Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest Delivery made possible by Yu Xiang Yan!

In today’s modern and busy society, convenience is the key! To save time and hassle, many things can be carried out online~ If you don’t have the time to shop, you can order your necessities online. If you don’t have the time to cook, you can also order your food online… Now, you can even order freshly cooked Bird’s Nest and get it delivered hot & fresh right to your door step!

Knock Knock, Fresh Bird Nest Delivery!

The freshly cooked bird’s nest delivery concept is developed by Yu Xiang Yan, an international brand specializing in marketing good quality bird’s nest. This local company was established in 2007, with factories in Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The company continuously innovates to create different products from its own bird’s nest, and blends the best of prized traditional bird’s nest, with a modern and practical twist. Product quality is the Top Priority, Yu Xiang Yan operates internationally and has strict production processes in place, especially the selection of bird’s nest – fineness of fiber and degree of cleanliness to deliver the best products to consumers, bringing better beauty, youth, and health to everyone.


The Bird’s Nest Delivery Service Package offered  Yu Xiang Yan comes in 1 Bowl, 2 bowls, 4 bowls and 1o bowls choices. To ensure freshness, your order will be delivered in 3 hours from time of order received. Prices starts from $26 (1 bowl) to $227 (10 bowls)..

Each bowl you ordered will consist of 100% premium quality bird’s nest that freshly cooked (all cooking of bird’s nest are done upon receipt of orders). All Yu Xiang Yan bird’s nests are all HALAL certified and it contains no artificial flavoring or coloring; no preservatives, stabilizer, and chemical additives. For each order, you can also choose from 5 Flavors to cater to your taste buds (rock sugar, rock sugar (less sugar), sugar-free, wild ginseng slices, pandan leaf).

FYI: The numbers on the red knob found on the cover indicate the date whereby the bird’s nest is cooked and delivered (which enables you to keep track on the freshness of the Bird’s Nest).

At only $26 per bowl, you get to enjoy freshly made high quality bird’s nest that comes with an exquisite porcelain bowl, spoon, heating pack, plus recyclable base that you can plant a small bansai for home or office.

Been consuming Bird’s Nest regularly for the past few months as recommended by my TCM sinseh to boost up my body. Do you know that Bird’s nest is a natural tonic delicacy suitable for consumption by males and females of all age group?

Wellness of Bird’s Nest:

• Beneficial to the lungs, stomach and kidney
• Boost recovery after surgery
• Activate rejuvenation
• Promotes brain development
• Enhance nutrition during pregnancy, post pregnancy and confinement

Personally, i love to consume freshly cooked Bird’s Nest warm with added rock sugar and red dates! Not a big fan of those ready-made bird’s nest in glass bottles as they tend to taste too sweet and artificial. For this bowl of Bird’s Nest, Yu Xiang Yan uses House bird’s nest which is cleaner & clearer as compared to the ‘cave bird’s nest’. My TCM sinseh also told me that good bird’s nest won’t melt / break easily when cooked. The bowl of Bird’s nest from Yu Xiang Yan has a generous amount of visible chunky shreds of bird’s nest ready for my consumption! Hence, the bird’s nest is high in quality as it doesn’t melt when cooked. What i love about this bowl of bird’s nest is that texture is smooth and overall taste is not too sweet! It was still warm when i consumed it and i simply love the way the bird’s nest is prepared with its original taste preserved~

Tempted? If you are craving for nice freshly made bird’s nest at the convenience of your home, you can place your orders online @

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Yu Xiang Yan’s website

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