Covermark’s Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid & Silky Loose Powder – My New Found Love!

在這個世界上, 沒有醜女人但懶女人 (There’s no ugly woman but lazy ones)..

Just take a look at this picture below, two (easy to use) base makeup is able to transform my dull looking skin into a brighter & more radiant one. AMAZING isn’t it? Now, you have no excuse to be lazy as the two products (which i will be talking more about in this post) will help skin achieve maximum luster, transform & hide flaws instantly!

Discovered the two base make up products – Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid and Silky Smooth Powder by Covermark during a recent workshop (Thank you Covermark and Vanitytrove for the invite!). During the workshop, i was introduced to Covermark’s signature range of products and i instantly fell in love with their base makeup and also makeup remover!

Located at Takashimaya Level 1 Cosmetic Department, Covermark is the foundation expert from Japan. The brand is established in 1928 by Lydia O’leary in New York for the purpose of naturally concealing birthmarks, scars, or skin discoloration, a cosmetics that enhance external beauty. Since 1963, Covermark products were developed in Japan with Japanese technologies to satisfy demands for foundation for fashionable purpose, general use while utilizing the special formulation of original Covermark foundation. Currently, the brand has established over 370 stores in Japan, as well as overseas stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand.


This leading Japanese foundation & skincare brand is known for its high-quality foundation and skin care with Japanese new technologies. The brand now carry 9 different range of foundation with over 100 colour shades and high quality skin care with simple steps. The foundation ranges give women peace of mind by naturally & completely concealing dark spots and resist against sweat and water for whole day long and satisfy all women’s needs for beauty.

The newest Covermark product, the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid & Silky Loose Powder are designed for maximum luster for your skin. This base makeup combination will help to achieve maximum luster with its original new technology that conceals imperfections and draws light to the skin. The perfect foundation combination for everyday use for healthy and lovely looking skin! Tried and tested by me, the two products really work hand in hand to transform my lackluster skin into a brighter and more radiant complexion. Perfect for lazy women (or rather no time) like me who don’t have much time to prepare but still want to look good. 🙂

At the event, i was introduced to other skincare and makeup products. Will be sharing more on those i have tried during the workshop. First up, the skincare line from Covermark which is suitable for aging skin with dark spot, dullness, dryness and lack of firmness. Cell Advanced WX is developed by a collaboration with Osaka University and this range will being about an effective method of reclaiming inner beauty and youthfulness.

Step One: Cell Advanced Lotion WX (150ml @ $160)

After double cleansing of skin with makeup remover and facial wash, apply the Conditioning Lotion to supply skin with rapid hydration to achieve smooth bright and elastic skin.

Step 2: Cell Advanced Serum WX (40ml @ $210)

Next, apply the serum and this fulfilling beauty serum will firms up skin while making it moist, elastic and makeup-friendly.

Step 3: Cell Advanced Cream WX (30g @ $240)

To protect skin and to keep it moist, the Skin Advance Cream will supports skin like a corset and protects its tightness and brightness

Step 4: Cell Advanced Mask WX (6 Sheets per box @ $128)

As a special care product, the intensive care face mask contains high concentration of beauty serum to deliver rich hydration to the keratin layer. Have an important date the next day? Use this soft-sensation facial mask and you will wake up with firm and well-hydrated skin the following morning.

As part of the cleansing process, the Covermark Treatment Cleansing Oil, Milk and Mineral Wash can be used to complement the above WX’s products.

To remove your makeup, you can choose between the Covermark Treatment Cleansing Oil or Treatment Cleansing Milk in accordance to your preference. If you have heavy and highly waterproof makeup or base makeup like BB cream on, it is better to use the Cleansing Oil as it will work more effectively in getting it off your skin completely. The Treatment Cleansing Oil (200ml @ $55) is a one step make-up remover that removes all types of makeup without irritating the skin. It contains 82% of beauty essence ingredients, prevent DNA damages caused by reactive oxygen and it leaves skin feeling refreshed and smoother after use. This non-sticky oil remover has a relaxing woody flowery fragrance added to a refreshing citrus fragrance which will rejuvenate the senses during use.

The Treatment Cleansing Milk (200g @ $55) is a makeup milk remover that removes stubborn makeup and provides treatment and hydration effect all at once! During usage, the treatment cleansing milk will form a layer of water veil on skin surface which prevents the skin from getting hydrated. It contains 89% of beauty ingredients which leave skin feeling fresh, soft and translucent. While containing 9 types of essential oils which includes Orange, Atlas Cedar and Wild Rose, it smells really soothing and pleasing!

After removing your makeup, double cleanse with the Mineral Wash (125g @ $50). This skin enhancing mineral wash will create moisture barrier while cleansing and leave skin smooth, fresh & moisturized. It works by firstly absorbing dirt as it contains Morocco Clay which will cleanse and absorb dirt 4 times more effectively. Next, it preserve moisture as the wash contains Ceramide III and Proline protective barrier. The protective barrier will retain moisture after use while another ingredient, Marine Collage will coat skin surface for smoother feel. Lastly, it will condition skin with Licorice extract to enhance ceramide synthesis and supports inner skin’s ability to retain moisture. In addition, Saxifrage Extract will improve skin translucency and conditions skin texture for smoother skin.

Feel in love with the Treatment Cleansing Milk when i used it at the event! Love the cirtus scent and i’m amazed at how it removed lipstick in just one gentle swipe. Was given the trial size after the event and a small amount can remove the makeup that i have on my face after the workshop so effectively. I was sold and hence i have purchased the full-sized Cleansing Milk when i was in Bangkok a few weeks back (It is slightly cheaper in Bangkok!). Since it is alcohol free, it does not sting the eyes and my sensitive skin during usage. After washing it off, skin feels really clean, refreshed, soft and hydrated (This is why i brought it along during my Finland Trip to combat skin dryness after cleansing!)

For alluring eyes, the Realfinish Eye Shadow Palette from Covermark will allow you to achieve the look with this easy to use 4 colour 4-colour palette. Free from artificial perfume, this range will be suitable for our delicate eye area and the light to dark color combination allows easy enhancement of the eyes’ contours, effectively creating alluring eyes. It contains micro-sized moisturising particles that ensure long-lasting eye makeup while soothing the delicate skin around the eye. The pearly elements will refract iridescent light rays, improving the skin’s lustre and increasing the eyes’ translucency. The eyeshadow palette and color combination is so easy to blend and suitable for daily use. 🙂

For the lips, Covermark’s Realfinish Lipstick N is a lipstick that will provide lips with glossy and alluring look with an excellent treatment effect. It is available in light and moderate colors for natural lip complexion and its unique oil base with lucid formula will provide a glossy, rich and smooth texture. It is formulated with fine spheres combine water-soluble collagen and moisturizing agents to catch moisture evaporating from the lips, preventing dryness and keeping lips fresh. It also spreads well and fits gently on lips for that natural look.

If you have skin that secrete sebum actively (like mine), do consider to make use of a makeup base so that your make up will last longer. At the event, i have tried the Connecting Base which is a 2-in-one product as it contains sunscreen (SPF38, PA+++). This makeup base helps foundation last longer and it doubles up as a sunscreen, and feels comfortable on the face and neck with its light and non-sticky texture. It is specially formulated to prevent transfer onto clothes and water-resistant for long-lastingness. What i like about this makeup base is the light and non-greasy texture which create a transparent look without any white cast. When used on the neck, it also helps to create the same skin tone as face!

The star product during the workshop – Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid (25g @ $55) is the newly launched creamy liquid foundation with a high concentration of moisturizing finish. Being a high coverage liquid foundation, it spreads well as if blending into the skin with a natural finish. It also keeps skin hydrated and gives you beautiful gleaming skin as time passes.

The secret behind this foundation is that it will catch light as it beautifies the skin based on Covermark’s ‘Coverage by Light’ technology. Its Pure Bright Pigment attracts and reflects light making the skin look illuminated from within. Moisture Watering Complex traps moisture, forming a veil of moisture and protecting the skin from dryness. The veil of moisture works like a water mirror, beautifully reflecting light and making skin look brighter as time passes. It also contains plant extracts: Korean ginseng, reishi mushroom, and aloe. With the foundation, you can also choose to skip the use of sunscreen as it is SPF38 PA+++ to prevent spots and freckles formation.

The Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid is available in 8 shades. However if you have very tanned skin, the shades might not be suitable for you.. The shades are also matched accordingly to your skintone (Whether it is more pink based or yellow based). As i have skin redness, i’m being matched to a shade which is suitable for yellow skin tone and of course, my skin color! Despite the fact that it only contains 25g of foundation, one tube will be able to last you 3 months. A small amount (I’m using MN20) will suffice to give you flawless looking skin with problem areas concealed! If i have to describe the foundation in one sentence, i will say that the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid works like a cream foundation but texture is like liquid! When i first saw the name of the foundation, i thought that it will like thick and creamy like most cream foundation but i was proven wrong. The Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid feels like liquid foundation ~ Really lightweight, non-greasy and easy to blend!

For myself, a small amount (as above) is more than enough to achieve the canvas that i want! Some tips that the makeup artist shared with me:

Prep your skin with a primer first and squeeze a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. After which, apply some of it on cheeks, the forehead and the nose with a fingertip (Save some foundation for to conceal problem areas). After which, spread and blend the foundation outward from the center of the face, using the larger side of the sponge. For the corners of your nose, eyes and mouth, use the corners of the sponge. Lastly, cover problem area with the remaining foundation. 

As you can see from the picture below, i’m really impressed with the finish! My skin is instantly brighter and stays so natural looking. Definitely no cakiness and it does not ‘sit’ into my pores. I have huge pores on my nose area and certain foundation will emphasis it (but the Covermark one won’t!). The Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid finishes off with a matte finish and it seems so ‘weightless’ on my skin and i just have to finish with the Covermark Silky powder. A small amount will be able to provide high cover which will conceal all redness and brown pigmentations. Moreover, it is very easy to blend it into my skin without any cakiness.

Used it during my honeymoon trip and the foundation stays on my skin for very long hours without oxidation. Even when the weather is so dry in Finland, the foundation does not cake / crack and my skin still looks really hydrated! Even having it on for long hours over a few days, it does not cause any bumps on my skin while it makes my skintone looks very even and it covers up my pigmentation well (i can even skip the use of a concealer).


Click to enlarge the picture!

As for the oil control function and staying power when used in Singapore, it is decent as well! The picture taken below taken after spending a few hours (i think 4-5 hours) under the sun. When i got home, skin is so looking so good and matte! No oxidisation or extreme shine! The Treatment Cleansing Milk by Covermark is able to remove the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid effectively. No complaint at all for this product and don’t let its compact size deceive you – so well-packed with goodness and a little goes a longgg way as it is highly pigmented. 

When you are done with Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid, it is recommended that you set your foundation with the Covermark Silky Loose Powder. Finally had the chance to try the legendary loose powder from Covermark highly raved for its fineness.. When i first tried it, i’m really impressed and amazed by the fineness of the powder! It is the softest loose powder i have ever come across and so lightweight in nature. The particles (In beign) are ultra fine and very comfortable to wear! The texture reminds me of the loose powder reminds me of the snow in Finland ~ So fine, pure and soft!

Another thing which i am really impressed with is the prestige looking packaging which makes usage mess-free! As you can see, there’s a net whereby you can control the amount of powder you want. As for the excess, you can just press up and down slightly (the sponge against the net) and the excess will be removed. The sponge is also soft and puffy which allows easy and smooth application. I love how the powder gives me a natural but brighter finish. This powder also has a strong lasting power , goes on matte and it does not oxidize . It also does not change color and it stays on even with perspiration (Just what we need in Sunny & Humid Singapore). Since it is so fine, it also doesn’t clog my pores and sometimes i will just use this after applying sunblock as i love how it brightens up my skin instantly. Simply love its waterproof and brightening radiance effect!

Brighter but natural looking skin after applying the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid and Silky loose powder!

Using the Covermark’s Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid & Silky Loose Powder in this picture.. As you can see, coverage is excellent (No concealer used!) and finish is natural! There’s a huge pimple near my chin and it is well concealed with the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid. ❤


Thank You CoverMark and VanityTrove for organising this workshop! I had fun and a great time experiencing with the makeup and skincare products. 🙂


P/S: Any mommy is experiencing hair loss after pregnancy? It seems that my hair loss is alarming nowadays! Anything i can do? 😦

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Covermark’s website and Presskit.

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