Battle hunger pangs with CP Foods’ newly launched Sausages & Cold cuts offerings

During the Word Cup Season, i have received a Sausages & Cold Cut Food Hamper from CP Foods.. I remembered during the FIFA World Cup season, potato chips and soft drinks were flying off the shelves at many supermarkets/convenience stores as nothing beats comfort food while cheering on your favorite team.. As such, CP Foods offers the ideal solution to battle late-night hunger pangs when adrenaline rush, fatigue and hunger kicks in. With a whopping 10 newly launched offerings, its wide range of sausages & cold cuts promises to deliver convenience and good taste to satisfy your growling stomach.

CP Foods is a familiar name among my family members as we love many of its food offerings.. If i have to choose my favorite item from its extensive offerings, i would choose the Seaweed Chicken as i love the finger-licking good combination of Seaweed and Chicken!  For soupy stuff, i love the CP Shrimp Wonton as the soft wonton is wrapped with Whole fresh shrimp which makes it tender, tasty and crunchy!  Do you know that CP Foods shrimp farms practice the green shrimp technology and uses friendly microbes for the growth of healthy shrimp. No wonder it taste so yummy!

CP Foods is one of Asia’s leading agro-industrial and foods conglomerates. The Company places significant importance on R&D and controls every single process from the first step of breeding to the eventual branding and marketing of its ready food products. It pays close attention to the freshness of ingredients at every stage to ensure customers get the best quality products. The Company is dedicated to providing food products which are high in quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe. Its world-class plants meet many international regulations, requirements and certifications. Every step of the farming and production process is based on the practice of good animal welfare and concern for the environment, by being safe and drug-residual free.

My appetite has increased tremendously recently and the 10 newly launched offerings are God-sent due to the strong desire for food! Especially at night when i’m so hungry that i can’t sleep, the CP Cold Cuts are so easy to prepare as i just have to pop the whole pack into the microwave. The microwavable bags helps to ease hassle in food preparation so that i can fix my hunger pangs fast and i can catch up on my sleep. Moreover, CP Foods’ sausages & cold cuts are specially packed to maintain its nutritional value and quality so i need not feel guilty while indulging it!

The formidable line-up includes: CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail,Pizza Cocktail, Chili Bologna, Cheese Sausage, Smoked Chicken Frankfurter, Chicken Sandwich, Shoyu Sausage, Japanese Classic Pork Sausage.

When i received the hamper, i immediately gave the CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage a try! Ready to eat in minutes, the pork sausage is so easy to prepare and it packs a punch!! It tasted much better than your regular pork sausage as it is made from superior pork and seasoned with ginger and white pepper. This explains why its satisfying chunky texture has a nice sprinkle of savory touch. More! I want more! 😛

Who can resist instant noodles? Unhealthy i know but you only live once! I’m limiting the consumption of instant noodles to once a month, Yes to self-control! As usual, i will never fail to add in hotdogs / sausages into my ‘instant’ meal. The CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail tasted just right – not too bland nor it is too salty! Plus it goes well with everything and paired so perfectly with other foods.

Other items under the CP Foods’ sausages & cold cuts line include the bite-sized CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail wrapped in smooth golden brown skin which i have shared earlier. For people who adore sausages with cheese oozing out with every bite, the CP Cheese Sausage is packed with mouth-watering cheddar cheese for that tangy kick. If you are thinking of indulging in easy to prepare yet heavy breakfast, reach out for the hassle-free CP Chicken Sandwich made from fresh chicken meat for a tasty and filling treat!

CP Cheese Sausage (Retail Price: S$2.20 & available @ FairPrice),CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail (Retail Price: S$2.35 & Exclusive to 7-Eleven), CP Chicken Sandwich (Retail Price: S$2.20 & available @ FairPrice)

The urge to eat BBQ flavored food will no longer be troublesome with CP Chicken Vienna and CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter. Every bite of the smooth textured sausage guarantee a juicy and tantalizingly smoky flavor that will pamper your taste bud. The CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter has a subtle smoky flavor and it comes in a smooth and firm texture that is enjoyable on its own or to be savoured with other dishes. Marinated in aromatic spices, CP Chicken Vienna sausages contain a hint of smoky fragrance and sumptuous taste. Both are retailing at $2.20 each and it is available at NTUC FairPrice.

Regardless of whether you are a fan or foe of the Italian squad, the CP Pizza Cocktail (made with quality Italian spices and mixed with cheddar cheese) is an Italian inspired dish which will relish the passionate burst of aromatic cheese upon each bite… The CP Chili Bologna is mixed with high quality spices and fresh chili peppers. It contains the right amount of spiciness for to spice up your appetite.. To tackle a massive hunger attack, look for the CP Jumbo Bologna, which boasts of smooth chunks of fine quality chicken meat. Mixed with smooth and fine quality chicken meat, CP Jumbo Bologna has great taste and texture with every mouthful. 

CP Pizza Cocktail (Retail Price: S$2.35 & Exclusive to 7-Eleven), CP Jumbo Bologna (Retail Price: S$2.35 & Exclusive to 7-Eleven), CP Chili Bologna (Retail Price: S$2.20 & available @ FairPrice)

Japanese cuisine also packs a punch in this contest of taste and finesse. Made with superior pork, the CP Shoyu Sausage is made from top quality meat, the chunky Japanese-style sausage is marinated with traditional Japanese soy sauce Shoyu and smoked with real Beechwood for an authentic Japanese flavour.. To add zing to the flavour, the CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage is seasoned with ginger and white pepper, and has a gratifying chunky texture.

CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage

Retail Price: S$3.60
Availability: FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and selected Prime Supermarkets

CP Shoyu Sausage

Retail Price: S$3.60
Availability: FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and selected Prime Supermarkets

Stocking up on these delicious snacks and other trusted CP products is so easy! To sum up, CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail and Pizza Cocktail are sold exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets, while the remaining items are available at major supermarkets islandwide. Now even some supermarkets are operating 24/7 which makes it even more convenient for us~

Thank you CP Foods for sending me so much love so that i won’t have to go hungry in the middle of the night. So blessed! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from CP Foods’ presskit

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