Putting the Cyber Colors Black Label Foundation Series to the test!

Talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), i’m a firm believer of them as they are beneficial to health while treating the root cause and will balance the body (minus the side effects)..  My husband always tells me western medicines are always full of side effects and they will not treat but mask the problem. This is why we will try to control the intake of Western medication and rely mostly on TCM (Anyway this is our own preferences so you can disagree. hehe!)


Likewise for my makeup and cosmetics, beside being natural, i’ll be happy if they also contain a blend of herbal extracts which provide ultimate skin solutions. When SASA Singapore has contacted me to do a review on their newly launched Black Label Essence Foundation series, i have decided to accept it as the range is infused with precious ancient chinese herbal extracts. Definitely sounds like what my skin and what i need!


The Black Label Essence Foundation series by Cyber Colors is researched and developed in Japan to give one flawless silky skin from within.  All the products are formulated with a blend of precious herbal essences to unveil the natural beauty of Asian Women. Much more than a makeup, the series also tackles uneven skin tone, dehydration, oily skin and other skin problems. The new series feature 5 items including moisture base, foundation and powder foundation, giving skin a firmer, younger look.

All the 5 products are formulated with a blend of precious herbal essences to care for the skin while creating the most luxurious and perfect complexion.

Ginseng Extract – Contains ginseng saponin, polysaccharides and vitamins, rich in nutrients to promote skin cell renewal, boost skin regeneration, strengthens skin structure and maintain skin elasticity

Cordyceps Extract – Provides antioxidant functions; helps slow down cell aging, brightens up dull complexion and keeps skin young and healthy

Reishi Extract – Effectively enhances micro-circulation, hydrates and smoothens skin

Angelic Extract – Works at a deep dermal level to promote blood circulation and enhances metabolism, leaving skin soft and tender.


Photos from Google’s image

I have received the Black Label Essence UV liquid FoundationBlack Label Essence UV Cream FoundationBlack Label Essence Silky Loose PowderBlack Label Essence UV Powder Foundation in my press kit.

The Cyber Colors Black Label series is highly recommended by a renowned makeup artist from Japan, Takashi Hoshi. He is the designated makeup artist for numerous international celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Pink, as well as Japanese Supermodel Ai Tominaga. Takashi Hoshi has very strict requirements for makeup products and chooses his foundation carefully.

‘Delicacy and perfection are the keywords of Japanese makeup; a perfect foundation must have a light and silky texture as well as skin-caring benefits. Cyber Colors Black Label Essence Foundation Series provides the skin with loads of moisture and nutrients while diminishing all imperfections. It’s my most recommended foundation range’


To help one create a flawless canvas, the five products are formulated with a delicate and lightweight texture. With each application, your skin is regenerated to a new radiance with an even complexion that shines with youthful beauty.

Here’s a step-by-step guide with Black Label Essence Foundation series for a flawless face canvas that’s great on every face, every occasion.

Step 1: Application of the Ideal first Layer Base with Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base SPF 35 PA++  to enhance the brightness of skin and for long-lasting makeup

Formulated with Fine Fit Polymer (allows foundation to fit onto skin), Soft Bright Powder (makes skin tone brighter) and Micro Lasting Powder (coated with highly emollient squalane to help absorb excess sebum), the Essence UV Moisture Base will glide onto the skin to form a thin layer which effectively locks up moisture (due to the natural herbal moisturizing ingredients), smoothes out fine lines & coarse pores. The base will give skin a matte finish by absorbing excess sebum which leaves it looking fresh and allowing color to stay the entire day. It also contains SPF 35 PA++ to protect skin from harmful UV light, free radicals and prevents melanin production.

Ingredients: Angelica, cordyceps, ginseng extract, Grape oil, sweet orange oil, rosewood oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Rosa Damascena Oil & Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (No artificial flavors, sweat and water resistant.Suitable for all skin types)

Direction for use: After your morning skincare regime, apply evenly onto cheeks, forehead, nose and chin prior to foundation. 


Prevents makeup from melting and controls sebum with UV Moisture Base (30ml @ $39)

Step 2: Cover your flaws & Imperfection with Foundation!

Formulated with pore gradation powder, this moisturizing and lightweight Black Label Essence UV liquid Foundation SPF18 PA++ blends into the skin with perfect evenness for the look and feel of bare skin. Its soft and hydrating texture helps create a sheer texture while effectively improve the quality of skin roughness. Herbal essence infuses skin with nutrients and moisture, leaving it smooth, soft and conditioned. It has pores invisible powder (Pore Gradation Powder), durable anti-sweat and oil, and cover the pores and fine lines. It contains SPF18 PA + + sun protection factor which helps protect against UV rays and prevents black pigments formation.


Black Label Essence UV liquid Foundation SPF18 PA++, 28ml @ $55.90

How to use it: After using the SPF 35 PA++ Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base, use sponge or foundation brush to apply liquid foundation to press from inside to the outside evenly on the entire face and neck.

Ingredients: Angelica, cordyceps, ginseng extract, lime peel, olive leaf extract and licorice (Non-fragrance and Suitable for all skin types)

Available in 3 shades: 01 Ivory, 02 Natural, 03 Beige


Was given the Black Label Essence UV liquid Foundation in shade 02 Natural and it is an excellent match.. The fluid foundation has a medium coverage but not build-able to full coverage. It covers redness well but i have to use it with a concealer to conceal my brown post acne marks.. The liquid foundation has a light creamy texture when dispensed, glides on smoothly and doesn’t make my skin caked in makeup.  Due to the light texture (feels watery on skin while it will turn powdery when i blend it), it feels like nothing is on my face after application and there’s a refreshing feeling.. I’ve also noticed my skin feels more moisturized and comfortable after wearing it.  It doesn’t look cakey on me and it did not oxidize on my skin. As the foundation has moisturizing benefit, it will be good for people with dry skin. Oil control factor is very good (maybe due to the fact that it is hydrating my dehydrated skin well) so my face did not become an oil-field at the end of the day. It offers a semi-matte texture after application and i kind of like the slight dewy look. It not only brightens up my dull complexion and even out skintone. This liquid foundation will be suitable for your everyday use for a natural and luminous complexion.


Covers redness well!

If you want a foundation with better coverage, the Black Label Essence UV Cream Foundation SPF 18 PA++ will help you create a long-lasting perfect face canvas with the effect of sweat & oil resistant formula and moisturizing & repairing ingredients. Its rich and nourishing, though never sticky, silky texture effectively smoothes out fine lines, diminishes pores, pigmentation and all imperfections. It contains a fusion of herbal extracts which delivers a continuous surge of essential hydration, regulates sebum for all day comfort and coverage and helps skin appear firmer, more contoured and ageless. Contains SPF18 PA++ sun protection factor, the UV Cream Foundation also helps to protect against UV rays, preventing the formation of melanin


Black Label Essence UV Cream Foundation SPF 18PA++, 30ml @ RP: $69.90

Ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica, Ginseng extract, Kawadani seed and Peach kernel extraction (Non-fragrance & Suitable for all skin types)

Direction for Use: After applying black label essence UV moisture base, apply evenly from the inside to outside of face and neck using sponge or foundation brush.

Available in 3 shades: 01 Ivory, 02 Natural, 03 Beige


This is my first encounter with cream foundation and i have to say that it has a thick creamy consistency (So there’s no doubt on the coverage strength)… The Black Label Essence UV Cream Foundation (02 Natural) is stored in a classy shimmery black tub which makes it quite impossible for you to bring it out for touch up (Unless you want to transfer some of it to a smaller container). But due to the excellent coverage and long-lasting effect, touch up isn’t necessary if you set it with loose powder.


As you know i have very sensitive acne prone skin so i was quite worried to use such a heavy coverage cream foundation. Decided to give it a try one day when i was heading out for a 2 hours workshop to try it out! Although my skin has improved and breakouts more controlled, i have very uneven skin tone with some brown post acne pigmentation.

Although cream foundation is something which i never imagine myself using it, i’m quite amazed with it as it provides excellent coverage but yet natural looking (No fragrance too so it stays mild on skin). With just a small amount (Which i have applied it using my trusty Real Technique Foundation Brush), it blends into my skin well without looking cakey! With this cream foundation, it makes my skintone looks very even and it covers up my pigmentation well (i can even skip the use of a concealer).  As per the picture below, you can see how well is the coverage. I have some brown spots on my hand and with a thin layer of cream foundation, it managed to conceal it very well.

The cream foundation finishes off with a matte finish but it is better to set it with loose powder so that it will last longer. I wore this foundation for about 5 hours and i was glad to see that my skin still remains matte when i came home… However due to the thicker texture, i have to use an oil-based makeup remover to get it off… It has not add-on to any breakouts on my face and i’m really impressed with it. Will use it during special occasions when i need a ‘thicker’ than usual makeup.. 🙂


Picture on the right – With the cream foundation on

Step 3: Finish and Set your Makeup with Black Label Essence Silky Loose Powder

After you prep your skin with base makeup and foundation, it is important to set your make up with loose powder. This will allow makeup to stay on for longer, even it and give the skin a matte and natural finish. The Black Label Essence Silky Loose Powder has a silky smooth, extremely fine and comfortable feel so that it goes on light without caking your makeup.  It contains reflective pigments that optically diffuse skin imperfections and minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles for a flawless, even glow. Recommended to use it after Black Label SPF 18 PA++ Black Label Essence UV Liquid Foundation or UV Cream Foundation, the powder will further allow your skin tone to look more even and brighter and makeup more long-lasting. Complexion glows with natural radiance, appears fresh and luminous all day long.


Black Label Essence Silky Loose Powder (6G @ $49.90)

Ingredients: Angelica, cordyceps, ginseng extract & Licorice extract (Suitable for all skin types)

Direction for Use: After applying Black Label Essence UV liquid foundation or cream foundation, use a makeup puff or brush to apply the powder lightly onto face for long-lasting makeup.

Available in 2 shades: 01 Lucent, 02 Natural


I have used this Black Label Essence Silky Loose Powder (01 Lucent) to set my UV liquid foundation or cream foundation so that my makeup stays longer and skin looks matter. The Silky Loose Powder is really silky and finely milled so it feels really light on skin. It goes on translucent (no white cast) so i can use it over my foundation without ever powdery or heavily made-up. It definitely does it exactly what its needs to do, sets my make up and keep skin matte and feeling velvety smooth! Together with the foundation, i feel that my makeup stays and is kept matte due to its good oil control power! On normal days, i will also dust on a layer of the loose powder after my regular skincare regime as the powder contains SPF so that my skin can enjoy sun protection. I also realized that with the powder, my bare skin does not secrete that much oil.


No white case after application on my bare skin

Step 4: Touch up Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation SPF 23 PA ++ to keep your makeup looking fresh.

Touch up and yet remains natural looking is made possible with Cyber Colors Black Label SPF 23 PA++ Essence UV Powder Foundation due to its silky and delicate texture. It contains very fine powder making skin more uniform, soft and natural with every touch up. This skin-loving textured compact combines Complex Powder and Moisturizing Powder that builds up a moisturizing film on your skin, resist sweat and oil and controls excess sebum. It has micro powder reflects light and brings radiance to dull, uneven-toned and lifeless skin. Dark eye circles, wrinkles and pores are diminished too. It also contains SPF23 PA + + sun protection factor, helps protect against UV rays, preventing the formation of melanin


Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation SPF 23PA ++ (11G @ $55.90)

Ingredients: Angelica, cordyceps, ginseng extract & Licorice extract (Non-Fragrance and
suitable for all skin types)

Direction for use: For touch up, gently dab sponge onto face to remove excess sebum, then apply the foundation by sponge onto skin, pressing lightly

Available in 3 shades: 01 Ivory, 02 Natural, 03 Beige


The UV Powder Foundation comes with a velvet pouch so that you can protect the chic glossy casing, really thoughtful of Cyber Colors! For touch up purpose, i will recommend that you use a brush to pick up the foundation (Use it like loose powder) instead of using the provided sponge.. With the sponge, i find it picks up too much powder which seems too heavy for touching up purpose.. But if you use it alone (as foundation), there’s no issue as skin looks very natural looking.. Like the rest of the foundation, the powder is indeed very fine and can be blended on smoothly and evenly (i am using 02 Natural shade). Would say that if you use it on bare skin (as a foundation), it has a medium coverage which can be built to full. It does hide most imperfections – Skin redness is covered up well but for brown pigmentation, i have to pile more to hide it completely… The finish is Matte and skin feels incredibly lightweight after application without cakiness. The oil control ability loses out to the cream foundation but i feel that it is decent… Although skin feels greasy by mid-day, it does not look that shiny.. Would use this as a normal foundation instead for touch up (hehe! it is just my preference).


(L) Bare skin (C) With 2 layers on (R) With 2 layers on my face (Matte and Brighter look

Cyber Colors Black Label Essence Foundation Series is now available exclusively at all SASA stores.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from SASA’s website and Presskit.

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