Ceutical Plus Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series – The Key to Firm & Hydrated Skin!

Hello everyone! How time flies and it is already September! 4 more months to the end of 2014 and time to plan for your year-end winter holiday!! During your winter holiday, it is very very important to keep skin well hydrated! You won’t want your skin to be so dry till it causes pain! In fact, everyone should pay attention to keeping your skin and body hydrated all the time (despite of the weather and your skin type) as hydration is the first important requirement to any type of good skin. For myself and many other ladies, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment and never drink enough water which strip the water content off our skin. Hence we cannot run away from dehydrated skin problems… A lot of skin issues surface due to skin being too dry so the undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types! To keep your skin hydrated, it is important to drink huge amounts of water daily to build up water fortress which keeps body fluids balanced. It is just as important to incorporate a hydrating skincare regime into your daily life..

Sometime ago, SASA Singapore has sent me three hydrating products from their Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Hydration Skincare range and i have given two products a try. The products are just what i need to address my dry and sensitive skin concern and also to keep my skin more youthful and firm! 


(Photo credits to Samuel)

Ceutical Plus is a cosmeceutical skincare brand from Taiwan and one of its latest product range, the Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series is the solution for dehydrated skin and skin which lacks of elasticity. Suitable for all skin types (Even dedicated skin), the products have a soft and mild texture while staying alcohol and pigments-free. It provides the skin with extra hydration and firming boost with three active ingredients working in synergy for intensive moisturizing…

Ceutical Plus – Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series

Under the Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series, there are 7 products:

1) Aqua-Collagen Cleanser (150ml/$20.90) – Hypoallergenic and mild formula which contains fine and rich foam. Able to go deep into pores and remove dirt. Purifying, skin feels moist and refreshing after use.

2) Aqua-Collagen Hydration Toner (180ml / $20.90) – Alcohol, fragrance and pigment free. Instantly moisturize skin with large amount of moisture. Sooth skin and strength its protective function.

3) Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum (30ml / $39.90) – Active moisturizing ingredients are able to go deeply into skin superficial layer. Boost skin cell activities, and collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis which promotes skin elasticity. Boost skin moisture all day long.

4) Aqua-Collagen Moisture Lotion (50ml / $26.90) – Triple functions of moisturizing, smoothing and repairing. Soothe roughness and dehydration problems, so as to make skin moist, soft and luminous.

5) Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream (50ml / $32.90) – Unique Deep moisturizing formula brings skin triple functions of moisturizing, soothing and repairing. Soothe roughness and dehydration problems, so as to make skin moist, soft and luminous.

6) Aqua-Collagen Moisture Eye Cream (30ml / $26.90) – Repairing formula focusing on eye contour. Deeply nourish and soothe eye contour, reduce wrinkles

7) Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask (100ml / $25.90) – Replenish skin with a large amount of moisture. Can be used as sleeping mask which moisturizes skin all night long.

Ceutical Plus – Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series combines three main moisturising active ingredients* which stimulate the skin, produce collagen to keeping it delicate, supple and full of elasticity.

Margen Peptide: Works to boost the collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, so as to activate skin’s moisturising function.

Xpertimoist: Amino acid complex and antarcticine which can moisturise and lift up skin instantly.

Tornare: Polysaccharide which resists the irritating changes of surrounding, and provides stable moisturising effect to the skin.


Photo from SaSa Malaysia’s FB page

Added the Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum to my skincare routine first as i love to use serum! The serum contains the three active moisturizing ingredients which will penetrate deep into skin superficial layer. As such, regular use will boost skin cell activities, and collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis which promotes skin elasticity. It will also keep skin feeling and retaining moisture all day long.

Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum (30ml / $39.90)

It is said that the serum glides onto and into the skin delivering a highly concentrated formula (with Margen Peptide, Xpertimoist & Tornare) for all day moisturization. It completely solves dry skin problems and make the skin softer and more elastic.

The ingredient list.

So how does it fares?

Packaging: The serum comes in a plastic bottle pump bottle which makes usage more hygiene and you can easily dispense the amount required. I love the plastic bottle as i find it very stressful to handle glass bottle due to my butter fingers..

Texture: The Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum has a watery texture which caught me by surprise (i was trying to prevent it from dripping while trying to snap a picture. LOL!).. Not much fragrance is detected but i do notice a slight tinge of floral scent… During the first use, it is normal to press the pump many times in order to get the serum out but no such problem during subsequent use.  1.5 pump is sufficient to cover my entire face and neck… This serum has the lightest texture among all serum that i have come across. It gets absorbed instantly without causing any form of redness / skin irritation! This skin loving serum also won’t leave behind any streaks or greasy / sticky firm so that u can apply your subsequent skincare products without much worries. I’m using this serum during the day as i need something light and gets absorbed almost immediately so that i can apply my sunblock straight… Despite being light, it does keep my skin hydrated and skin doesn’t turn greasy as fast.

Final Verdict: I love it and i would rate it 4/5


I have also added the Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask into my skin care routine as a weekly mask pampering. The gel mask can be used as normal mask or sleeping mask to replenish skin with a large amount of moisture all night long.

This fresh moisturzing gel has a highly active moisturizing formula that help soothe and moisturize the skin. It can also be used as an evening mask, moisturizing continuously while you sleep..

The Gel Mask contains important ingredients – Xpertimoist, Tornare & Allantoin. Allantoin provides very good soothing function for the skin. It has the properties of an astringent and helps heal small wounds and imperfections. It also has great moisturizing capability to improve dry and rough skin problems. Hence it comes in handy when your skin feels dry, sensitive and irritated.

So how does it fares?

Packaging: Like most sleeping mask, the Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask comes in a plastic container with a spatula. Not a concern for me as the spatula will allow me to improve on hygiene aspect.

Texture:  The Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask has a gel texture (with a slighter thicker consistency) but it gets absorbed fast upon application without leaving any greasy / sticky film behind. Upon application, it makes my skin feels refreshed and it feels really soothing! Was using the Laneign’s sleeping mask previously but i don’t quite like the strong fragrance and thick texture (hence i have some clogged pores because of it).. The Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask isn’t heavily scented and it doesn’t feels heavy. After using it once weekly as an overnight sleeping mask, i find that my skin isn’t as red after washing off the mask in the morning and it appears to be calmer and softer. Most important of all, it does not clog my skin due to its texture… I will also applied a thicker layer on acne and on areas prone to redness as i observed that it helps to reduce redness and speed up the healing progress. 

There’s two ways to use this mask:

Apply a large amount onto face. Rinse by lukewarm water after 10-15 mins. Or use it as a sleeping mask and rinse it off the following morning

Final Verdict: Love the soothing function and it is the best sleeping mask that i have come across…. Will rate it 4.5/5!


Lastly, there’s the Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream which i have not tried it yet but i will do a brief introduction of the product. The Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream has unique deep moisturizing formula which brings skin triple functions of moisturizing, soothing and repairing. Regular use will help to soothe roughness and dehydration problems, so as to make skin moist, soft and luminous.

This cream comes in a plastic container whereby you can use the spatula that’s provided to get the amount of cream out.. After applying essence / serum every morning and evening, apply a proper amount of Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream  onto face and neck. Gently massage until fully absorbed.

Besides containing three highly active moisturizing properties (Margen Peptide, Xpertimoist & Tornare), the Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream also contains Butyrosperum Parkii (Shea Butter).  Shea Butter nourishes the skin with Vitamin A,E and F. Vitamin A and E helps to maintain skin texture and keep it clear and healthy as well as prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator. It is a fast absorbed emulsion that allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t clog pores. It also acts as a UV protector. It is said that the texture of the cream is light & smooth which make it perfect for deep moisturizing. It also helps repair and soften skin, completely improve dry skin problems and recovering skin’s luster..

Ceutical Plus Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series is available exclusively at all SaSa Singapore stores (except Changi City Point outlet).

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Ceutical Plus’s presskit

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