All about SASA’s Fragrance Fair – ‘Scents In The City’

Hello My Dear Readers, Sorry for disappearing for close to a month! Spent the past month trying to recollect myself and pick up the pieces as my husband and myself have lost someone Dear. Someone who meant the world to us and someone whom we wish to protect. nurture and love with all our lives. It is really so painful as we have to see her slipping away from us and eventually saying our last goodbye… Although we do not understand why it happened, i’m sure that God has his plans for us.. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to our joyful anticipation of reunion in Heaven. 🙂

Sad things aside! It’s time for me to start my healing process, move on and carry on with the things i love (One of them has to be blogging!).. Few weeks ago, i was invited by SASA to embark on a  ‘Scent-sational Journey to Discover Perfumes’ whereby a fragrance workshop was conducted at the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). 


Photo from SASA’s FB page

We were divided into 3 different groups and the workshop kick-start with a tour of the perfumery labs. Was amazed to see the ‘behind the scenes’ and how much work were needed to create different type of fragrances needed in our daily life. Scent play an important part of our lives as it will best defines our personality and mood. Don’t you think so? 🙂

Next, we went to three different stations to discover the backstage of the creation of perfume for use in different consumer products. First up, we discovered how different fragrances are used for washing detergents catering to different market in Asia..

First Stop – Fragrances for washing detergents!

All washing detergents must go through the ‘Fragrance Test’ in the wash room to determine whether the fragrance smells alright.

Next, we proceeded to the hair salon where we get to learn about the fragrances used for hair products. Do you know what hair-washing cycle varies among different countries? Likewise for different countries, the type of fragrances used in hair products differ too?

Different hair wash cycles

Different preferences in the fragrances used

Last stop, we entered into the world of body wash products to find out on how the smell from different body products turned out to be after using them.  My favorite has to be Lifebuoy’s and it’s time for me to make a switch… hehe!

The different shower rooms filled with different scents from different products

At the end of the tour, the IFF team gave an introduction about IFF on what they do, how they create different fragrances and what are the key roles in the process of creation. We were given the opportunity to create our own scent at the end of the tour but before that, we had to undergo a ‘Fragrance crash course’. We had IFF fragrance expert Jack conducting blind test of different scents and explaining to us the different scents to get us familiarize with the different scents.. IFF Perfumer Kim also introduced many ingredients and gave us directions for fragrance creation.


Photo from SASA’s FB page

The picture below was taken during the blind test whereby we have to describe the scent and try to guess what it comprises of.


Photo from SASA’s FB page

After the crash course, we had the opportunity to concocting our own fragrance by using different perfumery ingredients and drawing inspiration from one another.. After three attempts of trial and errors, we finally created the fragrance we think smells the best. The first one smells really woody which most of us don’t like and the second one smells like air freshener (LOL!). 


Photo from SASA’s FB page

Trial and Error before we got the fragrance right!

After the exciting and interactive fragrance workshop, SaSa announces 2014 Fragrance Fair themed ‘Scents In The City’ featuring 23 participating fragrances which will be available in all SASA stores from 03 October to 14 November 2014.

” A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior

First impressions are made when the lingering scent reveals one’s personality as passerby pace though. Which scent will best defines and matches your mood? This eventful campaign desires to foster a relationship with individuals to develop an understanding on how to select the quintessential scent that best represents one’s identity for different occasions.


Photo from SASA FB page

Collaborating with major fragrance dealers such as Coty Prestige, Estee Lauder Companies, ITF S.p.A, Kenzo, Luxasia, Marina de Bourbon, Mauboussin, Mercedes-Benz, P&G Prestige and TOUS; the event will sure helps to alleviates your senses of smell and create your own scent identity.

Right now, i will share more with my readers on the 23 different fragrances you can purchase during the 2014 Fragrance Fair themed ‘Scents In The City’ and the promotions available:

1) Trussardi My Name EDP

30ml – $79 (Free Body Lotion 30ml + Bath & Shower Gel 30ml)

50ml – $109 (Free Body Lotion 100ml + Bath & Shower Gel 100ml)

100ml – $149 (Free 30ml of Trussardi My Name EDP)

2) Valentino Valentina EDP

50ml – $144 (Free Body Lotion)

80ml – $185 (Free Tote Bag or Clutch Bag)

3) Zippo Feelzone for Her & Him EDT

40ml: $49

75ml: $69 (Free Body Lotion 100ml (For her) / Free Shower Gel 100ml (For him)


4) Police Sinner EDT

30ml – $49 (Free Trousse Man)

100ml – $79 (Free 30ml of Police Sinner + Scarf)

5) Prada Candy Florale EDT

30ml – $102

80ml – $176

Free miniature 7ml or Perfume Soap

6) Repetto EDT

30ml – $65

80ml – $135

Free Repetto EDT Roll on 10ml with every $100 purchase

7) TOUS Love Moment EDT

30ml – $59 (Free Tous Vanity Case)

90ml – $99 (Free 30ml of Tous Love Moment)

8) Trussardi A Way For Her / Him EDT

50ml – $89 (Free Shampoo and Shower Gel 100ml)

100ml – $119 (Free 30ml)


9) Mandarina Duck Oh Bella EDT

50ml – $65 (Free Body Lotion 100ml + Running Kit)

100ml – $79 (Free 30ml + Running Kit)

10) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT

30ml – $88 (Free Vial)

100ml – $148 (Free 2 Vials + Makeup Pouch)

11) Marina De Bourbon Tendre Reverence EDP Spray

30ml – $69 (Free Mirror with Strass Crown)

100ml – $119 (Free 30ml + Universal Weekend Bag)

12) Mauboussin Lovely A LA Folie EDP

30ml – $69 (Free Miniature)

100ml – $129 (Free 30ml)

13) Mercedes – Benz For Men EDT

40ml – $79 (Free Miniature or Key Ring)

120ml – $129 (Free 25ml + Cap)

14) Dsquared2 He Wood Intense EDT

50ml – $109 (Free Hair and Body Wash 100ml)

100ml – $149 (Free 30ml)

15) Gucci Premiere EDT

30ml – $106

75ml – $181

16) Hugo Boss Ma Vie EDP

30ml – $83

75ml – $151

17) Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Florale

50ml – $123 (Free Tote Bag)

90ml – $161 (Free Purse Spray 10ml assorted)

18) Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo EDT

30ml – $76

50ml – $106 (Free Miniature)

100ml – $147 (Free Miniature + illuminating face powder)

19) Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme Gold EDT

30ml – $68 (Free Anna Sui Foundation Premier 8ml + Miniature)

75ml – $119 (Free Anna Sui Foundation Premier 8ml + Miniature + Tote Bag)

20) Armand Basi Wild Forest EDT

50ml – $79 (Free After Shave 150ml + Wooden Pen + Wooden Mouse

90ml – $109 (Free Wooden Pen + Wooden Mouse + Wooden Headphone)

21) Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria EDP

125ml – $151

Free Calvin Klein Bag with every $120 purchase


50ml – $99 (Free miniature ESP 7ml)

100ml – $133 (Free miniature EDP 7ml + Pouch)

23) Bluemarine Anna EDP

30ml – $59 (Free 2 miniatures)

100ml – $119 (Free 30ml + Body Lotion 100ml)

Besides enjoying the promotions above, SASA has also extended the following discounts: 

Shoppers enjoy 20% off 23 participating fragrance brands, and 10% off the other brands in stores. 

SASA VIPs or Citibank cardholders can enjoy additional 5% discount on storewide fragrances.

Other than the exclusive premiums from the respective participating fragrance brands, shoppers will receive a $10 Voucher* with nett purchase of $100 worth of fragrances.

*Valid for next storewide purchase of $50. Terms and conditions apply.

Attractive promotions isn’t it? The right time to do some fragrance shopping and i’m not an exception. Will be getting the TOUS Love Moment EDT as i adore the lively & happy scent!

Thank you SASA and IFF for organizing such a fun workshop and my morning was well spent! 


Photo from SASA’s FB page

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from SASA’s presskit

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