A Short Life Update | Jan’s BoxGreen

Hello my readers! Really sorry for the lack of updates as i have just resumed work after a four months break! It is tough to get the momentum moving after a long break. I’m really tired (mentally and emotionally) trying to adapt to work and also dealing with insensitive people! Although it has been four months since Jane has left us, i’m still struggling to lead life as normal as i miss her so much! It is made worse with unnecessary insensitive comments thrown to me. Words said cannot be taken back so i hope that people can be more sensitive (Especially if you knew what had happened).. Like what a friend has told me – We don’t expect them to understand and we don’t need them to sympathies. I just hope that insensitive people will just stay away from me. From now on, i will not allow myself to get affected by what men say / do from now. Will stay positive and be strong in all circumstances!!

Might sound weird but i will tend to snack whenever i’m feeling unhappy.. Hence on the 2nd day of work, i brought along the Jan’s BoxGreen to work! As i’m still trying to shed the remaining weight that i’ve gained during pregnancy, BoxGreen will help me achieve healthier snacking with its delicious range of natural and delicious snacks. In 2014, BoxGreen has gone from an idea to help kick-start a healthier snacking movement. Since then, the company has sent a 1000 boxes to individuals and corporate to help them snack better and feel happier..

If you are equally passionate about both food and health, the snacks in BoxGreen are ‘Better’ as it promotes healthier snacking with its natural and healthier snacks. Healthy lifestyle should be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises isn’t it? BoxGreen has concept whereby you will receive a box filled with specially picked surprise mix of healthy snacks which will be delivered to your mailbox. Personally, i find this arrangement better as you need not arrange for someone to stay at home to receive it for you. Subscription fee will cost about $20 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to the most exciting way for you to discover interesting wholesome snacks.



Let me warn you first – the snacks in Jan’s BoxGreen is highly addictive. It consists of all my favorite food – Mushrooms, Vegetable, Apricot, Nuts and Berries! Love it so much that i finished the snacks almost immediately! hahaha! I cannot live without fruits and vegetable and i’m glad that i am able to incorporate them as part of my ‘snacking’ routine.. Now, i don’t have to feel guilty snacking but instead, feel happy! 😀

The first pack of healthy snack that i have indulged in is the Sun Dried Apricots. Need that extra fiber boost as i was feeling a little constipated (LOL!). Apricots are excellent sources of several important nutrients, including fiber, potassium and antioxidant carotenoids. The Sun Dried Apricots are soft and nice to chewy on. Taste wise, it is all natural (contains no sulfite which is normally found in processed foods) and not too sweet! Nice touch as i’m trying to cut down on my sugar and processed food intake.

Mushroom lovers, make room for the Shitake Mushroom Chips! Yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you, i am really talking about Mushroom Chips! While they look like they belong in soup or on some broccoli, these Vacuum fried mushrooms are a savory mid day treat without the fat. Vacuum fried is something new to be as well and this article explains it all:

‘Vacuum-frying is exactly what it sounds like: putting food into a machine that pressurize and cooks it with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. At these temperatures the oil does not decompose so readily, so carcinogens are less present. During a low-heat/high-pressure fry, simple fruits and vegetables become superbly crisp and intense distillations of themselves. Some studies even indicate that vacuum-frying retains more nutrients than traditional frying. And since we’re so enamored of fried foods, yet so aware of the negative health effects of those foods, finding a snack that is a balance between these two can only be extremely appealing to us’

Read more at: http://blog.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/2013/01/vacuum-fried-snacks-the-next-best-thing-you-never-ate/?oc=linkback

The Shiitake Mushrooms Chips are really crunchy and crispy.. So much so that i was worried that my colleagues will complain that i’m munching my food too loudly. LOL! It is not oily and the mushroom’s smoky rich taste is still well-retained within! I also love the packaging of the product which allows you to store the remaining chips without the need to worry that it will lose its freshness / crispness.

When i was young, my mum will always tell me to finish my vegetables but there would be so much resistance and tears. Never did i expect that i will fall in love with vegetables and now i cannot live without them. Even if you dislike the greens, the vacuum fried Sunshine Chips from the BoxGreen will change your  perspective as they taste really good. Moreover, it is a good alternative to sinful oily potato chips and you can finish them all without the guilt!

Just looking at them makes me happy due to the vibrant colors. Each veg chips comes with its own natural flavor and texture to keep things interesting. Like the mushroom chips, it is as crispy and fresh! Finished the whole packet within the day so you can figure out how tasty it is. I’m tempted to re-order this at the BoxGreen Market (the place where one can purchase individual snack packs with no subscription required), so i’m hoping that BoxGreen will make it available for individual purchase soon.

Lastly, there’s the Berry Nuts Mix which contains a classic & great harmony combination of tasty berries and nuts. The Nuts selected by BoxGreen are bite-size nutritional powerhouses that will contribute to better heart health, boost brain development, lower blood cholesterol and prevents cancer. Cranberry and raisins are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants which are essential for all-round wellness.

February is approaching soon and i’m looking forward to the Feb’s BoxGreen! If you wish to order the BoxGreen, remember to use this discount code – JERMAINE50% as it will entitle you to 50% off your 1st box. Thank you for reading and i will be back with more updates on my Finland Trip! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from BoxGreen’s website and Presskit

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