Supporting The Body’s Natural Ability To Self-heal & Reboot with Natroslim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Hello everyone! Today i will be sharing more on one of the parcel that i have received recently.. Something which is beneficial to health and yet can help one to reach his / her slimming goals! Talking about parcels, my husband still look highly distressed whenever i have new incoming parcels as we ran out of space in the room (As I’m typing, few of my parcels are already sitting outside at the living room). Can’t wait for our new home to be ready next year!

Enough of rambling and i will start the ball rolling with the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, the all­new natural nutraceutical product which i have received from NatroSlim. NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is a comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy and it is designed to work naturally with your body by supporting the body’s natural ability to self-heal and reboot.

Daily exposure to stress, environmental toxins, additive and chemicals can affect our health and weight. NatroSlim 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse is an all natural, comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’. NatroSlim is the region’s first weight management and lifestyle solution that is deeply rooted in Naturopathic principles.

NatroSlim is a weight management and lifestyle program based on naturopathic principles and focuses on holistic, educational and empowering tools and clinically sound supplements to help women and men achieve their weight and health goals. This program will be useful for both women and men who would like to reboot and retune their health, for general well-being or weight management.

Over the course of 3 weeks, the AM & PM supplements combined with the Day Health Transformation diet plan, will stimulate detoxification and enable your body to self-heal gently and naturally. Results you can expect from detoxification include:

Promotes weight loss / Feel less bloated and puffy / Healthier and clearer skin / Increased energy level / Improved digestion / Improved mood and focus / Feel recharged and energized

Why 21 Days?

You might have heard of, or even tried various 2 or 3 days detox programs, and more likely or not, they either do not work, or make you feel terrible. A proper detox program has to take into consideration the time required for the body to retune and readjust. Our cells take weeks to months to turnaround and it is simply impossible to do a proper cleanse in matter of days.

What makes Natroslim different and worth a try?  Firstly, Natroslim is the first detox program in Singapore that is a full program combining supplements and a health transformation guide. Secondly, it is gentle, non‐invasive and non­laxative. It will also support not just the digestive system but also every single facet of health.

Thirdly, the supplements and programs are developed in collaboration with medical and complementary health professionals based on the following guiding principles:

1. First do no harm –  Taking great care to ensure the products are safe, gentle and backed by research.

2. Adaptable– The programs can be adapted to fit one’s dietary beliefs and habits.

3. Sustainable – Programs and products are designed to ensure desired results are
achievable and most importantly sustainable.

4. Cutting edge – By combining traditional wisdom with modern science and technology to derive at unique & effective product formulas and feature ingredients.

5. Support – The brand is committed to listen and supporting consumers  in  their  health journey. You can contact the team at and they are committed to support you through your cleansing journey.

Eugene He is the creator of Natroslim and he is known to some as The Happy Naturopath’. He is an Australia trained herbalist, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur and health coach. He is known for his down to earth and hands-­on approaches when dealing with health issues. A firm believer that health starts in the kitchen, Eugene is also an avid cook and experimental food chemist. Till date, Eugene has inspired thousands of people including celebrities, executives, mums, dads and kids to live well, love themselves and look great.

Eugene went into private practice as ‘The Happy Naturopath’ and had a special interest in gut and mood relationships. Additionally he was also involved in anti-­ageing research and studies. In 2010, he joined a health product distributor in Singapore as a business consultant, managing globally acclaimed brands Solgar, Nelsons and BioMedica and provided training and support to doctors and health professionals in complementary medicine.

Despite the busyness in managing an organization, Eugene still finds priority for speaking engagements, as human interaction is still the most powerful education and motivation tool. In his free time, he enjoys traveling around the world to discover native remedies, culinary recipes and collecting various herbal specimens and essential oils. He is currently working on his first book on Natural Medicine to be released late 2014.

Each box of 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, AM CLEANSE and PM CLEANSEAM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle & PM Cleanse contains 21 powder sachet.

To enjoy full benefits, you are supposed to take both AM and PM Cleanse Formula daily (for 21 consecutive days) while adhering to tips and exercises stated in the accompanying 21 Day Health Transformation Program guide-book.

AM Cleanse Formula: Take 4 capsules with a large glass of water every morning before breakfast.

PM Cleanse Formula: Dissolve one sachet in a glass of water and consume every evening after dinner.


Ingredients of the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Ingredients of the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide-book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support during your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

The accompanying 21 Day Health Transformation Program guide-book

As mentioned earlier, NatroSlim 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse is an all natural, comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’:

(Week 1, Weeding phase): Elimination of the toxins and focusing on restoring the liver and circulatory system.

(Week 2, Seeding phase): Rebalancing of bowel flora and replacement of lost nutrients.

(Week 3, Feeding phase): Nourishing and feeling the difference in your body after completing the detox.

Week 1 (Days 1 – 7): The Weeding Week

This is the most crucial week of the program as it is not only the start, but also when preparation of the body for detoxification and elimination of accumulated toxin is done. During this week, some of us may experience mild headaches, nausea, itchy skin or disrupted sleep. These are normal side effects of the cleansing process but should symptoms be severe or unbearable, one should stop the program and immediately consult a physician to assess if you have an underlying health condition.

Week 1 (Days 1 – 7): The Weeding Week

Week 2 (Days 8 – 14): The Seeding Week

Now that the junk has been cleared out the body, it’s time to introduce the good stuff back to it. Week 2 focuses on replenishing the body with prebiotics and clean food to encourage the proliferation of healthy bowel probiotics. Due to the gut-brain relationship, one should feel a difference this week. The possible detoxification symptoms from Week 1 should have cleared and one should feel more energetic and alive.

Week 2 (Days 8 – 14): The Seeding Week

Week 3 (Days 15 – 21): The Feeding Week

It’s time to reward your body with quality, nutrient dense foods to prepare it for graduation. In Week 3, an antioxidant rich diet is introduced to the body with beneficial phytonutrients. You will learn dietary habits that should become part of your diet for life. Rejoice, relive and enjoy your newfound state of health.

Week 3 (Days 15 – 21): The Feeding Week

Inside the guidebook, there are also recommended low intensity and high intensity exercises together with recipes which will support your 21 days detox journey.

Because my body is still in the midst of recuperating, i have decided to get my husband to embark on this 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse program. He has been blaming me for his weight gain as i can never finish my food and he hates wastage! hahahaha~

Throughout the 21 days, his lifestyle remains pretty much the same while he was taking the AM & PM Cleanse formula.. Since it is not disruptive to his daily life, he finds it very easy to adapt to the program… As for his diet wise, he followed some of the diet guidelines stated on the guide-book…

Every Morning, he will take the 4 AM Cleanse Formula capsules before his breakfast with 1 cup of water…


At night after dinner and before he sleeps, he will take the PM Cleanse Formula dissolved in a cup of water. The PM Cleanse formula drink has a slight orange taste and it taste better with cold water…

After embarking on the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program, here’s his experiences:

Week One: To prep my body for the detoxification, i’ve cut down on carbohydrates and fried food while jogging for at least 30 mins this week.  Throughout this week, i feel hungry very easily due to the reduce intake of carbohydrates but luckily i’m discipline enough to resist snacking.  From the 2nd day onward, i have loose stools so the ‘output’ process is rather smooth sailing. My sleep is quite disturbed but i’m not sure if it is due to stress or the cleanse program.

Week Two: Diet wise is pretty much the same and i’m introducing yogurt into my diet… I only managed to run twice this week.. Ooops! Week two is so much better as compared to week one as i don’t grow hungry that easily. My body is getting accustomed to the new routine and i feel more energetic. Sleep isn’t so disturbed and i feel refreshed in the morning. I also feel lighter and stomach did not feel as bloated as before. Still experiencing loose stools but not as ‘loose’ as compared to week one.

Week Three: Still cutting down on carbohydrates and i increased my fruits & vegetable intake.. Still taking yogurt and running 3 times this week.  I’m able to sleep very soundly this week and waking up refreshed! I feel that my gastric and digestive system is getting much better as i don’t burp / get bloated so easily.. My pants don’t feel as tight as before and to my surprise, i lost 1 kg..

Overall, i will recommend the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program coupled with a sensible exercise routine and change in diet.  You also have to be disciplined to cut down on your carbohydrates. I strongly believe in a more sustainable approach to weight loss and better health so I generally do not make recommendations for anyone to take on any detox program with an aim of having the easy way out to lose weight without any physical effort.  The 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program is not disruptive and quite sustainable so i will repeat this program three months later for better well-being.


Before i go, here’s some FAQ that you might have in regards to the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program:

How often should I do the program?

It is recommended that you run the program once every three months for optimal well-being.

What do I do in-between programs?

It is recommended that you maintain the NatroSlim diet and limit exposure to known
food allergens. To maintain your digestive health, it is recommended that you take LACTOLEAN daily. If you would like to lose more weight, it is recommended that you take ACTIVATE for two

Are there any side effects or contradictions?

The 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is not suitable for pregnant women or people with severe health conditions and under medication. The cleanse is also not suitable for children under the age of 18. There are no known side effects aside from the ones related to detoxification during the first week. Mild headaches, nausea, itchy skin, loose stools or disrupted sleep are some manifestations as a result of the cleansing process but these symptoms are usually self-limiting and will resolve within a few days.

NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is exclusively available at Guardian Singapore from 1st November 2014, and at both Guardian AND Watsons from January 2015. The program retails at S$129 for a box.

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions and information are extracted from NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse’s Press Release. Do note that individual results may vary.

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