SnappyFit – The Online Multi Label Shop where you can find the piece of apparel / accessories that will best suits you!

I’m running out of clothes to wear!

It is not an excuse this time as i have a valid reason to get some new clothes. Which is? All i can that it is a happy one! Right now, i’m slowly gaining weight and hitting the 50kg mark (The first time ever!).  My body is drastically different now hence the styles that i love aren’t flattering anymore (I will look so funny in a body hugging dress with a swelling belly. Haha!). Nowadays i’m wearing loose-fitting clothes and maxi dresses as they feel the most comfortable.

Although i’m prepared to splurge a little to buy new clothes, i will still have to strategize my purchases for maximum future wear. There’s no point for me to spend a bomb on clothes which life-span is only few months? Shopping wise, i’m facing a little problem as shopping at retail store is out of the question as i have to minimize walking due to certain medical reason. Right now, i’m also a little lost on which online shops to patronize.. We know online shopping can be a challenge and it is an ever bigger problem for me now- what looks good on the model may not look good on me!

Just when i was fretting over it, Sin Ning from has approached me and introduce her online shop to me. What differentiate SnappyFit from most blog shops is that SnappyFit is an online multi-label that focuses in guiding women to find clothes that fit their body shape.


Printscreen from

SnappyFit is an online fashion multi-label serving the individual needs of women of different shapes and sizes living in Asia. The team behind SnappyFit is always on a lookout for unique, attractive designs at affordable prices for their customers, as well as a selection of carefully curated designers they strongly believe in bringing everyone an exciting, added flavour to the fashion marketplace. SnappyFit is a proponent of being confident and comfortable in one’s own skin. The brand wish to encourage all to embrace one’s outer and inner self, as well as perceived flaws and imperfections – as that creates the unique story that makes us who we are.

One problem with online shopping is that the products can get too common.. Often, you will see the same dress on many different blog shops.. For people who wants to own more unique and quality apparels, shoes and accessories, SnappyFit carries stocks from a selection of small business owners with uniquely curated products and emerging designers from Asia.

Some of the notable brands are:

Elska Singapore – a Singapore-based shoe label that designs and produces fashion-forward shoes. Right now, Snappyfit is having the Elska Shoe Sales and items up at to 65% off! Do check it out while stock last!


Pictures from

Nayshashop – is a Singapore-based limited edition designer collaboration with Oppo Hong Kong with license rights to sell exclusively in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Pictures from

Etrican – is a designer based in Singapore who designs eco-friendly comfortable casual and feminine apparel. These designers are GOTS certified (eco-friendly apparel standards) and even go to extra length to make sure that they’re factories adopt ethical labour practices.


Pictures from

What attracts me to shop on SnappyFit is the ‘Filter’ function which focuses in guiding women to find clothes that fit their body shape and their requirements. Products on SnappyFit are categorized by Filter such as Body Shape and Occasion as well as Size and Price.


You can choose to view items in accordance to required size and price~

To better enhance one’s shopping experience, SnappyFit also work closely with stylists and regularly update their blog with style tips, and with articles contributed by stylists as well. SnappyFit is continuously trying to improve on their features and products in order to help ladies find clothes that fit their body shape and make them feel their best, and they even stock sizes up til UK 24.


For me, i selected ‘Belly Breathable’ immediately followed by Size as i wanted a dress / top which is pleasing to the eye, loose-fitting and yet i can still wear it in the future.. Have shortlisted the following 8 designs and you try making a guess on which is my final choice? 😛


Another point which i love is that 0nline shopping at SnappyFit is really secure, user-friendly and convenient.. You make your selection and you can choose to make payment either through PayPal or credit card. SnappyFit also ship orders worldwide and for local shipping, you can choose between normal mail (FREE on all orders above $39), registered mail or Ta-Q-Bin. SnappyFit also has quite a flexible return policy. SnappyFit offers Returns in Credit valid up til 45 days and even allow ladies to book an appointment at SnappyFit’s office and try on other items they choose from their website to exchange on the spot for (this service is for exchanges only).

My order (Thank you Snappyfit for sponsoring me the dress!) came via Ta-Q-Bin within 10 days as the dress i have selected is a back-ordered item hence i have to factor in extra waiting time.. If there’s ready stock, you will not have to wait so long as SnappyFit focuses on efficiency so that you can receive your items asap*

*Normal Mail (2-3 working days)
Registered Mail (1-2 working days)
Ta-Q-Bin (1-2 days including public holidays)

I have chosen the Black And Ivory Shift Dress from Bezooe and this monochrome dress features a Bateau neckline, back hole top bottom closure and inside is lined. Made of thick & quality (but comfy & cooling) material, this three-quarter sleeves shift dress gives me a lot of allowance at the belly area but yet allow me to have a chic and causal look! Most important of all, i will still wear this dress in the future (despite having a belly or not!)


Pictures taken on 2 different days. Not sure if you noticed that i have cut my hair shorter. hehe!

For my readers, I’m glad to share that Snappyfit is extending a special 10% discount (no min spend and applicable for non-sale items), OR a complimentary rose gold-plated/silver-plated bunny necklace from Taylor Kim with every purchase (even with purchase of sale items).

Just enter Coupon Code “Jermaine10” at the Checkout Page of your Shopping Cart to enjoy this exclusive 10% discount. For the complimentary Taylor Kim necklace with every purchase,  just select silver/gold-plated option, add it to cart, and enter coupon code “JermaineExclusive”.

Both coupons are valid till August 15th 2014.

Enhance your online shopping experience with SnappyFit today!  Thanks for reading and remember to patronize Snappyfit to find the piece of apparel / accessories that will best suits you.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Snappyfit’s website

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