Experience Dynamic Hydration with Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum

Hello everyone!! Few months back, VaintyTrove and L’Oreal has specially created a Blogger trove in conjunction with the launch of Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum – The 1st Hydrating Concentrate that even out water in all face zones. They have sent me a set of the blogger trove (Suitable for Oily Skin) which includes the Vichy’s latest Aqualia Thermal Serum and accompanying products that are personally tailored to my skin type.

In the past, i have this misconception that oily skin does not requires the use of a moisturizer / serum as it will weight my skin down and make it oilier. But i was proven wrong when i decided to incorporate the use of a serum & moisturizer into my skincare routine. Not only it keeps my skin more well protected from other skincare problems (like tightness, redness & dehydrated skin), it also reduces the amount of oil secretion.

Hydration is a lifestyle for the person with ideal skin. In face, hydrated skin is the first important requirement to any type of good skin. For myself and many other ladies, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment and even engage in fad diets which strip the water content off our skin. Hence we cannot run away from dehydrated skin problems… A lot of skin issues surface due to skin being too dry so the undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types!

If you have oily / sensitive skin, you will need to keep your skin well moisturized so that it wont give the brain the signal to produce more oil to protect it.

If you have normal skin type, it is important to maintain the healthiness of skin types with moisture.

If you have dry skin, you will need intensive moisture to restore suppleness and prevent premature aging

To keep your skin hydrated, it is important to drink huge amounts of water daily to build up water fortress which keeps body fluids balanced. Keeping hydrated will also controls the calorie count in the body so you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone. By midday, your skin’s surface is probably in dire need of water replenishment but you can solve the dehydration problem with a Soothing Vichy’s thermal Spa water spray. It is also as important to ensure skin stays well hydrated before good night’s sleep. When you sleep, cells will renew and water is the primary ingredient used up in this process.

Keeping oily skin hydrated with the latest Aqualia Thermal Serum and Normaderm Tri-activ anti-imperfection hydrating care

As ideal skin is unique to individuals, Vichy believes in helping every user to obtain their ideal skin with varied combination of products. One should not confine to a fixed product range as everyone has different skin needs. If you have oily skin like me, Vichy recommends the use of Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum followed by Normaderm Tri-activ anti-imperfection hydrating care after skin cleansing.

If you are clueless on what products are best for your skin concerns, Vichy also provides free ‘Ideal skin consultation’ with their trained derma-advisers so that you can learn more about your ideal skin product combination. 

The Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum is the 1st hydrating power serum that contains 3 energizing sugars and Vichy Thermal Spa Water that can capture and retain moisturizer. Also enhanced with dynamic hydration technology to continuously even out moisture in all facial zones for fresh-looking skin all day long.

The Normaderm Tri-activ anti-imperfection hydrating care is a light, oil-free daily hydrating moisturizer that target 6 signs of skin imperfections for visibly clearer skin.  Good in treating Pimples, Dilated pores, Redness, Acne scars, Uneven complexion and Shine, it contains Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and LHA also suitable for sensitive skin. This unique combination of 3 peeling active ingredients will penetrate the skin at different levels to impregnate the entire epidermis and regenerate the skin, layer after layer. With regular use, it reduces all imperfections, redness, shiny skin, uneven complexion and acne scarring, and provides continuous hydration for 24 hours.

Will be doing a review of the Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum in this post.

You might be using hydrating products but still facing tightness and skin dryness and you wonder why? Vichy has made this new discovery inspired by fluid dynamics as dehydration is also due to poor water distribution. This will cause facial features to appear less smooth, less plump and complexion to be dull. Hence the Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum is developed to resolve this problem.. Suitable for Women between 20 and 60 years old with dehydrated skin and for all skin types, this breakthrough hydrating power serum contains a unique blend of three energizing sugar and Vichy Thermal Spa water that can capture and retain moisture. It is also enhanced with dynamic hydration technology to continuously even out moisturize in all facial zone for fresh-looking skin all day long.

SGD$52 for 30ml

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum contains Vichy Thermal Spa water concentrated at 10% associated to 3 energizing molecules (see below) to stimulate distribution of water throughout cell to prefectly hydrate all facial zones.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water is 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. It is already known for its regenerative and soothing properties, It protects skin and opens the intercells gateways to allows active ingredients to circulate in each facial zone.

Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl will bring needed water to skin. Hyaluronic acid is a super efficient hydrating ingredient which re-plumps the skin’s surface by enhancing its capacity to retain water. Aquabiory is a patented L’Oreal ingredient which ensures a continuous supply of moisture to all facial zones via dynamic water diffusion.

Carracghennans will keep a long-lasting hydration by reconstructing the barrier function. It is derived from marine red algae to repair skin’s barrier functions and it smoothens and soften skin.

Users have reported having a ‘fresher look’ after using the Hydration Power Serum:

+98% 48h long lasting-hydration 

+94% plumper volumes

+92% smoothened features

+89% fresh and radiant complexion.

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum is highly recommended for Women with dehydrated and sensitive skin, who are looking to re balance and revitalize their skin for that plumped up and fresh look.

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum is housed in a light blue transparent glass (allows you to see the amount of content left!) bottle with pump dispenser. It allows you to control the amount you wish to dispense and the pump bottle helps to improve on hygiene aspects. The serum has a velvety gel-like fluid texture which feels watery when i spread it on my skin. One pump is sufficient to cover my entire face and i love how fast it is absorbed into my thirsty skin (so you need not wait too long before you can apply moisturizer).

As it contains silicone, it makes my skin very smooth and it feels like silk after application. The serum has a faint floral scent which smells pleasant! Unlike many serum which have thick & gooey consistency, the Hydration Power Serum isn’t thick and it does not leave behind uncomfortable sticky film after application. Hence, this creates the perfect base for smooth-looking makeup (No more patchy cakey make up!)… Moreover, my dehydrated oily sensitive skin is reacting well to the serum and i did not wake up to tight skin despite sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Despite being pricey, i will highly recommend it for its lightweight texture and it does not clog my pores. A little goes a long way as the serum is very hydrating and it keeps tightness and skin flakes away. It is also nice to use it on sensitive skin as it is gentle and does not sting!


Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum retails for $52 (30ml) and available at major pharmacies.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Vichy’s Press Kit & Website

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