One Word to sum up 2014…

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently In Kuopio and will be heading to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki in a few days time.. One more week to go and we will be returning home.

For the past one week, I had fun! I love the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the friendly & warm people and the food here.. The most memorable moment is that we managed to catch the northern lights for two consecutive days. Our guide was sharing more on the northern lights with us and one thing he said made me so emotional.

Some Scandinavians believe that the Aurora are their lost children. Although I know that my lost child is currently in heaven safe in God’s cradle, I was really happy to see the aurora! It just felt that Jane is back to see us & waving at us 🙂


For 2014, there’s only one word to sum it up – Jane! Despite her short stay on earth, she has bought so much joy to us and taught us so much..

In case you are wondering what happened, I have given birth to Baby Jane prematurely at week 32 of my pregnancy.. Due to cord prolapse, the doctor has to deliver her asap (7 weeks earlier) with an emergency c-section. Despite this and the fact that Jane had been diagnosed with complications, she was a fighter who never made a single whine with all the needles poking into her body to deliver oxygen and medication. Fate got the better of her when no more heartbeat was detected as she was pulled out of our arms after hours of cuddling.

There isn’t a moment that we won’t miss her and we are certainly looking forward to the day when we will reunite with her once again.. Won’t be sharing more as I just want to give Jane the honor so I’m penning this down briefly.  Before the year 2014 ends, do join us in remembering Jane who’s in a better place.


For the new year 2015, I pray that God will bless us with the desire of our hearts and continue to keep our love ones safe..

Happy New Year everyone and I hope that the coming 2015 will be a really blessed & smooth one for you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “One Word to sum up 2014…

  1. Tiphanie says:

    When I saw your fb updates, I had more or less guess what happened but I was afraid to drop u a note since those were my guesses.

    I’m glad you have moved on though the misses are still there, and it’s perfectly alright to have those memories and misses ya. You have been a brave mum to cope and share this with us. Baby Jane will be loved and i hope your family will be blessed.

    I wish you peace and joy in the coming new year.

    • jermaineee says:

      Thank you Tiphanie for keeping me in your thoughts and for the well wishes. Happy New Year to you and may it be filled with peace, joy, happiness, good health and abundance! Hope to see you soon. 🙂

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