Start Your Day Glowing with New Found Beauty – La Colline‏!

Last Friday, I’ve attended an event held by SASA Singapore for La Colline. Held at Phillip Wain, the evening was well spent as i get to learn more about the brand (La Colline) and also acquiring plenty of skincare tips!

La Colline – Synonymous with effectiveness and reliability, the brand is well-known and respected in more than 25 countries. La Colline Cellular Research Laboratories were founded in 1997 in a natural setting of rare purity: the sheltered valley of the Rhone River in the Valais Canton of Switzerland. By offering products of the highest quality backed by top-level technical expertise, much like the Swiss watchmaking industry, La Colline has built a reputation for excellence in skincare that takes action on the “cellular clock”.

All of the brand’s formulas feature the prodigious anti-aging power of the CMAge complex. This finely calibrated blend of six active ingredients, high technology and aesthetic subtlety serves as the cornerstone of the brand which makes it the paragon of excellence in anti-aging skincare.

At the event, we were introduced to the ‘Advanced Vital‘ Line. Along with the CMAge complex. this line is formulated with ‘The High Density Skin (HDS) system to work on firmness and vitality of mature skin. By restoring the mechanisms of cellular renewal, the HDS System improves the skin’s capacity to withstand stress factors and the effects of passing time. With the revitalizing power of soy proteins, this system stimulates the neosynthesis of the three substances that are essential for firmer, fuller-looking skin – Collagen, Elastin, GAGs (GlycosAminoGlycans), including hyaluronic acid. The line comprises of ultra effective products that work together in a genuine synergy to combat the gradual loss of cutaneous firmness.


Advanced Vital – Skincare that puts the focus on firmness and Vitality

As we age, aging tell-signs like fine lines, wrinkles, less plump cheeks and dilated pore will form when skin’s elastin fibers diminishes & loses elasticity overtime. Hence, it is important to strengthen the elastic fiber network and skin barrier by using appropriate product to delay signs of aging. The Cellular Vital Serum will provide your skin with an instant uplift while leaving the skin with a supple, elastic feel. Thanks to the optimal interactivity between the HDS system and CMAGE complex, it boosts cellular respiration and reactivates the regeneration of the skin’s support tissue. Its remarkable texture with instant toning effect is immediately absorbed. The features look smoother and the skin feels lifted and better oxygenated, brimming with fresh vital energy.

<Apply the serum daily to thoroughly cleansed skin, morning and / or night>

It is also very important to supply optimal moisture to your skin as it will maintain skin’s natural cell turnover and capacity to bounce back. With well-hydrated skin, skin will stay healthy, flexible, and plump. Hence to keep skin in tip-top condition, the Cellular Vital Cream will provide fast-acting firming power to improve skin’s elasticity. Rich in essential fatty acids derived from camelina and jojoba oils, the Cellular Vital Cream combines the anti-aging CMAge complex with the firming HDS system and anti-oxidizing Vit E to boost the cells’ vital activites, firm the facial contours and restore the skin’s youthful tone. Its delicate creamy texture gives the skin a matt finish for a comfortable velvety feel. As though transformed, the face looks fuller and firmer with a youthful profile. <Use in the morning after the serum>

The Cellular Vital Extra Rich Cream will improve skin’s softness and firmness while bringing comfort to stress up skin. This revitalizing and regenerating cream boosts cellular metabolism and soothes sensations of tautness in an instant. While the CMAGE complex and HDS system reshape the facial contours and tone down the signs of aging; its nourishing oils deliver softness and comfort, countering the effects of dehydration and exacerbate premature aging. With its sensuous, generous texture, this ultra-rich firming repair cream gives even the most devitalized skin a fresh infusion of softness and energy.

<After the serum, at night or both morning and night (if skin is highly stressed)>

If you have an important day whereby you need to put your best face forward, the Cellular Vital Mask is able to supply your skin with instant radiance beauty treatment. It combines an array of powerful active ingredients, including the remarkable CMAGE complex, the innovative HDS system and a blend of nutritive plant extracts, derived from shorea and camelina, to revive cellular oxygenation and activate hydration for an immediate beautifying effect on the skin.

Its “SOS” formula replenish the vital reparative substances that the skin needs, allowing it to recover extreme softness and youthful elasticity. The Mask is specially formulated to restore the glow to lacklustre complexion and replump even the most tired skin. Refreshingly stimulated, the face feels perfectly smooth and moisturized with a beautiful glow.

<Use it 1-3 times a week whenever the skin shows signs of fatigue>

For skin with double needs, devitalized and lipid depleted, the all new essence Cellular Night Elixir promises ultimate overnight regeneration. With the double power of a biphase serum, this regenerating essence wields a dual effect on the skin; the comfort of its precious oil compounded by the revitalizing and soothing capacity of its active ingredients.

While its lipid phase delivers nutritive and emollient agents, the hydric phase regenerates, soothes and fortifies the tissue for increased firmness. Its extraordinary texture and silky soft feel are the result of a judicious balance between the two phases of elixir, to ensure true pleasure in application.

During the event, we had Ms Celine Krieger (International Beauty Expert of La Colline) to tell us more about the newly launched product – Cellular Night Elixir. Celine shared with us that as skin ages, it begins to suffer from a dual metabolic deficiency; reduced lipid production and loss of integrity of the cutaneous barrier which affects its capacity to retain moisture. This imbalance results in different types of reactivity such as discomfort, redness and dryness. The skin’s water-lipid ‘alchemy’ must be re-established in order to meet the physiological needs of the epidermal cells.

Ms Celine told us that by taking action overnight (the most propitious time for intensive cellular regeneration), Cellular Night Elixir performs the following four simultaneous functions: Regenerates and Repairs, Reduces Irritations, Fortites & Firms.

The next morning, skin will be well-nourished, soothed, strengthen and glowing with newfound beauty. Thanks to the reconstituting power of Cellular Night Elixir’s active ingredients and the mildness of its precious oils.

 Regenerate and Repairs

A ceramide complex, highly concentrated in lipids identical to those found in the skin, plays a vital role in the barrier function. Key components of the intercellular ground substance, these lipids regulate hydration while restoring the cutaneous barrier. For increased effectiveness, the ceramides are combined with a physio-activator (arginine PCA) that stimulates the production of lipids. To supplement this regenerative action, the lipid phase is enhanced with a duo of previous oils, jojoba and macadamia, rich in essential fatty acids.

First Function – Regenerate and Repairs

Reduces Irritations & Fortifies

To calm cutaneous stress, a plant-derived active ingredient called Bacopa soothes the irritations of the day and bolsters the skin’s ability to withstand everyday stress factors. The first high-precision technology based on cellular reoxygenation, the CMAge complex activates the three essential mechanisms for beautiful skin: Oxygenation, Protection and Hydration. Its anti-aging performance is intensified by a physiological catalyst made up of four vectorized trace elements and minerals (sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese) that fulfils the cells’ nutritional and energy needs.

Second  & Third Function: Reduces Irritations & Fortifies

Skin Firming

The keystone of the Advanced Vital Line, the HDS system restructures the skin, boosting its firmness, elasticity and vitality to tighten and reshape the facial contours.

Clinical test conducted on skin explants after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 8 days has proven 23%+ increase in thickness of the epidermis.

Self-evaluation test conducted on 30 Women after 2x daily application of Cellular Night Elixir for 28 days has reported the following:

Well-nourished, smooth and comfortable skin for 90% of the volunteers

Soothed and better protected skin for 84%

A pleasurable texture with no residual sticky effect for 97%

Fourth Function: Firms

Housed in a 30ml glass dropper bottle, the Cellular Night Elixir is to be applied at night (or both day & night for severely devitalized skin) to thoroughly cleansed skin.

1) Shake well with a rotary motion before use

2) Fill the dropper with a single squeeze and empty the content into the palm of one hand

3) Blend gently, then apply in small dabs on face & neck

4) Smooth in with gentle upward circular movements

5) Follow up with your moisturizer.

To promote relaxation, the scent of Cellular Night Elixir is formulated with a medley of musky notes tinged with vanilla, warmed with rise and heightened with a touch of citrus, gently lulls one into restorative night’s sleep for better skin.


Ms Celine also held a facial demo session whereby she shared with us more on La Colline’s extensive skincare range.. I’m fascinated with the Cellular Modelling Bio Peel which is an extremely mild exfoliater for even the most delicate skin. The gel texture will turn into oil after you massage it and at the same time it will eliminate dead skin cells. After wiping it off, my skin appears to be brighter, smoother and softer!As it doesn’t contains beads, you can now exfoliate your skin without worrying that you will disturb skin balance!



Cellular Modelling Bio Peel

Things that i brought home to try after the event – La Colline Cellular Bio-Smoothing Tonic, Cellular Vital Cream, Cellular Cleansing Gel & Cellular Night Elixir

Have tried the La Colline Cellular Bio-Smoothing Tonic and do you know that it important to use a toner as part of your skincare routine? I have people telling me that toner is redundant but it is really important as it helps to clean off remaining residue left on your skin after cleansing. Moreover, it helps valuable ingredients of your skincare products (like serum & moisturizer) gets absorbed and processed more effectively. When you tone your skin, you are actually ‘wetting’ your skin and moist skin will absorb the nutrients better.

The La Colline Cellular Bio-Smoothing Tonic has a pleasant soothing scent which put my senses at ease whenever i use it! It contains the signature CMA Complex, Keratoline (smoothing gentle exfoliant)  & Plantago extract (softening, astringent, antioxidant and healing) so it is suitable for my sensitive acne prone skin! With its dual smoothing and anti-aging action, this toner delivers instant results to improve the quality of your skin, eliminates dead skin cells and & smoothes away irregularities. After use, skin appears to be clean, calm, even and softer, with a beautifully refined texture.


I’m someone who is lazy but who will emphasize on proper skin cleansing and on the lookout for easy to use make up remover. The Cellular Cleansing Gel is able to fulfil my 2 needs as i can use it in the shower while it has good cleansing power! A small amount of gel texture of this anti-aging cleanser is able to clean off my sunblock, BB cream, Concealer, Blusher & Waterproof eyeliner effectively. I just have to massage it and rinse it off while i shower (So convenient!). As you can see from the picture below, even my long-lasting red lipstick ‘smudged / melted’ completely and got cleansed off (Normally i will have use a lip makeup remover to get it off). After cleansing, i used a cotton pad soaked with toner to test if there’s any left behind make-up and there’s none! Impressive cleansing power and i really love the soothing scent coming from the cleaning gel! Ideal for combination or oily skin, it refines the skin’s texture while it offers my skin absolute purity and long-lasting freshness.

As for the Cellular Vital Cream & Cellular Night Elixir, will be trying it next month when i head to somewhere really cold! Will need something for my highly stressed skin due to the harsh winter . Certainly looking forward for my skin to Regenerates and Repairs, Reduces Irritations, Fortites & Firms overnight! Will review it on my blog in due course!



La Colline Cellular Night Elixir 30ml is retailing at $549 exclusively at all SASA Stores.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from La Colline’s website and Presskit.

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