My Skin Journey with Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) | Part Three

After a long hiatus (my last treatment was in Feb 2014), i’m finally back at Trinity Medical Centre to get my  Spectra Carbon Laser Peel done! For the past nine months, i wasn’t supposed to get any laser procedure done and i can only do it once i have finished confinement.

During confinement, i have to limit exposure to water during confinement and this ‘rule’ makes washing of my face very difficult. I can only clean my face using wet wipes then followed by application of toner. I even have to skip the use of moisturizer as i will tend to sweat a lot during this period and the sticky sensation is unbearable.. Towards the end of confinement, i’m only allowed to wash my face once daily with herbal water… Due to improper skin care routine for the past one month, my skin has turned sensitive, congested and dehydrated…  It is also warm to the touch and very oily! The nose area especially, is badly congested with black heads / white heads and pores are dilated.

After a long nine months wait, I’m really thrilled to visit Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) to treat my skin (mainly to reduce sensitivity, oiliness, pore size and also congestion! Imagine nine months worth of ‘junk’ stuck underneath my pores, not very pleasant! :/). First thing i did is to rant to him about my skin sensitivity and the oiliness. Dr Lim told me that my skin sensitivity condition will improve once my body hormones stabilize. Meanwhile, i can also do appropriate treatments to deal with my skin concerns and they are the non invasive Aqua ST treatment & Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment. Sounds like what I needed and i’m always in safe hands under Dr Lim’s care! 🙂


First Treatment – Aqua ST 

The treatment started with skin cleansing and extractions to decongest my pores and to extract impurities.. My skin is the most congested on my nose area and i really dislike my strawberry nose! After the extraction, the Aqua ST System is used to treat my skin to deep cleanse, unclogs the pores, exfoliate away dead skin cells and treat my skin (the machine will also enhance the delivery of liquid solution through the skin pores) before the laser treatment. This skin treatment is mild enough to be used before laser treatments as it does not use crystals or other abrasive harsh particles that will irritate the skin. There will not be any downtime and you can see visible results with only 1 treatment and 4-6 treatments are needed for more significant results.


The Aqua ST Treatment Machine

This skin treatment works by its 2-in-1 action –  non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions to safely and painlessly cleanse, exfoliate, extract and to treat the skin.. During the treatment, the machine will create a painless suction force and once done, a serum* (that contains Salicylic Acid) was being applied onto the area. During the process, there wasn’t any pain or sensitivity and all i felt was a gentle suction sensation. As my skin is in a very sensitive state, there’s some redness but it went away very fast..  After the ST Aqua treatment is done, my skin felt much smoother to the touch and it is not so tight!

*A customized serum would be used in accordance to individuals skin’s condition and in my case, an acne treatment serum were being applied on.


2-in-1 action – non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions

Once the Aqua ST treatment is done, it is time for my much-anticipated Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment! Spectra Laser Peel is an effective yet gentle carbon-assisted laser treatment which is highly effective in controlling / reducing all types of acne inflammation, reducing excessive oil and sebum production, unclogging pores and reduces pores size. It helps to reduces redness from past acne inflammation,calms skin, eliminate brown spots, improves acne scars, uneven skin tone & texture and fine lines. It also aids with regenerating collagen and reduces fine wrinkles while softens skin tone. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and one can resume normal activity immediately afterwards. Recommended treatment should be done between 3-4 weeks interval.  This unique treatment will help to reduce the flare-ups of acne, make those superficial acne scars unnoticeable and at the same time stimulate skin collagen growth.


Prepping my skin for the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment!

If you are wondering why i’m sporting a ‘black face’, a thin layer of carbon lotion will be applied on prior treatment. This is to enhance the absorption of the laser beam. If you have sensitive yet acne prone skin like me, the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel will be safe & suitable for you to target inflammatory acne, oily skin, large skin pores, mild acne scars and fine wrinkles effectively. It is suitable anyone (with no downtime) and will not cause any scabs, pain or bleeding (hence numbing cream is not required prior treatment).


Before the start of the session, Dr Lim asked me jokingly if i still remember how Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment feels like! hahaha! Yes i do! 🙂

During the treatment, the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel machine will ‘emit’ a loud buzzing sound and when the laser was administered on my skin, all i felt was prickling sensation which was bearable (not painful at all) but a little uncomfortable. After doing laser on the whole face, Dr Lim started to blast the carbon off my skin. The buzzing sound got louder but there wasn’t any pain or discomfort. After Dr Lim is done with the laser, the clinic assistant  clean the remaining carbon lotion off on my face before applying sunblock on my skin..


Both treatments are done within 30 minutes and there will not be any downtime. I did not experience any major pain and redness (only redness are on areas where extractions were done and it went away after a few hours). Immediately after the treatments, my skin felt so much smoother to the touch and it looks more radiant & healthier. It is also less tight and not so blotchy looking. Hence, you can get the above treatments done as lunch-time procedures without being judged! :p

Picture taken right after treatment!

If you really need to apply makeup, you can do it at the clinic as well as there’s a makeup counter. You can even tidy up your hair too. 🙂


The next day, i woke up to softer and less greasy skin. Skin also appears to be brighter and skin tone is more even… I also realized that my skin is less irritated with reduced redness and it is less warm to the touch. Although Dr Lim did warn me about possible breakouts due to purging (as it has been sometime since i did my last laser treatment), there isn’t any breakouts (phew!)

Now it is 5 days post treatment and i felt that my skin appears to be healthier with less redness, calmer and smoother to the touch. The more controlled oil secretion has also results in reduced pore congestion. My nose area also has lesser blackheads and whiteheads! Overall, i felt that my skintone is brighter, more radiant and so much more even! Moreover, it is not so tight (not as warm to the touch too) as before and i’m glad that my skin is less sensitive now! 🙂


5th day post treatment – Front

However, there’s no change to my pores size and i believe that the situation will improve after more laser treatments. I’m also looking forward to the subsequent treatments which will reduce my post acne pigmentation. Can’t wait to experience more benefits from the subsequent treatments, Patience is the key!


5th day post treatment – Both sides of my face

Edited on end Jan 2015

Here’s a photo taken in Jan 2015, after getting another 2 laser treatments done. Not sure if my eyes are playing a trick on me but pores sizes seems smaller.. For sure, skin is less congested and not as oily.. 🙂


Edited on 08 April 2015

I have been going for regular Carbon Laser Peel Treatments every 3-4 weeks but itchy hands me decided to try a new product recently and it has resulted my skin to be so congested! (Sigh!) Feeling really bad as the team at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) has taken care of my skin so well but yet i have ‘poisoned’ it! 😦

Have went to see Dr Lim yesterday as i thought that my breakouts are hormonal but Dr Lim told me it is due to that certain product that i used (Argghh!). Doctor Lim has treated my skin yesterday and i am really hoping that it will clear up asap! Will update on the progress soon!

Edited on 30 Oct 2017

My favorite skin doctor, Dr Lim has just set up his new clinic at MY Medical Aesthetics. Will be trying out the Picosecond laser treatment at MY Medical and i will share my experience soon. Can’t wait!!

MY Medical Aesthetics is located beside Bugis+, above Mellower Coffee


108, Middle Road, The Prospex, #03-03/04
Singapore 188967 
+65 6873 8238


Photo from MY Medical’s FB page


Ever since i have started the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatments, i have received some emails from my readers regarding the procedure. I have listed their questions below and hope that it will help to address some of your doubts:

Any pain and down time for this procedure? 

During the laser treatment, all i felt was prickling sensation which was bearable (not painful) but a little uncomfortable. There’s no need for numbing cream and i also felt it is unnecessary there’s zero pain. As for the redness, the laser treatment will not cause any but it is important to use sunblock after treatment to protect your skin.

Does the  Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatments really work?

On my skin, Yes! With only one treatment, my skin condition did improve..

Sebum secretion and pores congestion have reduced. Skin has also became brighter and skin tone was more even. When oil secretion has reduced, my skin texture turned much better when it is smoother and less bumpy to the touch. The other time when i had bad breakouts, one session of the laser is able to control the breakouts better. I realized that the breakouts heals much faster and much controlled.  It also helps to reduce my skin’s sensitivity issue. It helps to reduces redness from past acne inflammation and calms skin down so it isn’t as tight as before.

As for dilated pores and post acne pigmentation, regular session of laser treatments are needed before you will obtain optimal results. For my skin,  i will need a series of 5- 6 treatments at intervals of 3 weeks in order to see better improvement in my pore size and post acne pigmentation..

I will recommend the Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatments if you are plagued with acne or oily skin condition that refuses to go away and will need something effective, gentle yet non invasive.

Do note that our skin type and medical conditions are unique and will response differently to treatments. Hence it is better for you to schedule an appointment so that the doctor can customize treatments for you to achieve optimum natural results. 🙂

To improve skin hydration level and to control my oily skin condition, Dr Lim has also prescribed me with a new cleanser and moisturizer to use in between treatments.

How much does it cost?

Carbon laser peel usual price is $380/session, Aqua ST usual price is $188/session. 6 sessions of carbon laser peel is $1680 nett, 6 sessions of aqua ST is $888. Combination treatment of 6 sessions of carbon laser peel and 6 sessions of aqua ST is $2388 nett. Bigger package with more discount available and you can call the clinic up for more details.

Thanks for reading and i’ll be back with more updates soon!


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