the newest supplement by Pfizer to help combat stress. The Centrum STRESStabs is a high strength Vitamin B complex supplement containing all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to boost both mental and physical health. Available in gender specific formulas that are tailored to meet specific needs of men & women; contains zinc for men and iron + folic acid for women. Thanks Watson and Pfizer for this thoughtful presskit to help relieve the signs and symptoms of stress that we (my Hubby and myself) are facing currently.

According to The Centre of Psychology of Singapore, Singapore is a country subjected to constant changes and hence stress is more likely to prevail among citizens. The finding is further supported by an annual survey done by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) last year; 1 in 4 Singaporeans said they were highly stressed, up from 1 in 5 in 2012. For many individuals, stress has became inevitable which one must learn to deal with. In small amount, it can help one perform under pressure and motivate one to do their best. In large doses, it can cause a loss of concentration and even affect physical / mental health.

To help one cope with stress in the fast-paced modern society, Watsons and Pfizer has introduced the new STRESStabs, a high strength vitamin B complex supplement which contains all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to deal with hectic everyday life. With Vitamin B complex infused, this energy booster provides the body with nutrition support in times of stress by replenishing energy levels. Vitamin B Complex is required by the body to maintain and sustain optimal performance. It plays a key role in cell metabolism and are therefore critical for energy production in the body.

The new STRESStabs formula is also boosted with other active ingredients such as Vitamins C and E that support immune system with antioxidants. It is also available in gender-specific formulas that are tailored to meet the specific needs of men and women:

For Women, it contains iron to help fight fatigue and boost overall well-being of women. It also contains folic acid in levels that meet RDA requirement for women planning pregnancy. Folic acid is a vital vitamin that supports brain and nervous system function thus benefitting mental health.

The importance of taking supplement to combat stress

Research has shown the + impact of nutrients in managing stress conditions as it improves one’s energy levels and supports the overall immune system. When stressed, the body will starts to show signs like hair fall, dull skin and spikes in heart rate and blood pressure which increase the risk of heart diseases. To combat the negative effects of stress that does damage on one’s body, getting the right nutrients daily via food and supplements are very important.

The new STRESStabs formula is tailored to meet the specific needs of men as it contains Zinc to support men’s immune system and increase men’s vitality. Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body to accelerate the process of wound healing and to maintain a healthy body growth and development.

Food and Nutrients

Besides taking supplements, a balanced and healthy diet is essential to keep health in check. Nutrients like Vitamin B1 (whole grain breads and cereals), Vitamin B2 (milk, kidney beans and fish), Vitamin B6 (oatmeal, strawberries, bananas and soy products), Vitamin B7 (liver, egg yolks and milk), Vitamin B12 (fish, poultry, eggs and cheese), Vitamin C (citrus fruits) and Vitamin E (sunflower oil, safflower oil and vegetables) can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and return body’s physical and emotional balance.

My Husband has just started taking 1 tab of STRESStabs (Men) once daily and i will be starting mine once i have obtained clearance from my doctor.. 🙂 Will be back to update to see the supplement helps to improve his health (normally my husband will tend to fall sick easily after he is subjected to a lot of stress)

STRESStabs is available at selected Watsons stores. The item retails at S$26.75 for STRESStabs Men 60s and S$26.75 for STRESStabs Women 60s (prices are with GST).

To further support the campaign, Watsons pharmacists will also be holding a stress test to advise shoppers how to better manage their stress levels and rate their current level of stress. Consumers will also be able to redeem a gift from Watsons pharmacists by sharing the best method of coping with stress. So, stop stressing and start living today!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Watsons / Pfizer* presskit

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