We’re slowly, but surely, moving forward.

Day 25 without you in our lives…. How time flies and we’re missing you badly.. Was looking through the photos taken before you left us and i saw this phrase that was shared by Fiona.

” The will Of God will never lead you to where the grace of God cannot keep you ” 

Indeed, God’s love is immense and no mind can ever imagine how great is his love for us.. He won’t give us too much to bear and we know that it must have hurt him as much to take our precious one away, although we don’t understand the reasons for the circumstances around us now.. He also knows that we are hurting and he cares (just like how he reassured us yesterday. Derrick visited the house of God and the message from the pastor is about Infants from God. She received this message from God that all babies are under God’s care in the cradle of God).


God want us to know that our precious one is now safe with him with no more pain and suffering… He loves us so he will also take care of our heartaches and worries as long as we submit our burdens to him… Thank you God giving us strength, holding our hands and walking along with us during this difficult period..

We are moving on, slowly but surely… 🙂

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