Improving my dehydrated & Imperfect Skin with Eumora facial bar!

Hello My Dear Readers! 

Finally it is Saturday and i hope your weekend is getting on fine! Just came back from one event whereby i had a detailed skin analysis done.. I’m thrilled to see that my clogged pores & dehydrated skin issues have improved tremendously! I’m really pleased with my current simple skincare routine (indeed in my case, less is more)!

Day: Cleansing, Toning, Serum & Sunblock

Night: Cleansing, Toning, Serum & Moisturizer

You can click on the respective links to read more on my reviews. In this post, i will be doing a detailed review post for my new cleansing regimen. As for the toner, i’ll be doing a separate post as this new affordable toner has become my current HG. Was using the Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Foam Wash previously but i ran out of the cleanser and has no time to visit the clinic to replenish. Hence, decided to put the Eumora Facial Bar into good use and see how it fares.


My simple yet effective skincare routine

Came to know about Eumora facial bar when my colleague recommended me to get it for my hubby when he was facing skin rashes issue previously. But i did not purchase it as my hubby decided to seek help from the skin doctor. Months later, i was given the opportunity to review the facial bar… After doing some research online, decided to give it a try as there are many raves. But what exactly makes Eumora facial bar so unique and effective? Continue to read below as i will share more on the facial bar, ingredients etc and of course, my review. 🙂

The Eumora facial bars are packed in a lovely box completed with baroque print details. Do make sure that the box you purchase has the unique Authenticity Seal on the packaging.

It is important to get a soap holder box so that you can better preserve the soap (as you have to keep it dry in between use to prevent it from turning mushy). Each box contains four Eumora facial bars and with proper use, one bar can last 1-2 months (Also depending on whether you are using it on your face / body or both). I’m only using it on my face + belly and one bar lasts about 1 month plus.

The Sensational Eumora facial bars, enhanced with Moor & Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) is formulated with 100% world-class grade of ingredients imported from Europe.

Characteristics of the Facial Bar: 

Bio-Available: The substances present are in colloidal form, thus they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the skin system.

Antiseptic: The moor contains high proportions of phenol substances and these acts as natural antiseptic.

Detoxifying: The high proportion of humic acid and other humus substances from the moor enables the moor to draw toxic substances trapped in the tissues.

Anti-Inflammatory: Moor has consistently been found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

Ion-Exchanging: The presence of humic acids from moor also causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the moor.

Hence, Eumora facial bars is suitable for everyday use on all skin types, to cleanse and moisturizes skin for a brighter and refreshed result. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well as the facial bar is odorless and made from natural Moor clay with no artificial element.


So i have mentioned that the Eumora Facial Bar contains Moor & Hma (Hydration microalgae factor)? So what exactly is it?

Proven through the centuries. Moor has been used for wellbeing for at least 2,000 years. The Romans prized it for its health and strength-promoting qualities, even Cleopatra was reputed to have indulged in Moor as part of her beauty regimen. Hundreds of herbs, organic compounds, trace elements, plants and floral natural extracts and other biologically active matter combine to produce this odor free mud.


Moor is a natural nutrient-rich Black odor free organic Mud from Europe and it is full of natural antiseptic, essential oils, and lipids. Moor is a rare form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers which have been permanently submerged under water or underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a ‘ripening’ transformation process over thousands of years to produce a homogeneous dark substance called Moor. During this ‘ripening’ process, all the substances within the plants are retained in the Moor, resulting in an herbal complex with wonderful therapeutic properties.

For the past 60 years, a wealth of clinical studies conducted on Moor therapy has confirmed that Moor does possess a wide range of beneficial properties (Bio-Available: Reacts fast, Antiseptic, Detoxifying & Anti-Inflammatory). This is why hundreds of European physicians now use and recommend Moor treatments. The Moor has been tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and to be able to harmonize with and benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.


Eumora is also infused with HMA Microalgae powered skincare which contains a unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from microAlgae. MicroAlgae is a microscopic forms of algae, from 2 to 8 microns (about the size of a human cell!) and it has been around for a few billion years. MicroAlgae can provide a wide array of nutritional elements as it is rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the skin’s energy and protect the skin to stay away from all kinds of pressure.

Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) is formulated and derived from microalgae cultivated in the fresh water lakes. It includes a component that is similar to the structure of hyaluronate 3D mesh structure, which aids in moisture absorption. With a unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of microalgae, is an effective hydrating agent. It has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the defense qualities of the skin barrier, thus giving extraordinary softness and brightness. Hma doesn’t irritate, and it provides moisture for all types of skin in all climate to give it extraordinary softness and brightness.


Direction on how to use the Eumora Facial Bar:

Wet your hands and put Eumora facial bar on your hands to create a thick lather. Do not add water directly on the bar itself to preserve the facial bar as long as possible. Apply gently onto skin, add more water if needed to spread the lather and leave on for 3 minutes. After which, rinse off with water and store the facial bar back into the soap bar holder… As long as you take good care of the facial bar, one bar can last for 1-2 months of usage.

I started off using the Euroma facial bar once at night to get my skin accustomed to it… But after my Cetaphil cleansing foam ran out, i increased usage to 2x a day… It is rather easy to use the facial bar and if you wet your hands enough, it will create a rich lather which will foam slightly if you add more water to it… There’s no fragrance detected and there’s no stinging sensation upon lathering on my face… However, you have to leave the product on for 3 mins so i will suggest to leave skin cleansing right to the last step of your shower routine… To be frank, i’m not used leaving my facial cleansing product on my face for more than a min as i feel that it will be harsh on skin.. My worries are uncalled for as after washing the lather off, there’s no tightness at all and skin feels well cleansed!

Moreover, the facial bar is highly moisturizing as i did not experience any more skin flaking (which has been troubling for quite sometime ever since my body underwent some ‘changes’ and it will appear the moment i finished washing my skin!)… After using it 2x a day, i’m able to better see and feel the hydrating power of the soap.. Skin feels brighter, radiant and there’s no trace of skin dryness (aka flaking). Because it is gentle on skin, moisturizing and does not strip skin off with too much oil. my skin isn’t so oily as before which in turn reduce the amount of clogged pores i have! The skin analysis which i have just done at IOMA counter is able to prove this as my skin’s hydration level is really good  (it is more than 55%, the optimal level) and the amount of clogged pores have reduced significantly (The small the number, the better it is! Mine is ‘1’)

DSCF3580 DSCF3589

I’m also using the Eumora facial bar on my belly as there’s non-itchy red spots all over.. Not sure why it appeared but since it is not itchy, i did not see the doctor to treat it (perhaps it is just hormones related!)… Decided to use the Eumora facial bar on it as my colleague told me it works well to get rid of rashes & skin allergies… In just 3 weeks, i see a reduction in the amount of red spots on my belly which can be proven by the picture below. The skin on my belly also became smoother , not so ‘scaly’ and skin tone is more even.. I’m impressed!


Top: Before, Below: After

Overall, i’m very pleased with the Eumora Facial Bar and my overall skincare regimen! My skin has turned much healthier, softer, smoother, much hydrated with imperfections reduced! Will recommend this if you have skin issues that’s bothering you.. It is suitable for everyone (Even for pregnant ladies) and all skin types. Something to take note, you might experience some breakouts when u just started using the facial bar due to the detoxifying process… I did experience 2-3 breakouts which cleared off within a week..

The only downside of this product is the price! Each box of Eumora retails for $189 and it comes with 4 x 25g bars. Hence, each bar is $47.25 but with proper handling and usage, one bar can last you 1-2 months. Will certainly repurchase this in the long run as it is so beneficial for my skin!

If you are interested to give the Eumora Facial Bar a try, you can get a free trial from with a small shipping and handling charges. 🙂 Hope that you will enjoy using the facial bar as much as i do…

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Eumora’s presskit

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