Promoting healthier snacking in Year 2015 with BoxGreen’s Natural, Healthy and Delicious snacks

Hello Everyone! I’m back from Finland and i had so much fun! Experienced many things for the first time which i will share more with you soon! 🙂 When i came back to Singapore, the first thing that i miss about Finland is the winter! Singapore is just so hot and humid. Now i’m back to reality, i cannot deny that i miss Finland very much! Not that i don’t miss my family and friends in Singapore, i do but at the same time missing Finland for many things. #PostHolidayBlue

It was nice coming back to parcels and it certainly helped to chase some of my post-holiday blues away. Featuring one of the parcel which is the BoxGreen, this monthly subscription snack box contains natural and delicious snacks. If you are equally passionate about both food and health, BoxGreen is all about promoting healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthier snacks straight to the customers hands, in the most hassle-free way possible.


Like every holiday, i will always over eat and consuming unhealthy (comfort) food. Hence, i will normally reduce my food intake and also try to eat healthly when i’m back. Last night, i woke up hungry and couldn’t go back to sleep (Due to Jetlag and hunger!) The BoxGreen is god-sent as i can fill my stomach with something healthy (Instead of chocolates which i will usually snack on!).


BoxGreen has the same concept as Beauty Box subscription service whereby you will receive a box filled with specially picked surprise mix of healthy snacks which will be delivered right to your mailbox.. Subscription fee will cost about $20 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to the most exciting way for you to discover interesting wholesome snacks.


BoxGreen thinks that healthy lifestyle should be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises. This is why they came out with this monthly healthy snack box concept which allows subscribers to enjoy healthy innovative snacks every month. Consumers can also discover snacks the a-la-carte way at BoxGreen Market, the place where one can purchase individual snack packs with no subscription required. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing but want to try a few snacks first, it is made possible for you! 🙂

The standard BoxGreen has been sent to me when i was away for vacation in Finland and inside the box lies four (80g each) of BoxGreen’s most popular snacks in 2014. Each of the 80g packs will bring you the gift of health as it is all natural healthy snacks that does not contain preservatives. This explains the shorter product life span and do take note of the ‘Use-by’ date.. Apart from consuming these portioned amounts directly from the packs, these snacks can also be incorporated into recipes or served as toppings to create even more goodies! How nice!!


The first pack that i opened up to try in the middle of the night is the Pina Okinawa which consists of Edamame & Pineapple. When i was expecting, i love snacking on Edamame as it is the perfect midday low-calorie ‘pick-me-up’ snack which contains an excellent source of nutrients like Vitamin E, protein, iron, and calcium. As for pineapple, i’m not a big fan of it but the dried pineapple cubes in Pina Okinawa tasted really good! Pineapple will really help if you have constipation problems and it also promotes healing and reducing inflammation. This is why i kept taking pineapple juice (Although i dislike it) after my double eyelids surgery and it helped to speed up my healing process.


Pina Okinawa

The other 3 packets that i have yet to try are the Cheng Tng, Macritchie Midnight and Pre-Apple Crumble. The Cheng Tng snack pack is the most interesting out of all and this ready to eat out the bag Chinese Dessert is BoxGreen’s own concoction. Containing Lotus seeds, the Cheng Tng snack has a good source of protein, potassium and magnesium.


Cheng Tng

Craving for something sweet? The Macritchie Midnight will satisfy your sweet tooth with some extra nutritional punch! It contains 3 of my favorite and they are Dark Chocolate Nibs, Whole Hazelnuts, Dried Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds. Now i can indulge in something sweet but yet not feel guilty. 🙂


Macritchie Midnight

Add flour, sugar, water, eggs & the Pre-Apple Crumble then apply heat and you will have a decent apple crumble. Alternatively, you can just open the pack up and eat it on its own. Sprinkle some on plain yogurt and the walnut, apple and raisin will made it not so plain looking & tasting~


Pre-Apple Crumble

‘Life is like a Box of BoxGreen, you never know what you’re gonna get but it will be something healthy!’

If you wish to subscribe to better snack discovery, do it now as BoxGreen is offering my readers with a discount code which entitles you to 50% off for their first box. Just use this discount code JERMAINE50% to enjoy the discount.

For this new year, why not indulge in healthier snack for the name of health? Do consider BoxGreen as all the snacks are carefully picked & packed in the right proportions. Not to mention, they are really tasty yet wholesome snacks!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from BoxGreen’s website and Presskit.

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