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Remember that i mentioned in one of my blog post that my hair is dropping at an alarming rate? It is so baddddd till there’s a bald spot.. 😦 Was ranting to my bestie and she suggested that i should get a scalp treatment.. When i’m in the midst of searching for a freelance / home based professionals offering hair services (as i felt that charges are reasonable), Douglas approached me to do a review on the latest platform he has developed.

Known as the Vanitee, this beauty / lifestyle professional website allows consumers to gain access to an extensive list of beauty/lifestyle professionals in Singapore and the services that they provide. Through this platform, you can discover many different passionate beauty professionals (home based / freelancers). As most of them relies on word of mouth and don’t advertise, it is hard to locate them and their reviews. Through Vanitee, it also helps these professionals to be discovered online which better manage their business. It will also be highly beneficial to consumers as we can gain access to these network of professionals and also book appointments at the same time.


The website is very easy to use and user-friendly. Some services which you can find on Vanitee include nail care, hair care and makeup. My overall experience with the website is good! I am able to search for professionals easily (i can even locate professionals located near my house) and bookings can be made within seconds without any deposit made! Payment will be charged to your credit card which you have linked it to your account. However, do take note of the cancellation policy should you decide that you cannot make it for the appointment. 🙂


As mentioned, it is really easy to navigate through the website and the professionals are categorized according to your desired services. You can choose professionals in accordance to their portfolio, location, review / rating and price. The team behind Vanitee has personally met with every professionals verifying their services, education and experience. At the same time, the team has also shared with each of them the Service Guideline and Standards. All these will ensure that each consumer will receive the very best without any hidden ‘surprises’. After you have selected your desired services, date and time, you will receive a confirmation email. Closer to the date, you will also receive a SMS reminding you on your appointment.



Total Transparency!

To be frank, i was quite skeptical to try out new salons as i had a few bad experiences before. Decided i would be in good hands after looking through Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon’s portfolio and reviews on its listing on Vanitee. Jean (Its creative director) has more than 30 years experience and she’s London Trained. Having won a few awards before  (eg. 2011 Successful Entrepreneur & 2013 Singapore Excellence Award), i’m feeling confident that Jean would provide the very best to address my hair woes!.


Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon is located at Far East Plaza, #04-17. They are open everyday from 11:00 to 20:00 (Sunday it closes at 19:00). The salon is on the small side with minimal furnishings but it is cozy and most important CLEAN! I don’t know about you but it irks me to see plenty of hair on the floor but when i stepped in, there wasn’t any on the ground despite the fact that the salon was packed with customers. Was ushered in by Jean and i had to wait a while as she was in the midst of cutting a customer’s hair. Although it wasn’t her fault, she kept apologizing during my hair consultation.

I told Jean that i was losing hair like crazy and she told me the problem lies with my oily / irritated scalp (Itchy sometimes too!). Hence, she told me that she will do a scalp treatment then followed by a hair treatment as my hair is very dry with a lot of frizzy ends (which is so rough to the touch!).

Oily scalp which weights down my hair! So lifeless!

Dry ends which attribute to further hair loss (as i have to use extra force to comb my hair through the frizzy rough ends)

My scalp and hair was given a through deep cleanse before the scalp / hair treatment. Marcus (the hair stylist who was in charge of my scalp/hair treatment) told me to use only cold water to wash my hair as i have really greasy scalp.

The Scalp / Hair Treatment will take about 1 hr 30 mins. It will start off with the scalp and followed by hair treatment. Then finish up with a scalp serum

For the scalp treatment, quality products from Japan were used.. I love products from Japan because they are suitable for the Asians and they are well-know for developing quality and effective products.

The scalp treatment is soothing and refreshing! Love the long-lasting cooling sensation that came after the product touched my scalp. The scalp mask made my oily / itchy scalp so comfortable, soothing and refreshing till i asked Marcus if they stored it inside the fridge since it was cold to the touch. haha!

For my hair treatment, i have to use something nourishing but yet not too greasy on my hair.

Because my scalp was oily / irritated and moreover hair was frizzy, Jean decided that i should not steam my hair as heat will aggravate my scalp and also lead to hair loss (This is why you should avoid  subjecting your hair to heat treatment if you are facing hair loss issue like me). A new machine (which has just arrived in store and Le Jean is the first shop in Singapore to have them) was used on my hair to allow the nutrients from the hair mask to penetrate deep into my hair. The Ice Care machine comes with a clamp (looks like a hair straightener) with metal plates that will freeze during use.

Ice, ice, baby!

After the hair mask was being applied generously on my hair, Marcus began to ‘clamp’ my hair downwards with the machine. As heat wasn’t used to help the nutrients penetrate, it won’t be so damaging to my hair and scalp.. I’m privileged to be the first few who tried out this treatment in Singapore 🙂

During the time i was there, there was a continuous stream of customers coming in to get their hair done. Most of them are regular customers and some of them came because of recommendations. Jean treats everyone like her family members and i’m pretty impressed by her warm hospitality. After the treatment for both scalp and hair was done, Jean applied a scalp care serum on my scalp before proceeding to cut my hair. After she blow-dried my hair, i was surprised to see how shiny and how soft & silky my hair feels! The treatment even got rid of the dry frizzy ends.. I’m really impressed!

Initially i wanted to cut my hair shorter to get rid of the dry, frizzy ends but it wasn’t necessary after the treatment. Jean recommended that i layered my hair so that it won’t look so heavy, limp-looking and lifeless. I told her my concern that my hair will curl after layering. So she told me that she would only layered it on the inside.. As for my fringe, she told me to cut it short so as to conceal the bald spot and also to better frame my face.. Was worried at first as it has been sometime since i have cut my fringe short. In the end, i love it! Jean told me that the fringe i’m sporting is very popular currently.. ❤

Healthier scalp & hair!

After the scalp treatment, it doesn’t feel as itchy as before. One week after treatment, it is not so greasy and i do observe that hair fall isn’t so bad as before. Perhaps it is also due to the fact that the frizzy ends are removed after the treatment. Some of my friends though that i rebond my hair again because it looks so smooth and shiny! Most important of all, the new haircut and healthier hair make me look fresher & younger (Now u cannot see my bald spot! hahaha) – Thanks to Vanitee and Le Jean Hair and Beauty Salon 🙂


If you wish to give Le Jean Hair a try (Prices are really affordable as well), you can check out the prices and review on Vanitee

Thanks for reading and Happy Lunar New Year to all!


Edited on 01 March:

Sick of my ‘pudding head’, i headed to Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon to color my hair this afternoon! Was greeted warmly by Marcus and Jean and they would never fail to make me feel at home. After telling Marcus the color i have in mind, he advised me not to choose too light colors so i told him to choose the color on my behalf. Jean helped me with the hair color although i told her to rest although she wasn’t feeling well.. I’m really impressed that she still give her very best in making sure that i will leave the salon ‘looking good’ despite the fact that she wasn’t feeling well.. She still remembered that i have scalp issue so she took that into consideration while dyeing and washing my hair (like rinsing with cold water and soothing my scalp with a scalp tonic). Jean also helped me to salvage my awful looking fringe (i should not have walked into a random salon located 5 mins from my office to trim it for convenience’s sake. Bad move!), thank God!  Definitely love the end results and i cannot stop looking at my new hairdo! hahaha! My hair is still smooth and silky (even after the hair color) although i did the Ice Care’s hair treatment few weeks ago…


Thank you Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon for everything and i’m already looking forward to my next hair appointment with them! 🙂

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